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How to Buy U.S. Groomsmen Gifts if You Live in Canada

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014


When it comes to buying gifts for their groomsmen, our friends north of the border oftentimes find themselves at the short end of the stick. Finding the right gifts isn’t necessarily the problem — there’s some pretty cool stuff out there. The trouble comes when it’s time to ship them to Canada from a U.S. warehouse. While this can be quite frustrating, it’s no reason to give up on that perfect gift you’ve found. With the five tips below, you can easily do it (even on a budget).

Order early: Shipping to Canada from the U.S. often tacks on a few extra days to the shipping time frame, so it really pays to order early. To avoid finding yourself empty handed the day of your wedding, make sure to order early. When ordering personalized or bulk gifts, it’s important to order at least three weeks ahead of your wedding or rehearsal dinner date.

Look for discounts: Coupons are always out there. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Sites like The Man Registry have been known to lend a helping hand with coupon codes for larger orders.

Ask questions: Of course, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. This is especially true when it comes to making an important purchase online. Once you’ve found a website you’d like to buy from, make sure to inquire about shipping rates, time frames and the availability of certain products for international shipment.

Ship to the US: If you live near the U.S.-Canada border or have friends in the States that frequently travel between countries, you can save on shipping costs by shipping your order to a U.S. address. Many websites boast free shipping offers that are only applicable to U.S. orders. Shipping to a U.S. address can also help cut down or eliminate duty fees.

Find a trustworthy site: Also make sure to find a website you can really trust. A simple Google search will reveal that there are plenty of retail sites out there. Before making a purchase over international lines, it’s important to read reviews, determine that the website is secure, and even give the company phone call to make sure there’s a real person on the other end. A reputable company will list their business phone number through their website, so this shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish.

Following these tips will make the buying process much less stressful . If you need a little help getting started finding the right gift, here are three ideas that are all easily shipped to Canada:

custom casks to age your own home  whiskey in

Age your own bourbon, wine or rum in this custom cask made from American Oak. You can even have each groomsman’s initials etched into the barrel face. [Shop here]

steel flasks that are shaped like hockey pucks that feature the logos of NHL teams

These stainless steel “biscuits” are designed to look just like a hockey puck — but it’s what’s inside that counts. The flasks will hold 5oz. of booze and are available for all 30 NHL teams. [Shop here]

personalized pub signs that can easily ship to Canada for groomsmen gifts

Pub signs are a great way to celebrate the individuality of each of your friends. With themed-designs ranging from fishing to hockey to man caves, there’s no doubt you’ll find something for everyone. [Shop designs here]

Live in Canada? Are you shopping locally for groomsmen gifts or searching online?


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Subscribe Your Groomsmen to Monthly Boxes of Awesome

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014


Want to give your groomsmen a truly unique gift that keeps on giving after the wedding day? We recently discovered a manly service that does just that. Bespoke Post, a subscription box club for men, will deliver a new Box of Awesome to your groomsmen each month. Each of the service’s boxes includes a selection of theme-driven products focused on food, drink, fashion, grooming and more, to fit a range of personalities and interests. For example, the Sweat box (pictured below), which features a stylish, custom-made gym bag and a supplement starter kit, is perfect for gym rats, while the Aged box includes creatively designed tumblers and an aging kit to let liquor connoisseurs age their own blends at home.


Bespoke Post offers grooms the option of gifting either a digital or physical gift card (for a subscription of one, two, three, four, five, six or 12 months of service), or one gift box paired with a physical gift card (for a subscription of two, three, four, five, six or 12 months of service). Once a recipient redeems a subscription, they’ll receive an email on the first of each month detailing the contents of that month’s box and can choose to ship the featured selection or skip it at no charge and wait for the next box (with the option to skip as many boxes as they’d like).

A one-month Bespoke Post gift card is $55, but if you choose a time period greater than one month, the monthly cost is $45. Best of all: Right now, GroomsAdvice readers can enter code “GROOMSADVICE” at checkout to receive 10% off their total orders. For more information, visit Bespoke Post, or if you’re interested in purchasing gifts for five or more recipients, email Bespoke Post at to connect with a gift concierge.

