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Expert Forum: What are the Top Groom Trends for 2015?

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

what are 2015's top wedding trends for the groom?

photo: Annie McElwain Photography

Although it may still be frigid outside, spring (and wedding season) are thankfully right around the corner. With it, new ideas and movements will rise while last year’s fade away. To investigate what trends we can expect to see rising in popularity on the groom’s side over the coming months, we gathered some of our favorite wedding experts and asked them the following question:

With men’s voices increasingly become stronger in the world of weddings, what do you expect to see as the top groom trends in 2015?

Harmony Walton (Owner, The Bridal Bar)
Twitter: @bridalbar

With grooms taking even more of an active role in the wedding planning process, we get to see more of their personalities and likes expressed in the day’s events, which I love! From more bold fashion statements (think colored suits, mixing of prints on a shirt and tie and even creative boutonnieres reflecting their favorite things) to bands and entertainment that show off their love of a certain genre or era like 80s music or even a specific entertainer or style of dance, grooms’ styles are everywhere!  His inspiration can also be spotted in the event design. More masculine color palettes are more popular than ever, as well as darker tones, like Marsala — the Pantone 2015 color of the year — or pairings with greens, browns and even oranges.  In 2015, weddings are getting more colorful and gender neutral, which is a subtle nod to his influence on the big day.

Tracey Lyles (Social Media & PR, Robbins Brothers)
Twitter: @robbinsbrothers

Presentation is everything! From picking out the perfect ring that she’ll love, to planning a marriage proposal that is tailored to the couple’s specific interests and romantic milestones, we predict that hopeful grooms will become even more engaged and enamored with the proposal planning process! After all, the two questions women are asked right after they become engaged are: 1) Let me see the ring and 2) How did he propose? We’ll definitely see men spending more time, effort and interest in creating the perfect proposal.

Kara Horner (Editor, GroomsAdvice)
Twitter: TMR_Kara

In 2015, I expect to see more grooms incorporate vintage and family throwback elements into their weddings, whether it’s with a vintage or heirloom engagement ring, wedding day attire — such as suspenders and bowties for the guys, reception décor — like displaying wedding photos or keepsakes from the parents and grandparents, or transportation — such as leaving the wedding in a streetcar or an awesome vintage getaway car.

James Bennett (Owner, Firefly Group Events)
Twitter: @firefly_events

It’s a highly visible world now. Life events like weddings are seen by everyone. I think because of that visibility men are starting to cultivate the image that emerges. I’ve seen far more weddings where the groom’s input is visually obvious. Ten years ago, the only people who saw your wedding photos were the ones who visited your house for dinner. Now, everyone sees them. Men have begun to care. I think that visibility influences bachelor parties as well. We’re seeing more and more shot-by-shot recounts of parties, which can introduce caution, but can also lead to a greater sense of adventurism. We want people to see us go big with our friends on a crazy adventure — ones that seem to skew less toward epic debauchery, for the most part. Expect adventures, GoPros, and more video one-upmanship from bachelors in 2015.

Brian Watkins (President, Ritani)
Twitter: @ritani

The emerging trend this year is in the amount of detail and finish available in men’s wedding bands. The classic band is still very popular, but now you can find subtly brushed finishes or paneling, which lends rings a modern edge. Grooms now have a wider range of options to take a classic look and mold it to their own sense of style.

Chris Easter (Co-founder, The Man Registry)
Twitter: @chriseaster

I’m a big fan of creative groom’s cakes. I love seeing hobbies such as fishing, golf and video gaming turned into amazing works of edible art. In fact, as a huge baseball fan myself, my groom’s cake was modeled after the St. Louis Cardinals’ logo. Yet I sense a turn toward more formal groom’s cakes in 2015. Some recent favorites can be seen here and here.


You’ve heard what our experts think, now tell us what trend(s) you expect to see as big hits with the guys this year.

Expert Forum: 2014′s Top Groom Wedding Trends

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite bloggers for another expert forum. This time, we’re discussing the wedding trends that grooms will be most excited about in 2014.

a whiskey bar is set up for a wedding reception

Engagement season is over and wedding planning is beginning for countless newly engaged couples. What’s your favorite 2014 trend that grooms can get excited about?

Kara Horner (Editor, GroomsAdvice)
Twitter: @TMR_Kara

In 2014, I expect to see more grooms (and brides) bucking traditional, one-size-fits-all wedding ideas in favor of unique and personal details that make perfect sense for each individual couple. Grooms will continue to be more engaged in the planning process and make their mark on details beyond attire and transportation, incorporating more creative, guy-friendly aspects into their weddings and rehearsal dinners, such as cigar bars, whiskey tasting areas and specialty food stations.

