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The Goods on Eco-Friendly Groom’s Wedding Attire

Friday, September 16th, 2011
groomsmen lined up chucks

Photo – Shannon Lee Images

The fall issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings has just been released and we’ve got a fresh article featured on pages 52-55. This time around we tackled the trendy topic of eco-friendly wedding wear for men. If you’re in search of green alternatives to traditional suits, dress shirts and accessories, we highly recommend checking this piece out… along with all of the other great articles and features.

Access the fall 2011 issue here. Cheers!

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Ask the Wedding Babe: Groom vs. Groomsmen Attire

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

today’s wedding babe question comes from frank who is curious about the etiquette involved with the groom wearing a different suit style than the groomsmen.

groom groomsmen attire

Q:  Is it improper for the groom to wear a double breasted tux while the groomsmen wear two- or three-piece suits?

A. While I love fashion and have my own personal opinions regarding wedding attire, I’ll admit that I’m no Tim Gunn (if you haven’t heard of him, ask your fiancée). But I believe that your wedding day is an occasion where you and your fiancée should feel free to make your own decisions about your attire. Regardless of whether it’s “proper,” if there’s something you really want to wear on your wedding day, and your fiancée approves, go for it. However, I realize that you don’t want to end up looking like a fool on your big day by making a major fashion faux-pas. This is definitely a question you should discuss with your wedding day attire/tux or suit shop vendor as well as your fiancée. Your tux vendor should be an expert in this area and can help guide you in the right direction, keeping the type and formality of your wedding ceremony in mind.

Personally, I think it really depends on the tux and suits you select. If the fabrics match nicely and the styles are very similar, it could end up looking great. However, if the fabrics and styles don’t mesh well together, the whole look could appear off or sloppy, which you definitely want to avoid. Talk it over with your tux vendor. If he or she believes that you can seamlessly blend the two styles, and your fiancée is on board as well, why not go for it? But if you’re still not 100 percent sure that the combo works, consider having all of the guys wear either tuxes or suits, instead of a combination of both, to create a cleaner, more streamlined (and classic) look.

Either way, you (the groom) should definitely find a way to stand out from your groomsmen in terms of your wedding day attire. After all, the bride will certainly stand out from her bridesmaids, and the groom is no different. If you decide that wearing a tux while your bros wear suits isn’t the way to do that, there are plenty of other options to consider. For example, think about wearing a different colored shirt or tie than your groomsmen. This can be as simple as having the groomsmen wear colored ties to match the bridesmaids’ dresses while you wear a white or off-white tie (to coordinate with your bride’s gown), or the groomsmen could all wear light-colored shirts and you could wear a white one. Or, depending on your wedding colors, you could wear a tie in a brighter shade or even a different, yet complimentary, color than those of your groomsmen. Another way to stand out is to wear a tux or suit jacket that has satin or grosgrain lapels, while your groomsmen wear standard versions. Or consider wearing an ascot or pocket square (while the groomsmen don’t) or wear one in a brighter color than your groomsmen.

You can also stand out as the groom by wearing a different boutonniere than your groomsmen. Your boutonniere can either be made with different types of flowers, blooms in different colors or be larger than those of your groomsmen, so that everyone will instantly know that you’re the groom.

Whatever your decision, rock it. This is your day, and you should feel amazing in whatever you ultimately decide to wear. Cheers!

Keep reading each week as we’ll be posting new advice from The Wedding Babe. If you’ve got a burning question for her, please submit it here. And please, stop writing love songs for her. The Wedding Babe is a happily married woman.. who could probably kick your ass.

Will you be wearing different attire than your best man and groomsmen? Tell us the details and how you came to your decision by leaving a comment below. cheers!

The Tuxedo Genie is Real

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

our friends at astor & black invade the blog today to discuss the debates that go along with wedding tuxes… and the custom options that exist.

Charles Lindsey Wedding

Marshall and Michi. Photo by Allison Conklin.

The day has arrived. You’ve had a good night’s sleep, you’ve taken your vitamins and you’re ready to tackle this head on. It’s What You’re Going to Wear to the Wedding Day.

After a coffee with the wife-to-be and an hour of discussion, you’re feeling pretty good about your progress. After the second hour, you tell her: “Honey, it’s your day to shine. I just need to make you look good.” You’re rewarded with a smile, maybe a kiss, but no absolution from the meeting. After the third hour, you’ve already been to your honeymoon and back, plus you’ve made up a haiku about socks, and decided on a name for your goldfish.

Finally, the planning is over. And the shopping begins.

There’s a brief rent vs. buy debate, then a trip to the department store – for three hours and three hundred (or so) fitting room marches – an online search, a trip back to the department store, a fitting, a tailor, the fabric retailer downtown, and then another round at a different department store, the one with more variety at the outlet mall outside town.

Sound like a headache yet?

Brandon Marshall wedding

Charles and Lindsey. Photo by Manolo Doreste.

At this point, you’re beginning to wish there was a tuxedo genie that if you just promise to stop eating chocolate, or drinking so much beer, the genie will appear at night while you sleep. It will wake you with a touch of a feather and hand deliver an impeccably designed tuxedo that is timelessly classic, and yet perfectly suited for the wedding theme and color scheme. The fabric is soft, the satin is luscious, the seams sharp, and accessories you never even knew you wanted.

You step out of bed and change into the tuxedo. It feels snug and cool against your skin. You stand in front of the mirror with your and wow! The man looking back at you is definitely you, albeit an updated version, an upgraded version. This must be a dream, you pinch yourself, it must be a dream.

You grab the phone, “Honey, you have to get over here, right now!” She’s on her way before you hang up. She comes rushing through the door.