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Your 2014 Guide to Groomsmen Gifts That Aren’t Lame

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Even before the hunt for groomsmen gifts begins, most guys are already aware that many of the options suck. This is probably because they’ve already personally received enough watches, money clips and flasks to last a lifetime. There’s no doubt you want to give your close friends and family unique gifts that will be treasured for years. Unfortunately, shopping around takes precious time and many grooms end up going with one of the aforementioned retreads out of convenience. To help you make unique choices, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite ideas for 2014. Read ‘em and weep (with joy), fellas…

rocks drinking glasses with state outlines engraved on them

Bringing in wedding party members from all around the country? The 4pc. set of “Home” Rocks Glasses ($38.95) can be customized with the engraving of any state. Except Montana. Nobody lives in Montana. Pick them up at The Man Registry. [Use coupon code fall14 for 10% off]

handmade shaving razors that can be engraved

Andrew Luck can pull off the neck beard. Your buddies can’t.  To drop them this not-so subtle hint and thank them for being part of your big day, check out these totally unique Handmade Maple Burl Razors ($54.95) that can be engraved with the recipient’s name or initials. They’re designed to fit Gillette® Mach3® razor head and can be purchased here. [Use coupon code summer14 for 10% off]

custom baseball cards for groomsmen gifts

Just because you and your friends never came close to playing in the big leagues doesn’t mean you still can’t be celebrated on your very own baseball cards. RookiesApp allows you to upload photos, place them on retro baseball card templates and customize the accompanying text. Impressed yet? The coolest part is that for $12.99 plus shipping, you can have the cards printed, packaged in that good ole wax paper and shipped straight to your mailbox. The experience is as authentic as begging your mom to buy you a pack of cards at the grocery store checkout. Rookies is available in the iPhone App Store and coming soon to Google Play. Learn more here.

handcrafted wood beer flight tasting set

Have you been wondering just how many beers it will take to get your best man out on the dance floor to twerk? That’s precisely the question that the Custom Beer Flight Sampler ($39.95) was designed to answer. With four pilsner glasses included, this handcrafted (in the USA) wood paddle is great for hosting a blind taste test party. Give the gift of brew at The Man Registry. [Use coupon code fall14 for 10% off]


Since we’re on the topic of suds, one of the coolest trends I’ve noticed over the last year is local brewpubs offering packages where you can go in once a month to re-fill your growler. If you and your crew don’t own growlers, the Personalized Craft Beer Growler ($21.95) may come in handy. It holds roughly two liters of beer and is customized with the recipient’s initial. Click here to buy. [Use coupon code fall14 for 10% off]

pen made from used machine gun bullet

Let’s pretend for a minute that your groomsmen are some of the manliest men out there. If this were true (which we both know it’s not),what type of pen would they use in the office? It sure as heck wouldn’t be a BIC. It would be a pen made from an actual Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel and a Spent Machine Gun Bullet ($66.95). To order, head on over to TMR, choose from a Jack Daniels or Jim Beam barrel, add your personalization and you’ve got one of the most unique gifts they’ll ever receive. [Use coupon code fall14 for 10% off]

tabletop foosball game

Oh to be a kid again… Take a journey down memory lane with the Retro Tabletop Foosball Game ($59). It’s what every grown man needs. Available at Gilt.


Cufflinks may appear to be a boring gift on the surface, but that’s before you start matching styles to the personalities of your groomsmen. From iPhones to fighter jets to American flags, The Man Registry’s cufflink shop has dozens of unique options for $24.95 a piece. [Use coupon code fall14 for 10% off]

handcarved duck call for groomsmen

Live in duck hunting country? Rule #1: Don’t schedule your wedding during hunting season. Rule #2: If you’re dumb enough to schedule your wedding during hunting season, you’d better hand out some awesome gifts. This is where the Handcarved Duck Call comes in. It’s handcrafted and can be engraved at no extra cost. Get yours here. [Use coupon code fall14 for 10% off]

whiskey barrel made into a sign

Were your groomsmen extra good this year? Splurge on their gifts with this highly unique and totally bad-ass piece of décor. The Whiskey Barrel Sign ($149.95) is literally made from the chopped-off face of an actual barrel. It’s message is clear: only solitude, cigars and scotch are allowed in the man cave. And let’s be honest, what else is there in life? Interested? The Man Registry has you covered with free shipping. [Use coupon code fall14 for 10% off]

Which of the gifts featured here would your groomsmen like most? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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Speakeasy Briefs: a Hilariously Clever Gift Idea for Groomsmen

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Speakeasy Briefs for groomsmen

Looking for a truly unique groomsmen gift idea? Meet Speakeasy Briefs. These clever boxer briefs have a built-in secret pocket that conceals…wait for it — a flask (or anything else you may need to discreetly stash). But would your groomsmen really use these special undergarments? You betcha. Here are five important occasions when going commando just won’t do.

1. The bachelor party. Will you be wearing your Tuesday morning underwear for the biggest party weekend of your life? Didn’t think so. Speakeasy Briefs let you and your crew party in style, with a secret pocket designed to stash a hip flask.

2. Pictures. Why be the millionth guy who matches ties and handkerchiefs with his groomsmen when you can be the legend who matches his groomsmen head to toe? The photo of you and your boys rocking Speakeasy Briefs will put all other groomsmen photos to shame.

