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The Best of the Web for Grooms – August 28, 2015

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Want to create the ultimate wedding video? If you’re a habitual one-upper, you’ll have your work cut out for you after seeing this. These newlyweds managed an impressive feat by recording an 8-minute group dance video with their 250 reception guests — all in a single take.

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Who says flower girls have to be under the age of 10? If you’re looking for a unique way to incorporate special family members in your wedding ceremony, this may be the best idea we’ve seen. Instead of simply being escorted down the aisle, these two adorable grandmothers had a ball taking on the flower girl role.

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Want to be the MVP of the tailgate? Vow to never go searching for a bottle opener again with this handy 2-in-1 engraved NFL team money clip bottle opener.

Feel like you just have to get in a good workout on the wedding day? You’re not alone. This Norwegian groom, who met his bride on the water, swam across a fjord to make his grand entrance at their ceremony.

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Jesse + Chelsea’s Big Lebowski Wedding: Meet the Dude and Dudette

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

We recently shared a video featuring one couple’s amazing Big Lebowski-themed wedding. After watching it a dozen times, we were left in awe. In a quest to learn more about their inspiration and planning, we tracked down the newlyweds (Jesse + Chelsea).  We found them in North Hollywood on Radford, near the In-and-Out Burger and asked them the following questions:

The Big Lebowski obviously holds a special place in your hearts. Were you both fans of the film from the beginning or was it an acquired taste?

Chelsea: Not particularly. I hadn’t seen The Big Lebowski until I met Jesse. The first time we watched it, I didn’t exactly get it. I obviously liked the guy though, so I secretly watched it by myself to get in his good graces. I ended up loving it and have now seen it more times than I can count.

Jesse:  I remember when The Big Lebowski came out in theaters, I wanted to go see it but never got around to it. When it came out on DVD around  1999, I watched it at a friend’s house, loved it and went out and bought it for myself after that viewing. So yeah, I guess you could say I loved  the film from the beginning. I love the movie so much, before I met Chelsea I used to go to bed watching it as I fell asleep every night for about a year. I’d leave the movie on repeat so it would still be playing when I woke up in the morning. That really upped my ability to quote the film.

Who first had the idea for the Lebowski-themed wedding?

Chelsea: Jesse will probably say he did, but if we’re being honest, I said it first. I was skimming through Etsy and found some save the dates; they had a pair of wayfarer sunglasses and text that said “The dude proposes, and the dudette abides.” I asked him, “What if we had a Big Lebowski-themed wedding?” I knew as soon as I said it, I would never get out of it.

Jesse: Chelsea and I were trying to decide what to do for our wedding one night and we both don’t like to do things in a normal, predictable fashion. We knew it would not be a stock wedding, but we didn’t know what we wanted to do and we were trying to figure it out. I remember sitting on the couch and Chelsea said ‘What if we did a Big Lebowski-themed wedding?’ and I immediately sat up and said ‘That sounds amazing. Are you sure?’ She said ‘yes’ and I said ‘let’s do it!’ We instantly had ideas on rugs on the bowling lanes and getting married out on them, drinking White Russians, the neon star-burst signs, all of it. We wanted to go all out and pay as much homage to the movie as possible, and I think we succeeded 110 percent. It was an amazing day.

wedding cake toppers for the big lebowski movie

This was a wedding unlike anything most people have ever seen. Did your friends and family get it?

Chelsea: For those who got it, they really got it. We put in a lot of details, quotes, songs, apparel and decor that only a true Achiever would understand. I shouldn’t be, but I’m still a bit surprised at how many of my friends and family hadn’t seen the movie and had to watch it before the wedding. I mean, you can’t really go to a Big Lebowski wedding without, in fact, watching The Big Lebowski.

Jesse: My friends and I quote The Big Lebowski all the time so when I told them what our wedding theme was they were very excited. My family is pretty cool and they all also knew how much I loved The Big Lebowski, so while they may not all know the movie inside and out like a hardcore Lebowski fan would, they all understood where we were coming from as far as creating a themed wedding based on The Big Lebowski. Friends and family were all very supportive and helpful in bringing our Big Lebowski wedding to fruition and I’m very grateful for their support.

the dude and the stranger share a white russian at the big lebowski wedding

If you could have one character from The Big Lebowski (besides the Dude) give a toast at your wedding, who would it be?

Chelsea: The Stranger. His simple, but eloquent outlook on life would have definitely provided some interesting marriage advice.

Jesse: The Stranger. I’d love to hear what advice the wise cowboy sage would have to offer.


What’s the best reaction you’ve received to your wedding photos + video online?

Chelsea: I’m a social media junkie, so I love reading comments and positive feedback from people I’ve never met. It’s really interesting to see how our story has been shared on various sites throughout the world. A few people have even said ‘I wish I was friends with these people.’ Far out, man.

Jesse: I posted a few photos and our wedding trailer video on the /r/lebowski subreddit and one comment said: ‘Man I’m super jealous! That’s my dream wedding but my SO won’t allow me to go to that extent with it :( I’m happy for you guys though, it looks like you guys had an amazing time! Congrats! And you have a gorgeous special lady there man, props!’

It makes me smile quite a bit. Chelsea came up with some great ideas for the wedding and used her creative skills to help make the star-burst props with me and she made the MCNEW sign you see hanging above then lanes. Chelsea and I wanted to be as detail-oriented as possible because a Big Lebowski-themed wedding is not something you do half-assed; it’s all or nothing. We put blood, sweat and tears in to  it–literally. Of course, in our planning, we were able to call watching the movie over and over nightly ‘wedding research,’ so that was awesome!

donnie's ashed in folger's coffee can

Settle this once and for all for us: Is Donnie real?

