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Here Comes the Groom – Wedding Fashion Advice for Men

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Fashion and style expert Sarah Nash is back with some wedding day attire tips for the groom.

Here are three totally different looks for the groom to check out!
NOTE TO SELF: The way you feel…should be the way you look. As the old saying goes…You are what you wear.

Did James Bond learn about tuxes at Of course he did.

Did James Bond learn about tuxes at The Man Registry? Of course he did.

This look is for the more sophisticated-classic groom attire. The “not too fancy” -basic black tuxedo cut. You can also choose the classic tail tuxedo as well. This is style requires..simplicity, the basics , and the down to earth vibe…not too over the top!

This is a good choice, so that you don’t take away too much from the bride. Think… clean cut, polished, and photo ready! This tux style is very versatile and something you can wear again and again without being too flashy.

This look is for the more “Fashion Forward” man. The groom that wouldn’t mind getting some fun-loving attention from the bridal party and a few extra photos! You could ditch the basic black tuxedo and go with a white, cream, beige, forest green, dark blue, or pin stripes! You can even go with a tuxedo tail. Add a chic fedora or a tie with a unique pattern. Don’t forget to Accessorize! Keep it simple and sleek!

This look is very 21st century modern-hip man screaming style, confidence and definitely in touch with his feminine side.

When we say retro tux... we don't mean this

When we say retro tux… we don’t mean this.

This look is for the more low-key man. The very laid back, small-intimate wedding style. A more carefree, by the beach or by the slopes atmosphere. Not too over the top! Again, keeping it simple and relaxed. You don’t want to look like you put too much time and effort into this look.

These days more bride & grooms aren’t splurging too much on their attire, but rather on longer honeymoons, or that dream home. What’s in YOUR budget? Less is more in this case. You can definitely go with a nice sports jacket with a collard shirt, a great pair of dress shoes, even dark-denim jeans. You’ll still want to look special for those wedding, make sure you coordinate with your bride to compliment each others look.

In addition, the casual look would definitely be something you could wear again and again. Not to mention a casual wedding frees you from picking out a pricey tuxedo, shining those shoes.. you’ll only wear once, and all that stress!!

Choose wisely and make it fun!

**Remember that tuxedos can be costly, so luckily you have the option to rent them out! Unless, you plan on doing a black tie event in the near future…A man should always purchase at least one nice black tuxedo to have in his wardrobe at all times**

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