Darren Young (Owner, Well-Groomed)
Twitter: @wellgrmd

Of course, I’m looking at the new year from a style standpoint, and 2014 will be all about mixing casual and semi-formal duds. Grooms should feel free to swap a suit jacket for a leather jacket or wear boots with the suit to break up a traditional look. Another bonus? Along with injecting a little of the groom’s personality, the casual/semi-formal combo can also inject a little comfort into the all-day festivities.

Anne Chertoff (Wedding Media Expert,
Twitter: @AnneChertoff

For 2014, I think grooms can get excited about all the fun activities and entertainment we’re now seeing at weddings.  We’re well beyond the entertainment being the bride and groom’s surprise choreographed dance – and I’m sure a lot of guys will be relieved about that. Photo booths are now slow motion and video booths offer fun and animated props, such as confetti and mini-poppers.

The wedding no longer stops at the band’s last dance, but will continue well into the night and following morning with a wild after-party filled with new entertainment options, menus and party favors. Today’s couples are also getting nostalgic for their youth by hiring bands and dancers that sound, look and move like their favorite ‘90s bands, such as boy bands and hip-hop groups.

Lauren Grove (Owner, Every Last Detail)
Twitter: @ELD_Lauren

Grooms, start making that craft beer and tasting whiskey, because 2014 is all about personal, custom drink options! Say goodbye to girly signature drinks, and serve up your own home-brewed beer and/or wine, complete with a custom nuptial-inspired name and label. Or if you’re a whiskey or scotch fan, offer up a selection of your favorites for everyone to taste. It’s all about the experience and the personalization in 2014!

Marta Segal Block (Blogger, GigMasters Wedding Blog)
Twitter: @MartasAdvice

Whether you’re a guy who confuses hashtags and hashbrowns or a guy who can’t watch TV without tweeting about it, 2014 has a tech trend for you. Couples are moving both toward and away from social media and tech in equal numbers. Some couples are setting up charging stations and announcing hashtags on save the dates. Others are requesting that guests check their phones at the door and even refrain from taking photos during the reception. Choose the option that makes the most sense to you.

Now that our experts have weighed in, what are your favorite 2014 wedding trends for the guys?

Why Today’s Bride is Looking for the “Wow” Factor

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

marry me? etched in wood

There was a time when guys had it easy when it came to getting engaged and married. Once he’d made the decision on the right girl, it was simply a question of buying a beautiful white diamond in a round, “brilliant-cut” shape in a classic solitaire setting and then summoning up the courage to actually pop the question. Today’s millennial brides (ages 18 – 34), however, are looking for something that sets them apart from their friends and says more about their personal sense of style than a simple solitaire set with a white round diamond. They’re looking for color!

While the traditional white diamond engagement ring still represents the majority, there’s a growing trend underway for today’s brides to choose natural color diamonds. This trend, has been seen unfolding on our favorite celebrities who we’ve seen get engaged with diamonds in a variety of gorgeous colors. Additionally, the red carpet of most awards shows is filled with celebrities sporting natural color diamonds. The result is that today’s women are aware and educated about these diamonds and inspired by their favorite stars. Many hope to one day own the beauty and rarity of a natural color diamond for themselves.

Other significant influences for today’s women are fashion runways, magazines and textiles where they are seeing browns and beiges highlighted (It’s being said that “brown is the new black”) along with a rainbow of brighter colors. The luxuriously rich neutral colors of champagne and cognac diamonds provide her with versatility, as they will compliment all the other neutrals and colors in her wardrobe today, and in future – no matter what her style.

engagement rings by phyliss bergman

Engagement Rings by Phyllis Bergman for Mercury Ring/Interjewel

For those of you guys who are now loosing color in your face thinking about how much these beautiful stones may cost – relax! The affordability of natural color diamonds, especially in the color ranges of champagne to cognac means that these diamonds, and jewelry set with these diamonds, has never been more accessible to a larger group of people.  Additionally, this is a diamond purchase that you can feel good about. These beautiful stones come from The Argyle diamond mine in Australia, whose diamonds are ethically mined and recovered in cooperation with the traditional owners of the land, using sustainable and responsible practices.

And finally guys, think about it this way. You’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of success. After the engagement ring and wedding band you’ll have many years of anniversaries, holidays and special moments that will need that perfect gift. Give her the ultimate gift of a diamond, combined with the exclusive rarity that a natural color diamond provides. It’s the “Wow” factor she’s looking for. At the same time reward yourself for being a smart and ethical shopper. Some of the most important designers in the world are working with these beautiful gems, and, in fact, some national retail chains are offering Argyle diamond jewelry starting at $200.00 and up. Learn more about these rare diamonds, their unique stories by visiting

Has your bride-to-be shown interest in natural color diamonds? Leave your comment below.

