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A Geeky Groom’s Wedding Gadget Guide

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

geeky groom

By Damien Hutchins, Flicker Stage

You are a techno-savvy groom-to-be. You planned your wedding in the cloud. You had a spreadsheet in Google Docs outlining every detail of every one of your vendors. A shared Evernote notebook so that you and your bride-to-be could stay on the same page with your guest list. You have a website that acts as the wedding hub for friends, family and even your planner.

You wouldn’t dream of an “unplugged” wedding, forcing your guests to silence their phones, and stop updating their statuses. Let us help you cover the walls with LCD displays, and make your wedding the envy of every software engineer on your guestlist!

Guest Entertainment
Interaction is key when it comes to the latest high tech entertainment offerings. A new style of guest entertainment like Flicker Stage photo booths, deliver with a twist on the traditional booth. With image quality you would expect from a fully equipped studio, and a sleek look more reminiscent of a six foot tall iPod, the images taken on the free standing photo tower will be beamed to monitors throughout your venue, or projected instantly on a wall. It doesn’t stop there, all the pictures taken can be shared from any mobile device at the wedding and posted instantly to social media networks.

Interactive Surfaces
Continuing the theme of “twists on the traditional” why not liven up the dance floor or bar counter with a little interactive projected show? Companies like GestureTek offer some amazing surface computing technology that will turn a horizontal surface into an interactive game, menu, reactive visual display, or maybe even just a slideshow of when you and your blushing bride to be were just sprouts! A quick game of Angry Birds while you wait for your eighth round of Jager Bombs? Yes please! Check out this video for some inspiration on what can be done with this tech!

Live Event Streaming
With all of your guests tweeting away about how geek-a-licious your reception is, there will no-doubt be some invitees that could not make it to your wedding. They don’t have to go ignored, nearly any place you hold your reception will have wifi, and that bandwidth can be put to work streaming the party right to your Meemaw’s laptop! There are numerous options ranging from Marry Me Live’s roaming videographer, to just setting up a webcam and using a free Ustream account. Now during your Uncle’s inappropriately slow dance with his latest girlfriend, you can know that the whole world is watching in horror right along with you!

Photo Aggregation
Remember back in the 90’s when you would go to a wedding and there would be a pile of disposable cameras at each table? Well, now most of your guests will have a camera on their smartphone that can take some very decent shots. Encourage the picture taking! Your guests just install a simple app like PictureClique or Wedding Snap and it will save each photo to a common gallery that you control!

These are just a few ideas, and with the rate of ever-improving technology, there are more ideas coming to market every day!

Why types of gadgets will you be utilizing on your wedding day? Leave a comment below and tell us how technology will help make your wedding day great.

[GIVEAWAY] Collect Your Guests’ Photos AUTOMATICALLY! – Wedding Snap

Monday, May 7th, 2012


With so many people in attendance, it’s almost impossible for one or two photographers to capture all the action at the wedding. Not to mention, once the guests actually do arrive, the photographers won’t really know who is an important family member and who is the hot date of a long-lost cousin.

The guests will take lots of pictures but most of them will get scattered on many different Facebook profiles anyways! It’s a headache to see them all, let alone collecting them all in one place.

Wedding Snap has created a very easy and high value solution. You sign up, create an album code (e.g. Ashley25), and share that album code among your guests through 250 personalized information cards that Wedding Snap sends you. Your guests will download the FREE Wedding Snap app to their iPhones or Androids. Every picture that your guests take through the app, a copy of it will be automatically uploaded directly to your album. The guests that don’t have smartphones can still upload their digital camera photos directly to your album after the wedding. This way, all your wedding memories are preserved in place without begging your guests for months or spending countless hours on Facebook to see all your guests’ photos.

wedding snap sample card

With Wedding Snap, you can:
•    Upload wedding photos before, during, and after the event
•    Store unlimited photos of your wedding for a full year
•    Create additional albums for your bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.
•    Download all your pictures to your personal computer at once
•    Have a LIVE slideshow of all the guests’ photos at your wedding
•    Have 150 personalized info cards for your guests.

If you care about preserving your wedding memories, you should take advantage of this opportunity now. The first 10 people can get 50% off the Original or Premium Wedding Snap package with the code: Groom50

This is a video slideshow of the photos from one of Wedding Snap’s weddings:

Will you and your bride be using an iPhone or Android app to capture your guests wedding photos? What do you like most about the Wedding Snap app? Let us know in the comment section below.

Create and Publish Your Own Mobile Wedding App with Appy Couple

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

appy couple wedding app

In the mobile world, where no one does anything without a smartphone, it’s about time someone came up with a really useful service that makes keeping everyone informed about the wedding easy, practical, and beautiful.

Enter Appy Couple, the hottest new wedding planning iPhone/iPad app.

Face it, a mobile app for your wedding is so much cooler than a website—although they give you one of those too, just in case you need it.

It’s easy to use the app. Simply go online to, choose a design, and create an account. After that, it’s just a matter of adding info in their really well thought-out interface, uploading photos and filling in event details. It’s all real-time, so you can check out how your app looks every step of the way.

Appy Couple incorporates cutting edge technology throughout their whole system. Simple things, like being able to drag and drop Facebook contacts into your wedding party circles without posting anything to Facebook, have been integrated in the process by their team of master engineers.

