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Does Her Diamond Tell a Story?

Monday, November 18th, 2013
winter couple engagement shoot

Photo courtesy of Andria Lindquist

Recently engaged? You’re probably starting to realize that wedding planning is more expensive than you initially thought. If you’re already feeling financially tapped out as we head into the holiday season, you’re not alone. But there’s still a way to give her a holiday gift this year that’s as unique and rare as she is without blowing your quickly dwindling budget.

According to a December 2012 report from Bain & Company, one of the world’s leading business consulting firms, “diamond jewelry is at or near the top of most women’s lists of preferred presents”.  Recent studies commissioned by Rio Tinto Diamonds, one of the world’s largest diamond producers, found that women want to understand “the story” of their diamond jewelry: 90 percent said that responsibly mined diamonds were important to them, while 35 percent relate fashion and fashion statements with diamond jewelry and feel that natural color diamonds attract a confident, self-assured woman who loves to express her individuality. While the trend toward sustainable and ethically-mined diamonds most likely relates to today’s more eco-minded consumer, the movement toward natural color diamonds is undoubtedly being fueled by the number of celebrities wearing them as fashion favorites or engagement rings and their growing popularity on red carpets everywhere.

casa gi hoops kirstin hanson ring

L – Gold hoops with Argyle Diamonds by Casa Gi. R – Gold bypass style ring with Argyle Diamonds by Kristin Hanson

Unlike giving clothing or electronics that will be outdated or obsolete in a few short seasons, giving a loved one diamond jewelry becomes a lifetime-treasured heirloom that creates two stories. The first story relates to when the piece was given, and the second is related to the meaning behind the gift. Choosing a diamond heart pendant, for example, might tell the story of love, while choosing a pair of champagne diamond earrings might say that you admire her confidence and business savvy. If the jewelry you choose contains beautiful champagne diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia, you’ll already be giving her diamonds with a story. Not only do these beautiful diamonds come in a variety of fashionable shades from light champagne to deep brown hues, but diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia tell a much friendlier story. They’re sustainably and ethically mined in cooperation with the original land owners. But what guys may appreciate the most about Argyle diamond jewelry is that it’s now more affordable than ever, with some pieces starting as low as $200.


feather earrings alexandra hart kara ross ring

L – Feather earrings with Argyle Diamonds by Alexandra Hart. R – Ring with concrete and Argyle Diamond by Kara Ross

Many of today’s most popular jewelry designers are also adding their own stories to these diamonds by blending new, colorful shades, mixing mediums with unique materials previously unseen in the jewelry category, crafting pieces with rough diamond crystals shaped by the origin of these amazing diamonds, and setting the diamonds with environmentally-friendly recycled and sustainable metals. Regardless of her personal style or taste, there’s a design and shade to help her tell her style story through a piece of jewelry that will be the source of family stories for years to come. Of course, your story about it also being budget friendly, will remain your secret.

For more information about Argyle diamonds, visit Diamonds with a Story.

How important is it for your fiancée or wife to understand a diamond’s story? Are you more likely to do business with a diamond producer or jeweler that makes a point to promote responsibly mined diamonds? Share your responses in the comment section below.

Wedding Day Traditions: Your Gift to Her

Monday, August 12th, 2013

groom hugging bride after giving gifts

It’s the day before your wedding and all the groom’s duties have been attended to. The wedding bands are sized, the tuxedo fits perfectly and the best man is practiced and ready for his job tomorrow. But, guys! Remember there’s one last tradition that will show her, without a doubt, that you’re the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. You’re about to give her the brides wedding day gift.

Out of all of the traditions and all the gifts that a couple will receive for their wedding, none will be more cherished than the personal gifts that the bride and groom exchange the day before.  One of the most popular gift choices comes in the form of durable and beautiful pieces of diamond fashion jewelry that will be cherished and worn for a lifetime. For grooms, this is your chance to “hit it out of the park” and choose something as rare and memorable as your bride to be.

Two major trends today in diamond fashion jewelry are scintillating pave-set (coming from the French word meaning “paved”) styles with many smaller stones and, thanks to A-list celebrities and their love of exotic red-carpet jewelry, pieces with gorgeous natural color diamonds. But at this point in the wedding planning process it’s easy to feel a little “tapped-out” when it comes to expenses. So how do you give your bride something precious, rare and durable without breaking the bank?  Well, fashion pieces set with Argyle Diamonds may be the sparkling answer to your wedding gift dilemma.

The Argyle diamond mine, situated in the beautifully rugged landscape of the East Kimberley region of Australia yields a wide range of diamonds from the colorless white variety to more rare natural color shades. Some of the most popular natural color diamond shades today range from the luminous tones of silver through the champagne shades of pale-honey to rich cognac.  This gorgeous color range is a natural and rare phenomenon. For every 10,000 diamonds ever discovered, only one will be a natural color diamond. Additionally, these diamonds are ethically mined and recovered in cooperation with the traditional owners of the land, using sustainable and responsible practices. This means you’ll be giving her something with as rich a heritage as the lives you’ll both be building together.