2013′s Hottest Summer Engagement Ring Styles

Monday, April 22nd, 2013


2013 tacori engagement ring

By Sharon, Genesis Diamonds

Perhaps the title of this blog is a little misleading. Engagement rings are not pieces of clothing that are bought every season according to a new hotter color or trend. Engagement rings are for life and as a rule cost a heck of a lot more than your average piece of clothing. Consequently, engagement ring styles for spring/summer will be the same as those for autumn/winter.

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring it is a totally subjective matter. There should be one rule and one rule only – buy the engagement ring that your fiancé loves within the constraints of your budget. Thankfully there are a number of designers who specialize in the manufacture of engagement rings. They offer a comprehensive range of rings to suit every taste and budget and due to their ability to buy in bulk they can afford to pass on the savings from their economies of scale.

If you are looking for classically designed rings with a modern twist and incredible attention to detail than look no further than Tacori engagement rings. It is these attributes that make Tacori engagement rings among the most popular on the market. And with over 200 ring designs in their catalog, there is sure to be something your fiancé will love.

If by chance there is nothing that your fiancé loves than it may be styles like Ritani that take her fancy. Ritani engagement rings are renowned for their intricacy and beautifully adorned designs. And if there is an idea that your fiancé has for that dream ring, the designers at Ritani will work with her to create a custom ring to her exact specifications.

It may be rings such as Simon G. rings that take her fancy though. Wildly popular and highly sought after, Simon G. engagement rings mix classical design with modernity and refinement to create a ring that will look as fresh and appealing at your 50th wedding anniversary as it did when you first bought it. Simon G. also has a celebrated line of men’s engagement rings, so perhaps you can find something else that you have in common – a love for Simon G. engagement rings.

Whereas Ritani is the master of cutting a diamond to maximize its brilliance, Simon G. uses almost exclusively a diamond from Botswana – the patented Swana Diamond. These diamond have an 89 facet cut that displays an immaculate eight-pointed star in the heart of the diamond that amplifies the stone’s brilliance. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Diamonds have been around for millennia and engagement rings for centuries. The styles of ring settings may have changed and evolved over the years but you will find similar styles today to what was manufactured over a century ago. Classical elegance is always in vogue – irrespective of the season.

Planning on popping the question this summer? Which of the engagement ring styles pictured above fits your girl’s style the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

Expert Forum: What Are the Top 2013 Groom Trends?

Monday, January 14th, 2013

After another solid year for grooms, it’s time to look ahead to what 2013 has to offer. Instead of just listing our favorite new groom trends, we’ve invited some of our favorite experts in the wedding industry to also weigh in.

2013 groom wedding trends

2013 promises to be another great year for creative groom trends.

What’s your favorite groom trend for 2013?

Chris Easter (Co-Founder,
Twitter: @chriseaster

At the risk of getting laughed off of this forum, my favorite 2013 trend is that grooms are flocking to starting to dip their toes into the waters of Pinterest. Sure, it may sound funny at first — but if you really break it down, there’s nothing to snicker about. Pinterest’s massive collection of user-generated wedding pinboards offers the biggest collection of attire options, groomsmen gift ideas and how-to articles that men will find online.

Marta Block (Editorial Director,
Twitter: @Gigmasters

The end of the Do Not Play list: we know, you really don’t want to hear The Electric Slide, We Are Family, or Let’s Get This Party Started at your wedding. Your wedding is not cliché and tacky. But as more couples realize that the wedding isn’t just about them and their tastes, but about throwing a great party and taking care of their guests, they’re loosening up on their restrictions for the band and DJ. Instead of a detailed “do not play” list, couples are working harder to choose a DJ or band that they feel understands the mood they want for the party and letting that professional do his or her job and choose appropriate music. Some couples are also creating “By request only” lists. You may not like “Shout” but if enough people ask about it can the DJ play it? If no one is on the floor, can the DJ try “The Cha Cha Slide”? These kind of looser rules create one less thing for the couple to micromanage.

Kara Horner (Blogger & Media Director,
Twitter: @TMR_Kara

The food truck trend will continue to grow for 2013 weddings. Urban dwelling grooms (and brides) obsessed with a local restaurant’s or street truck’s fare (anything from tacos, burgers and fries and Philly cheese steak sandwiches to waffles, cupcakes and ice cream) can indulge on their wedding day as well as share their favorite foodie finds with their wedding guests. In addition to providing catering services, food trucks can add a fun, personalized and casual vibe to a less formal wedding. They can often also serve as a more budget-conscious option compared with traditional catering services. Food trucks can be tasked with spicing up the rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour (in place of traditional hors d’oeuvres), serve as a specialty area during the wedding reception, cater the entire evening or even cater the wedding after-party for guests who aren’t yet ready to call it a night.

