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Four Keys to Finding Your Wedding Photographer

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Kaylynne Kroshus Photography

Photo: Kaylynne Kroshus Photography

You’ve finally popped the question. You met the perfect woman and knew she was the one. Now that you’re engaged, your bride-to-be is knee-deep in the wedding planning process. There’s so much to do and she’ll always appreciate your help, especially when it comes to finding your wedding photographer.

Once the wedding day has come and gone, the best way to remember it all is through you wedding photography. You’ll want to look back at your wedding photos on your anniversaries for years to come and remember the way she looked when you first saw her walk down the aisle, the tears in both of your eyes as you said “I do,” and the fun you had on the dance floor with your groomsmen and bridesmaids. Those memories will fade, but if you have a photographer capture those special moments, you can look back on them forever.


So, how can you help your bride-to-be find the best photographer for your wedding? One great place to start is SnapKnot, where you can create a free account and be matched with photographers in your area and budget range. Once you find a few photographers that fit your needs, reach out and schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Here are four important details to cover when you meet with a wedding photographer.

1. Budget. Pricing is always important to ask about first and foremost. Make sure you know how much you’re able to spend and if the photographer’s services are within that budget. You’ll soon learn that there’s a wide range of wedding photography prices. For example, some photographers charge extra for mileage if they have to travel a certain distance, while others include that cost in their package fee. Some photographers also charge to have an assistant or a second shooter attend the wedding. (Read more on what makes one photographer cheaper than others.)

George Street Photo & Video

2. Photography Style. Do you and your fiancée want your photographs to tell the story of your wedding day or have a list of posed family photos you want to make sure to capture? Ask to see the photographer’s past albums and photographs to get a feel of their photographic style. You should like all (or at least most) of the photos you see from a photographer to get a sense of their style, which is the same style they’ll use to photograph your wedding day. (See more wedding photography advice about photo styles.)

3. Products and Services Offered. Does your bride-to-be really want to do a trash-the-dress session or have an amazing engagement shoot? Do you both want a really great custom wedding album or a beautifully framed engagement photo with a matted frame that guests can sign at your wedding? It’s important to make sure the photographer offers every single item you want in their wedding packages. Also ensure that the quality and types of albums he or she creates are in line with your expectations and preferences.

4. Photographer’s Personality. Because the person you end up choosing to photograph your big day is so important, it’s always best to meet face to face beforehand to make sure you enjoy his or her personality and demeanor. This person will be with you while you’re hanging out with your groomsmen before the wedding, as you’re nervously waiting for your bride to walk down the aisle and throughout the entire reception. If you and the photographer have clashing personalities or something just feels “off” between the two of you, keep looking until you find someone you truly feel comfortable with.

DK Photography

Helping your bride-to-be find your photographer should be more fun than stressful, but it’s important to start out by narrowing down a list of the best wedding photographers in your area and personally meeting with a few of them. Doing that initial research will certainly help you find the photographer you both trust and who will capture your special day exactly how you both imagined.

Grooms, have you learned any other helpful tips for booking your wedding photographer? Share them with us in the comments below.

See Your Wedding Through Your Guests’ Eyes with Snapable

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

wedding snap screenshot

Check your pocket – chances are, you have your smartphone with you. In fact, chances are, you take it everywhere. But before we all carried smartphones (and by default a camera) with us 24/7, engaged couples used disposable cameras at their wedding in order to encourage guests to take photos of their special day.

Well, fast forward to an era where there is guaranteed to be an army of smartphones at your wedding and you’ve got a much better solution!

Enter Snapable – a wedding photo app that lets you instantly capture your guest’s photos into one online album. No more paying for disposable cameras, or spending time and money having the photographs developed. Capture each memory from your special day, instantly.

Everything about Snapable is simple from the moment you create your album to the moment your wedding guests download the app and starts snapping, making photo sharing easy for everyone. Best of all, you can avoid the headache of trying to collect photos after the event. Best intentions aside, lets face it people are lazy. Most won’t go to the trouble of sending their photos.

wedding snap sample photo album

Sample Wedding Snap photo album

Here are a few things we love about Snapable.

1. No more chasing people for photos after the wedding.
2. No need to sift through Facebook pages or search hashtags to find photos.
3. Everything is instantly streamed to your online Snapable album.
4. You can share your photos, the entire album, or keep it private.
5. You could be waiting weeks for professional shots from your photographer. With Snapable, your photos are available instantly – even before the honeymoon!

The Snapable interface is very easy to navigate, even for Aunt Ethel who can barely use her iPhone! You can also upload photos to your album before and after the wedding, making sure you don’t miss any of those precious moments.

The key to making this all work is getting your guests to participate. That’s why the Snapable team also provides customizable, printable table cards that you can use at the wedding, making sure everyone knows about the app.

Now for the best part – use promo code BETHEMAN for $30 off your own Snapable package! Regularly $79 per event, your can get started for only $49!

So if you’re getting married, forget the disposable camera! Let Snapable help you see your wedding through your guests eyes. Every angle, every special moment, captured.

What are moments from your wedding that you’d most want to capture from your guests’ perspective? Tell us in the comment section below.

[GIVEAWAY] Collect Your Guests’ Photos AUTOMATICALLY! – Wedding Snap

Monday, May 7th, 2012


With so many people in attendance, it’s almost impossible for one or two photographers to capture all the action at the wedding. Not to mention, once the guests actually do arrive, the photographers won’t really know who is an important family member and who is the hot date of a long-lost cousin.

The guests will take lots of pictures but most of them will get scattered on many different Facebook profiles anyways! It’s a headache to see them all, let alone collecting them all in one place.