“Honey! Are you alright?” She’s in the hallway right around the corner. You’re still looking at your reflection.

“Honey?” and then she turns the corner. She stops in her tracks. You turn to her. She meets your gaze, speechless for a moment.

Then she’s not. “Omg, honey, you look amazing! This… I literally dreamed of this just last night! This is exactly how I always imagined you would look – so fantastic and dashing!”

“This must be a dream,” you both say at the same time.

But it doesn’t have to be.

When you opt for a custom tuxedo for your wedding day, it saves a lot of hassle, a lot of time, and the end product is perfect. The look and fit will be timeless, so your wedding night will never be dated, nor the photos. The quality is top tier so the tuxedo will last upwards of ten years. (That’s assuming you don’t eat too much pasta in the interim).

The primary advantage of custom is the limitless array of options at your disposal in terms of fabric, design and accessories to match any theme or style. At Astor & Black, our favorite custom clothing company*, you also have the benefit of the clothier as a personal fashion consultant who will guide you through the maze of options to finding the wedding attire best suited for you.

And not just you. And not just the tuxedo. They can outfit the best man, the groomsmen, or an entire wedding party. They also offer a full range of men’s and tuxedo accessories, including belts and shirts, and have special wedding packages for groom and groomsmen attire. It’s a sweet deal.

The greatest deterrent to going custom however, is the price tag. While there’s no denying that a custom wedding tuxedo is more expensive than renting or buying, the actual numbers might surprise you. It’s an investment and it could begin paying off right from the first day you make an appointment with an Astor & Black clothier.

It could be a dream come true.

astor & black is a sponsor of the man registry’s

Are you considering a custom tuxedo for your wedding day. What about the look makes makes it right for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

Groomsmen Attire Tips from

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010


By Susan Alexander Shapiro from

Need a little help on what to think about when choosing what to wear for you and your best friends on your big day? Keep these tid-bits in mind when picking out groomsmen attire.

Formal or Unique?
Tuxedos and a uniformed color scheme is the traditional view of a wedding, but times are changing. Converse shoes can replace dress shoes and a pair of khakis and a white shirt can substitute for a suit and tie all depending on your personal style. What is your style? Do you want a traditional wedding where all your groomsmen wear tuxedos or do you want them in super hero costumes? Knowing what type of wedding you want will help in choosing the attire of the entire wedding party. Realizing your theme or style will be the base of your entire event.

Budget Concerns
As much as you don’t want to mention it, how much things cost is an issue in every wedding, and not just for the bride and groom. In the case of groomsmen attire, some couples choose to rent tuxes for their groomsmen while others let their friend’s foot the bill. It is important to consider everyone’s financial input to your wedding. You don’t want your best friends not to be in your wedding because they can’t afford it nor do you want to take on more expenses than what is in your budget. Some inexpensive wedding ideas include:

1.) Let groomsmen wear their own suits instead of renting tuxes.
2.) Go for a more casual look by having them only wear the same color shirts or ties.
3.) Go online. You can find almost anything online, and usually for less.
4.) Rent tuxes as a group. A lot of places have group discounts.
5.) Let the guys wear their own shoes instead of renting them.

Simple changes such as these can save you and your bridal party a bundle.


Wearing a different color tie is a great way for the groom to stand out from the groomsmen.

Time to Shine
In a room full of suits and ties, how does a groom not blend in with the rest? After deciding what your what your style will be and what your budget is, making sure you stand out from your groomsmen is the next step. Besides the bride, you are the most important person of the day and it is your time to shine.

1.) If in tuxedos, changing vest colors or designs will help designate you as the groom. Try going with a completely different color instead of just changing hues.
2.) Going outside the norm, some men are choosing to wear a completely different color suit or tux than their groomsmen. This bold statement really makes the groom stand out amongst his friends.
3.) Groomsmen in the wedding party will usually be wearing boutonnières. Although they all will be beautiful, the grooms could be a different flower and color than anyone else’s.

Remember these simple tips when it’s time to start thinking about what the men will be wearing in your wedding party. We all know your bride is going to stand out on the big day, make sure you are standing out with her.

Susan Alexander Shapiro is the founder of — the web’s leading destination for brides wanting to buy and sell new and pre-owned wedding items. BravoBride focuses on designer used wedding dresses, jewelry, accessories, ceremony and reception items, unique wedding favors— and everything else you need for the perfect inexpensive wedding.

Tux Tips for the Elegant Groom [Video]

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Struggling to perfect that elegant look for the wedding day? If you answered yes, today is your lucky day. Our friends over at along with formalwear expert Rik Ducar have put together a video that should help simplify the process.

At, we like to bring on guest experts to offer advice on a wide range of wedding topics. And now, we are fortunate enough to include Rik Ducar as a men’s formalwear expert.  Rik is on the preferred vendor list at prestigious hotels like The Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, The St. Regis Hotel, Palomar Hotels, Montage Beverly Hills, Peninsula Hotel and W Hotels nationwide. He has also dressed some serious celebrity clientele, such as rapper T.I. and football player Matt Hasselbeck.  And now, he is nice enough to offer some dress tips for all grooms-to-be. Recently, we visited Rik’s Beverly Hills store to interview him about some tux tips and trends. Check out the following video to learn about cuff links, pocket squares, and other tuxedo to-dos.

Videography: Michael Masarof
Music: “Cosmo,” by Alexander Blu

—- is the newest innovator in wedding planning, connecting engaged couples with local wedding professionals, expert advice, deals and events. The micro-site will give the bridal community control of the wedding planning process in a personalized, Web 2.0 community and experience, set to launch on Valentine’s Day 2011.

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