Shulie Lo (Social Maven, Robbins Brothers)
Twitter: @RobbinsBrothers

One of the trends we are starting to love is the mismatched groomsmen attire. It feels much more relaxed and really gives each groomsman a chance to show off their individual personalities. We like to see it as a fresh new spin on the mismatched bridesmaids idea. We don’t want to completely abandon the matching suits look, but throwing in something different makes it look a little less “stiff uniform” and more “I’m here to party!

Something else that we’ve found ourselves pinning are the grooms showing off their interests (besides the tiny groom’s cake). Plan some fun photo ops that include the groom’s passions. Making it a little fun and giving your entire celebration your personal touch? Now that will always be trending.

Azure Nelson (Editorial Director,
Twitter: @onewed

I’m seeing a lot of grooms ditching the typical Vegas bachelor party in favor of something more low-key, which is a trend I absolutely love (…especially since my groom-to-be’s bachelor party is happening in 2013!). They’re thinking more sport, less stripper, and actually planning bashes that allow for quality male bonding. Things like, renting a cabin in Colorado for skiing, golfing and boating in Florida or Arizona, or road-tripping to Austin or Nashville for the music scene.

Casey Fatchett (Owner, Casey Fatchett Photography)
Twitter: @caseyfphoto

In 2013, I see many more grooms becoming interested in the ‘style’ of their wedding portraits, especially their photos with the groomsmen. Whether they are on Pinterest or not (or whether they want to admit they are on Pinterest), grooms are seeing many more photos before the wedding day. Let’s face it, guys are very visual. Now that they are seeing the photos, they have a better idea of what they want. I have already started to see a transition away from grooms saying “Let’s just line up, get the pictures, and move on” to a desire for a more GQ-style aesthetic to their photos. Grooms are also taking the time to get in touch before the wedding to plan out the photo process, which is something that happened very rarely in the past. They are trying to move away from the old cliches such as “standing in a line with arms crossed looking tough” or “let’s all walk towards the camera like in Reservoir Dogs” (though that shot does usually come out looking pretty awesome – I guess that’s why it has become cliche) and moving towards something that is more unique to them as well as stylish.

Apart from the photography side of things, I have seen a trend towards grooms offering something that is personal to them at the reception, whether it be a Scotch tasting bar, a selection of their favorite beers, etc. Grooms are becoming more involved in the planning process and are finding outlets in the wedding to show their own interests in personality.

James Bennett (Planner of the Best Bachelor Parties the World Has Ever Known, Firefly Group Events)
Twitter: @firefly_men

Groom dress-up. I’m still mad at the British because of the Spice Girls. We didn’t deserve that. Every now and then they get something right. For years they’ve been getting it right with the bachelor party. They do a lot of the same things we do  ie drink, forget, and destroy. But where they really excel is in the realm of the Groom. No Groom makes it out the door of the hotel with being forced to wear a ridiculous costume. My brother-in-law was forced to dress as a busty cheerleader, skirt and all. When his best mate got married, he was forced to dress as the Queen. Why don’t we do this?Think of the possibilities! Don’t let the groom coast by with a shirt that says “buy me a shot”. He deserves better from us(unitard maybe?).  I’d like to challenge the Men of America in 2013 to embrace this tradition from across the pond. Dress him as a ballerina or Nikki Minaj – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s ridiculous.  Don’t let the British win.

and last, but certainly not least….

Ian (Author, A Groom’s Diary)
Twitter: @agroomsdiary

I’m invited to participate in these types of posts because The Man Registry wants me to lose my mind and go off on a tirade about something frivolous, like how ridiculous it is that there are grownups who think it is socially acceptable to drink Dr. Pepper.

But I digress.

For once I’m going to play it straight, because if I learned anything in the process of watching my wife plan our wedding, its that wedding trends follow a clear pattern:

They come.
They get abused.
They go.

So what is the one trend that doesn’t go out of style?

It’s that you’re male and should stop worrying about wedding trends.  In the words of Don Vito Corleone, “YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN! WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU?

I say buck the trends.  Be the sturdy, unartistic, uncreative man that you are and push for the classic, simple pleasures at your wedding that remind your friends that you’re the coolest guy that they know.

A white dress and a black tux.
An open bar and a closed-minded relatives who leave before the party really starts.
Hot, single bridesmaids and cold, double cocktails.
Light appetizers on the lawn and heavy petting on the dance floor.
That one guy’s toast that’s a hair too long and that one girl’s dress that’s a hair too short.

But above all, take the advice of someone who has been through this and let your wife run the show.  (And in the rare event that she does want your opinion, forget what you see in her magazines and go with what has always worked.)

Let “Acting like a man” serve as this writer’s favorite wedding trend of 2013…

What’s YOUR favorite groom trend for 2013? Which trend would you like to see fade away? Chime in with a comment below.

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