Wedding Snap has created a very easy and high value solution. You sign up, create an album code (e.g. Ashley25), and share that album code among your guests through 250 personalized information cards that Wedding Snap sends you. Your guests will download the FREE Wedding Snap app to their iPhones or Androids. Every picture that your guests take through the app, a copy of it will be automatically uploaded directly to your album. The guests that don’t have smartphones can still upload their digital camera photos directly to your album after the wedding. This way, all your wedding memories are preserved in place without begging your guests for months or spending countless hours on Facebook to see all your guests’ photos.

wedding snap sample card

With Wedding Snap, you can:
•    Upload wedding photos before, during, and after the event
•    Store unlimited photos of your wedding for a full year
•    Create additional albums for your bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.
•    Download all your pictures to your personal computer at once
•    Have a LIVE slideshow of all the guests’ photos at your wedding
•    Have 150 personalized info cards for your guests.

If you care about preserving your wedding memories, you should take advantage of this opportunity now. The first 10 people can get 50% off the Original or Premium Wedding Snap package with the code: Groom50

This is a video slideshow of the photos from one of Wedding Snap’s weddings:

Will you and your bride be using an iPhone or Android app to capture your guests wedding photos? What do you like most about the Wedding Snap app? Let us know in the comment section below.

Stupid Wedding Photos – Just Say No (early on)

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
OneWed recommends adding the "jumping groomsmen" to the do-not-take list

OneWed recommends adding the “jumping groomsmen” to the do-not-take list

Have you seen the photo? The one of all the groomsmen jumping up in the air? What about that other one, you know, the one where the beautiful bride holds a fake mustache up to her perfectly made-up faced? What about that one in front of the local landmark that you’ve never actually visited?

A lot of photographers have go-to photos that they like to take to help loosen up the bridal party. There are also photos that become popular in a certain area, or with a certain group of people, so photographers get in the habit of taking them. But remember, it’s your wedding. If you know that you don’t want photos in front of a big chicken, or with a fake mustache, then tell the photographer up front.  The same way that you have a “Do Not Play” list for your DJ or band, it’s perfectly ok to have a “do not take” list for your photographer. Just make sure you save time by sharing that list with the photographer before your wedding day.

In addition to serving as OneWed’s VP of Marketing, Jennifer Napier is a guest contributor to the GroomsAdvice blog offering a little local flavor for the grooms. You can connect with Jennifer on Google+ and Twitter.

5 Quick Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Wedding pictures will last a life time, you may not sit down and look through the albums every year but odds are you’ll have some of the shots framed and they will be up around your home.  Picking a great photographer is a big part of the wedding planning process as you will be spending a lot of time with that person and they will be the ones capturing just how great you look on your wedding day…so you better put some research into finding them and you better make sure you get along!


$10 says she’s asking him to delete a photo

1.) Online Research

It always seems to start with Google.  You type in “wedding photographer” and start clicking away.  So when you’re looking for your photog make sure they have a good web presence, and guys, if the email address ends in hotmail, or gmail or yahoo…just stop.  I never use people who don’t have “real” email addresses.  Looking online is a great way to check out the style of the photographer, do they shoot a candid style or is it all posed and set up.  It will give you an idea of how they will shoot your wedding so you can decide if their style fits with what you are looking for.

2.) Go Meet Them

After you have checked out the websites and you’ve decided on a few photographers you like, set up an in person meeting.  YOU HAVE TO MEET these people face to face.  You’ll be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day so you need to make sure you’ll get along.  If you don’t like your photographer it will show in the pictures…trust me.  It never gets better than the first impression, so if you like them right off the bat, I suggest signing them right there.

3.) See What They Offer

When you’re sitting down with your photog ask them what they offer.  Some guys have a package system but others may customize a program just for you.  You may not require all the services they are offering so you may be able to work something out that reduces their services and also reduces your cost, if you don’t ask…you’ll never know.

Is your wedding photographer willing to climb a tree for you?

Is your wedding photographer willing to climb a tree for you?

4.) References, You Gotta Have ‘Em

Sure, you can get these from the website, but hey…you don’t actually know if those people are real.  I know of some planners who use stock photography on their blogs and pass it off as their own work…but I digress.  If possible get a few names and numbers from the photographer and give them a call.  Ask them how they enjoyed the experience of working with the photog and how quickly they got their prints back.  Get an overall idea of how it is to work with the guy and if the other clients had fun.  I would suggest NOT talking about money or how much they paid as that isn’t really a factor in how good the guy is and prices change all the time.

5.) Always Get A Contract

Make sure you get an honest to goodness contract, it should stipulate the date of the wedding, all the services being offered and will outline what EXACTLY the photographer is to do in regards to your event.  I know this sounds like common sense, but I think it is worth mentioning.  If you have a planner, you can have them look over the contract for you, we offer this service and it’s quick and easy for us because we deal with vendors and contracts all the time.  If you don’t have a planner, just read it over and make sure everything you want is included in the contract.

Simon’s Gutsy Groom Advice

Take time to research, meet with and really pick out your photographer.  They are the people capturing your wedding day and you want those pictures to be amazing.  Make sure you get along with them and they are fun to be around.  As I mentioned before, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day.

There are tons of people out the calling themselves photographers, yes, some of them are great…others are the weekend warrior type who bought a slick-ass camera but don’t know how to use it.  If you have done your research, you’ll be able to spot these people and avoid them at all costs.

So go forth and find that perfect photographer, oh and one last thing…when you meet with them, bring your Bride to be…she has to like them as well!

Simon Daykin is an award winning event designer, planner and groom stylist with Fire Fly Occasions. Simon strives to get grooms involved in the wedding planning process and have their opinions heard. He understands that grooms can get left out or pushed out of the planning process so he’s here to help. You can connect with him further on Google+.

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