Grooms, when it comes to her sense of style, or to your price sensitive budget, don’t worry! National retailers are offering Argyle diamonds in everyday wearable styles from as little as approximately $200.00 and up.   To ensure success make sure you take into account her personal style before choosing this special piece. Here are some ideas that might help you determine the perfect gift.

Is she classical?

classic argyle diamond cuff phyliss bergman

Classic Argyle Diamond Cuff by Phyllis Bergman

Is she romantic?

bird-pendant-earrings-shelly purdy

Bird Pendant + Earrings by Shelly Purdy

Is she modern?

Zoltan David Earrings

Zoltan David Earrings

Is she vintage?

kristin hanson ring

Vintage Inspired Wedding Ring by Kristin Hanson

Is she edgy?

kara ross unique ring

Unique Argyle Diamonds + Concrete by Kara Ross

Is she colorful?

joan park argyle earrings

Argyle Diamond and Enamel Earrings by Joan Park

Also, don’t forget, guys! She’s facing the same dilemma you are, trying to find you the perfect wedding gift. Since every guy will need a beautiful pair of cufflinks on his wedding day and for the other many special occasions you two will share, here’s a suggestion that might solve her search.

Casa Gi Cufflinks

Argyle Rough Diamond Cufflinks by Casa Gi

Aside from the gorgeous natural and neutral colors that work with every fashion outfit and skin tone, another benefit of Argyle diamonds is that many world-class jewelry designers are already working with these gems. This ensures that no matter what her taste, there will be numerous designs she will love at a variety of price points. This means that even if you’re feeling a little tapped out right about now, you’ll be able to give her the perfect wedding day gift, a piece of diamond fashion jewelry that she’ll be able to wear for a lifetime.

Remember that this gift should be a momentous “once-in-a-lifetime” piece to start your lives together. A coffeemaker just won’t cut it! To learn more about these rare diamonds and their unique stories, visit

Which of the pieces shown above would your bride like the most? Tell us why in the comment section below.

Wedding 101: What to Gift Your Bride

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

wedding 101 what to gift your bride

Special from

Ladies always think that they do all the heavy lifting when it comes to their wedding, but the men have a lot to worry about too.  They just bear it in silence.  After all, there’s no room for two drama queens!  The men have a lot on their minds as well.  There are all the financial responsibilities, making sure their bride is being catered to, knowing just when to speak up, and when to shut-up; and that’s just the beginning.  On top of all this, you must bear gifts for your bride.  I am talking about one of the most valuable gifts you will ever buy her–the engagement ring, and with an overwhelming amount of options things can get messy.  Here are some pointers that will have you checking these items off your list faster than you can say “I do.”

First things first.  In order to get the show on the road there needs to be an engagement ring.  A diamond engagement ring is one option you can never go wrong with (to view some favorite examples, click here).  Elegant and timeless, a diamond ring makes a powerful statement.  If your sweetheart dreams of a “red carpet” ring, then an elaborate princess cut is the one.  Or, if she prefers a vintage charm, then look for a decadent, millgrain detailed ring.  Remember, this is the ring that she will be looking at for the rest of her life, so make sure it is one she will want to look at!

diamond tennis bracelet anjoleeIf you’re looking for a gift that will last her for years down the road, a diamond tennis bracelet is a sophisticated piece that any woman would be delighted to add to her wardrobe.  She can proudly wear this bracelet during the day when just running errands, or she can pair it with an elegant evening ensemble.  Whichever way she chooses, the row of exquisite diamonds will be sure to thrill!

Remember, happy wife, happy life.  Best of luck boys!

Will you be surprising your bride-to-be with a wedding day surprise? Are you keeping it secret or picking it out together? Tell us in the comment section below.

Treat Your Bride: Bridal Boudoir Photography

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

bridal boudoir photography

You’re getting married – that’s for sure and so is she. Unlike you, who’s still probably tucking into pies and pints between the odd salads – she’s been on a strict diet and looking amazing, goddess like almost.

They say that giving a gift is often better than receiving one. But, what if you could angle it that you got to do both – twice the fun? One of the latest crazes that pretty much allows you to both give and take is the gift of bridal boudoir photography. Bridal what?

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Think of it this way. The wedding is imminent and she’s spent a lot of time, put a lot of effort in and is probably sporting some of the sexiest underwear of her life. She wants to show them off and you want to see what she looks like? In fact, the two of you are probably in the best shape you’ve been for a long time (pies aside) – so, why not cherish the moment and also the way she looks, while providing her with some fun.

Bridal boudoir photography  allows her the opportunity to be in her element and show off the work she’s put in. She’ll delight in the pampering like conditions of the shoot and you get to keep the sultry result forever – seems like a fair deal to us.

How it Works

She simply is treated like a queen and has a number of sexy but tasteful and beautiful shots taken in a location of her choosing in a manner she chooses. If she’s prone to Dita von Teese like glamour that can be catered for, or if she wants something a little more subdued that’s also no problem either.