3. The ceremony. Come wedding day, you and your groomsmen should be as comfortable and confident as possible. Made in the USA with a luxe blend of cotton, modal, and spandex, Speakeasy Briefs are super comfortable. And in case there are any last-minute nerves, everyone’s packing liquid courage.

4.  The reception. Sure you found the love of your life, but what about your groomsmen? With a bevy of single ladies around, having a discreet location to carry protection may come in handy later on.

5. Life after the big day. Even after the wedding day, you and your groomsmen will enjoy Speakeasys at events such as concerts, sports games or traveling abroad.

speakeasy briefs different colors and designs

Speakeasy Briefs are available for purchase online. Briefs are mailed worldwide, with free domestic shipping available for purchases of $50 or more.  Bulk order discounts are also available for orders of seven or more. Email for more details.

When would you wear your Speakeasy Briefs? Leave a comment below and let us know!

10 Wedding Party Gifts for Your Fall Wedding

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

fall wedding party gifts

The leaves are changing colors and the air is turning crisp. There’s football on TV and a pumpkin ale in your hand. If you think like me, the best time of year has arrived. Not only is fall ideal for spending time outdoors, it’s also serves as an amazing setting for weddings. If wedding party gift shopping is still on your to-do list, here are 10 splendid options for you:

Personalized Growler Set + Wine Bottle Carrying Tote

Personalized Growler Set + Wine Bottle Carrying Tote

Personalized Craft Beer Growler + Tasting Set – Propose a toast to your groomsmen with this traditional growler that’s accompanied by four pilsner glasses. The growler holds 64oz. of your favorite autumn brew and can be personalized for free! [Buy Here]

Personalized Color Dipped Wine Bottle Totes – Great for toting to a tailgate, bonfire or fall hay ride, these trendy yet classic color-blocked wine totes feature a 100% natural canvas body with a matte latex bottom. Available in black, bright pink, green, soft navy and red, each tote includes a removable Velcro divider, a structured base insert and a 1.5″ carrier strap. Totes may be embroidered with a name in lowercase lettering or a single block initial (in one of 20 thread colors) at no additional cost. [Buy Here]

wooden wahshers set personalized pashmina scarves

Wooden Washers Set + Personalized Pashmina Scarves

Wooden Washers Set – Tailgating just may be the best part about fall. Washers just may be the best part about tailgating. Combine the best of both worlds with this out-of-the-ordinary groomsman gift idea. [Buy Here]

Personalized Pashmina Scarf – Your bridesmaids will stay toasty warm on the wedding day and on chilly fall nights wrapped in these personalized Pashmina Scarves. The stylish scarves are made from a pashmina/silk blend for a perfect balance of light-weight warmth and softness. Available in four popular colors, each scarf may be personalized with one line up to 15 characters in a choice of 15 thread colors. [Buy Here]

nfl dogtag necklace bridesmaid dishes

NFL Dogtag Necklaces + Monogrammed Bridesmaid Dishes

NFL Dogtag Necklace – Wear football team spirit on your sleeve? Now you can wear it around your neck. The stylish NFL team dogtag necklaces are available with every team’s logo and also include a charm that’s able to be engraved with the name or message of your choice. [Buy Here]

Fall Monogram Bridesmaid Gift Dishes (Set of Five) – Perfect for holding her jewelry, trinkets, hair ties or lip balm, these lovely clay bridesmaid dishes are decorated with a variety of fall foliage in different colors. Each handmade dish measure 3 inches in diameter and features your bridesmaid’s monogram in chocolate brown. [Buy Here]


Man Card Bottle Opener + Dorothy James Skeleton Key Necklace

Metal Mustache “Man Card” – Behold the man card. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, it protects your credit and ID cards and also serves as a bottle opener. Don’t leave home without it! [Buy Here]

Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace by DorothyJames – Your bridesmaids will love these one-of-a-kind necklaces made from real vintage skeleton keys. Each unique key, which measures from 1.5″ to 3″ long, hangs from a lovely 26.5″ sterling silver chain. Accenting the earthy tones of the vintage key, a pyrite stone adorns both the key and the clasp, making these necklaces the perfect accessory for a fall bridesmaid look. [Buy Here]

maple burl razor mason jar set

Handcrafted Maple Burl Razor + Mason Jar Set

Handcrafted Maple Burl Razor – You won’t find a more unique razor than this. The Maple Burl Razors are designed to fit the Mach3 shaving system blades. You can also opt to have the recipient’s name engraved into the wood.  [Buy Here]

Personalized 16oz. Mason Jar Set – Perfect for drinking hard cider or any other autumn cocktail your bridesmaids love, this fun set of rustic mason jar drinking glasses is crafted of clear glass and can be engraved with a single uppercase initial at no additional cost. Each jar measures 6″ tall with a 3″ diameter and holds up to 16 ounces. Cheers! [Buy Here]


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Which of the 10 gifts featured above do you like most? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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