Even more importantly, the Appy Couple team has taken great pains to get into the heads of couples in the midst of wedding planning purgatory… and done everything they can to smooth the way.

For instance: there’s plenty of scope for your fiancée to exercise her creativity and make sure even the app coordinates with her theme. She can choose color swatches, add music selections linked to iTunes, create an unlimited number of guest polls to ask anything from “What should we eat?” to “Who will catch the garter?” There are scores of designs to suit every wedding style. And of course, you might want to get in on the action too…

Appy Couple makes communicating with guests easier and more fun as well. You can shoot out a save-the-date to everyone as you add them to the guest list, and send an email about how to join your wedding on the Appy Couple app. The system is built to handle it, so you don’t have to bcc hundreds of people.

Guests can upload pictures to the app in real-time during events. That means no headaches trying to get all the photos together after the fact. They can shop the registry with a tap, add events to their calendars, RSVP without using a stamp and map their way while on-the-go.

The app is always free for guests. And although there will soon be a one-time setup fee for couples, right now, Appy Couple is in invitation-only mode… and they’re offering GroomsAdvice readers the chance to get it free using this code: GASP1.

The only catch is that they really want your honest feedback about the service. So head over to, use your GroomsAdvice code & let them know what you think.

share wedding photos app

communcate with guests wedding application

iphone mobile wedding application

Do you know anyone who’s used a mobile app to help plan their wedding? What function of Appy Couple would you find most useful? Let us know in the comment section below.

The Groom App 2.0 for iPhone

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

studies have shown that grooms who reads guest posts by brian leahy are 30% less likely to develop arthritis later in life… go figure.

For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of introducing a new Groom App to the Apple community. There are more than enough Bride and iWedding  Apps out there — and the Knot has one as well — but there is no application designed for a groom, by a groom. Time to turn this around.

the icon
We have to face facts — some grooms won’t want to use this. After all, it’s a constant reminder of the inevitable and who the hell needs that? So we have to be design-savvy and use the look to lure guys in. We begin with a three icon options: one for the Intellectual Groom, one for the Nervous Groom and another for the Aloof Groom.

icon options
the theme
Similarly, we’ll have three separate theme options based on our favorite TV shows. Intellectual Groom = Frasier, Nervous Groom = Macgyver, and of course, Aloof Groom = Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

theme options
the features
Aside from the usual info (date, venues, current guest list), the Groom App will have the following special features to make groom life easier:

1. Synced Up – the calendar on the Groom App would link directly to your bride’s application … cause god knows you aren’t responsible enough to input your own appointments

2. Red Alert – with color coding based on the Homeland Security Terror Alert System, the app would come with frequent reminders of things you should be doing, voiced by your favorite TV stars (Kelsey Grammer, Richard Dean Anderson & Danny Devito)

3. Points Tracker – an electronic version of the Groom Says scorecard

4. A “How-To” Drop Down Menu – with categories like Slow Dance, Write Vows, Pin a Boutonniere Without Stabbing Myself in the Heart, Drink Less at the Wedding, Take Good Pictures, Thank People and Behave Around Future In-Laws, etc.

5. Best Man GPS – to track down your wing man at all times

6. Built-in Breathalyzer – because it’s awesome

7. Bride Translator – because “we should get these done this week” doesn’t mean that WE should get them done this week

8. The Countdown-to-Wedding Timer – made only slightly less ominous by your favorite TV show theme song

“Tossed salads and scrambled eggs. Mercy.”



Brian Leahy is founder of The Groom Says — a safe haven for grooms who need a hand with wedding planning and brides who need a hand with their grooms. Check out the blog for some laughs and inspiration, and be sure to follow The Groom Says on Twitter and Google+.

A New Wedding Software for You and Your Bride

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

When a groom pops the question to his bride, I can guarantee you the last thing on his mind at that special moment is wedding planning. But soon enough you and your fiancee are wrapped up in compiling guest lists, sending out invitations, sampling catering and cakes, checking out venues, trying on tuxedos and dresses and all the other things involved in planning a wedding, which can be a lot.

This may sound like tons of work (and a times it is) but we’ve discovered a new piece of Web-based wedding software available that can make managing all the details much easier for your and your bride-to-be. Billed as the next-generation online wedding planner, My Wedding Workbook provides an impressive number of software tools for organizing all your important details, from your budgets, guest lists and appointment calendar to areas to track every wedding-related event, from your pre-wedding activities through your ceremony and reception to your honeymoon.


What is really cool about My Wedding Workbook is that, among all the wedding websites and tools available online, its tools are really all interconnected so you and your fiancee don’t have to double enter anything, and it lets you make sure you are staying within your fiances at all times. And here’s the best part … not only is it a comprehensive wedding software, it’s also free wedding software. Yes, the owners of My Wedding Workbook offer their basic planning tools for free, so you and your bride can simply sign up and start using them. Pretty easy, huh.

And they’ve even gone a step farther recently by creating  wedding planning software for wedding consultants called My Wedding Workbook Pro. It’s online wedding consultant software that provides comprehensive business management and event planning tools for professionals.)

The guys who created My Wedding Workbook launched the site in early 2009 and already have more than 12,000 couples using it, so it’s been battle tested, and look for them to be making improvements to their wedding software in early 2010. Try it today for free and make wedding planning easier on you and your bride-to-be.

MyWedding Workbook is a sponsor of The Man Registry’s GroomsAdvice blog.

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