Like any photo shoot, it’s about making her comfortable and then using that ease to get the best photos possible. From champagne and silk sheets, to velvet, and black and white shots, it’s all there for you to choose from and make her feel special.

Of course, shoots can take place in familiar surroundings, a plush hotel room or other places of her or your choosing. Decide on what you want and then it can be catered for down to the finest detail. Many photographers provide all sorts of extras, from silk petals to satin opera gloves – it’s all available for these sensual photos.

Most photographers in this area are professional and offer these specific services on a very regular basis meaning that they get the best shots possible. Many brides commission their wedding photographer to undertake the boudoir shoot because they have already established a good relationship.

The Results

The end results will always depend on the photographer in question and also the requirement of the people being photographed. From smoking and sultry, to cool and classic there is any number of high quality results to choose from.

You’ll then get a selection of high quality, beautiful prints showing her in all her sensual, sexy beauty and get to keep them for a lifetime. It’ll change the way you see her forever, while also allow you to see her the way you want to forever – not a bad deal if you ask us.

If you’re looking to treat her and treat yourself to a nice wedding present, while doing something a little different, then a bridal boudoir experience is one to consider.

Have you considered gifting your bride a boudoir package? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments.

A Guy’s Guide to Gifting Lingerie

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Whether it’s for Christmas or the honeymoon, the gift of lingerie is sure to please your fiancée. The problem is, most men don’t have the first clue on how to buy it. And the ones who do sometimes can’t conquer the anxiety that goes along with a lingerie shopping expedition. We hope the following guide will help alleviate some of these issues.

man confused buying lingerie

Look familiar?

By Elizabeth Tigar, Special to GroomsAdvice from Shop-Underwear

Let’s be honest—gifting lingerie is like getting two for one. It’s a present for her; and, because you’ll also be enjoying how fabulous your lady looks in it, it’s a treat for you too. After all, lingerie is just about the most feminine item a woman can own. But therein lies the problem: whether they’re embarrassed about wandering around a women’s lingerie shop alone, or just plain clueless about ladies underwear, many men have a serious lingerie-shopping phobia.

It’s true, walking into a women’s lingerie store can be an intimidating thing for guys. Those who’ve been too wary in the past should try baby steps like seeking out a smaller boutique lingerie shop. You’re less likely to be overwhelmed by the amount of choices, and you’re more likely to find a salesperson who can give you a little help.

For all the guys out there holiday shopping for your significant others, here are some helpful hints to overcome lingerie-buying anxiety:

1. Come prepared. Before you venture out to buy her lingerie—or anything that comes with a size—you should know what size she is. All this takes is a bit of detective work. Sneak a peek in her underwear drawer (or maybe just at the tag on the bra that’s still on your floor), and note what sizes you see. Bras have a cup (A, B, C, D etc.) and a band size (32, 34, 36). Panties generally come in small, medium or large. Take note of both and bring them with you when you decide to shop.

2. Ask for help. I know this goes against everything a man stands for, but lingerie sales professionals will always know more about the merchandise than you do. So just ask! Mention you’re shopping for a gift and tell them her size.They should be able to guide you in the right direction.

3. Keep it mild. This especially applies for the first-time undergarment gift. DO NOT, under any circumstances, go too sexy with the first undergarment gift. Translation: nothing too see-through (lace is a yes, mesh is a no), nothing too itty-bitty (save g-strings for later) and certainly nothing edible (do we need to say that?), and absolutely, no exceptions, never ever anything without a crotch. Even if sexy is her thing, you risk turning her WAY off with your gift if it’s too risqué, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re going for. Stick to something more tame. A great bra and panty set that she could wear for something other than a special occasion. Maybe even something like a cute nightie. Not the granny kind, mind you—the flirty short kind. This will show her that you’re interested in making her feel pretty and comfortable, not necessarily just seeing her dressed up all racy for you.

Sidenote, When it’s okay to push the envelope: Definitely wait until you’re committed to one another. Critiques on undergarments from someone you’re just dating will get you kicked to the curb fast. Stepping up the game by giving her something sexy is something that can be a welcome surprise. Just make sure you present it with the attitude of “I think you’re amazing and sexy, and I thought this would make you feel exactly like that. But if you don’t like it, that’s okay.” And never with the attitude of “I’m totally sick of your basic cotton undies.” Be tasteful, be respectful. She’ll love you for the gesture all the same.

4. Gift it privately. Lingerie is not a gift you want to see her open in the middle of a restaurant, even a small romantic one. Give her the gift in the privacy of your home, or hers. It’s more comfortable for everyone involved.

5. Don’t be discouraged. Worst case scenario: it’s not her thing. Don’t beat yourself up too much or give up on the idea entirely. If you can tell she doesn’t like it, or if you never see her put it on, ask her gently what she didn’t love about it. Ask her what she likes and take notes for next time.

Following that plan, there’s a decent chance you’ll hit a home run, if not the first time, then maybe the second. Regardless of whether it’s perfect, it’s always the thought—and not the thong—that counts.

Elizabeth Tigar is the owner of Austin, TX, lingerie boutique Underwear. Visit to check out the latest styles.

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