Chelsea: Definitely.

Jesse: Is Donnie real? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

You can view more photos from the wedding here. Also, check out their website and Facebook page for even more Lebowski awesomeness.

What do you think the most creative part of Jesse + Chelsea’s Big Lebowski wedding was? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

The Best of the Web for Grooms – July 18, 2014

Friday, July 18th, 2014


photo credit - Inlux Photo

Want to incorporate your love of sports in your wedding photos? Take a cue from groom Nick Jones, who created a photo commemorating his favorite basketball team — the Cleveland Cavaliers — at his Akron, OH wedding. When word of LeBron James’ potential return to Northeast Ohio came out the previous week, Jones amassed his jersey collection for his eight groomsmen to wear while he stood in the middle, recreating James’ powder toss. The guys then wore the jerseys for their introduction at the reception, Fox Sports Ohio reported.  The future newlyweds went to a Cavs game for their third date, so luckily, Jones’ bride-to-be, Christa Deckard, was on board with the idea, too.

One father of the bride took a gamble by ditching the father-daughter dance song the two had previously selected for the occasion and went with an original song he wrote instead. The results, of course, were amazing. Check out the bride’s emotional reaction in the video above.


photo creditPeter Callahan

Believe it or not, one of the major wedding elements guests remember most isn’t what the newlyweds wore, the couple’s first dance or the awkward family speeches, but the food! Whether it’s a formal sit-down, a more casual buffet or something a little off the beaten path, guests will definitely take note of the food served that night — and whether they had to stop at a drive-through on the way home. Bon Appétit shares nine tips for serving delicious reception meals.

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Real Grooms: Javier’s Wedding(mix) in the Woods

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

When we last blogged about the fine folks at Weddingmix, we had just completed a contest and awarded one of their DIY wedding video packages to a lucky groom-to-be named Javier. Javier wowed the judging panel when he said that marrying his best friend was the thing he most looked forward to about the wedding day. Fast forward six months and Javier is now a married man. With his Weddingmix package, he (along with his friends and family) was able to capture his wedding day and honeymoon memories via the provided HD cameras and innovative iPhone app. For more info on how Weddingmix works, click here.

Once Javier’s footage was shot (and conveniently compiled on the Weddingmix server) he had the option to edit it himself or have the Weddingmix team create the video. Here’s a sampling of the great shots and moments that were captured:

After his honeymoon, we sat down with Javier to talk to him about Weddingmix, his experiences as a groom and his recommendations to newly- engaged men.

What parts of your wedding were most important to you to share in a wedding video?

I personally wanted to capture the ceremony itself – my bride walking in, our vows and kiss, and our exit to be specific – but also wanted to have friends record the cocktail hour and reception.  That’s what everyone else will remember, and since we weren’t able to be at our cocktail hour, it’s nice to get to see what that was like for our family/friends.

How was your experience using WeddingMix?

I was lucky enough to have won TMR’s competition for WeddingMix, but honestly, if I hadn’t won, they made videography an affordable option for us.  Their customer service was quite good and responsive, and it couldn’t have been easier to get the equipment up and running once I opened the package.  I’d definitely recommend it to others!

Your friends captured a ton of awesome clips. What did your friends think about using the app?

We’ve got a lot of iPhone-savvy friends, so they took to the app quite readily.  One bride-to-be loved it so much that she signed up for her wedding (coming up next month!).  They all thought it was a cool concept and were very happy to help us capture memories of our wedding day.

How did you let them know about the app and cameras?

We put instructions in our out-of-town bags to let everyone know to download the app.  We also put some sheets on the shuttle from our hotel to our wedding venue so that friends could read about it on the way over.  And, of course, good ol’ word of mouth by just telling a few of them about it and having them spread it to other guests.

We loved the clips from your honeymoon! Can you tell us a bit about it? Are you going to include some of it in your wedding video?

We went to Chile for our honeymoon, as I have Chilean heritage, and we wanted to document some of that experience since it was my wife’s first time in the country.  We went to a couple of beach-towns, some farmland, and then down to the lake/volcano region of Chile.  It was an awesome honeymoon!  The coolest video that I think we took was after we climbed to the top of our snow-covered volcano.  You can really hear the wind howl and see other mountains in the background .. . it was like we were on top of the world.  My wife and I agreed that it was the hardest thing we had ever done, and we definitely want to include that on our wedding video!

How involved were you with the wedding planning?

I’d say I was more involved that most grooms that I’ve known.  I didn’t do the lion’s share of the leading, but I wanted to be present for various decisions and see what went into everything.  I just enjoyed knowing what was happening and helping my wife make decisions when she needed some extra input.

How did your bride feel about your enthusiasm?

My bride was very happy that I was enthusiastic about helping out.  We had a lot of DIY projects to put together of our venue, and I was willing to help out and get excited (or often keep her excited) about how cool it would be for our guests to see and experience once everything came together on our big day.

Were there areas that you took charge of or was every decision a team effort?

I’d say that most decisions were a team effort.  I certainly took charge on mapping out our honeymoon plans, but was always sure to confer with my wife about any decisions before finalizing plans.  The other areas that I took a lead (with some gentle reminders) were my groomsmen gifts and attire.

What was the most difficult planning decision that you and your bride had to make?

I think the most difficult part of the planning for us was guest-list. It’s hard to determine who to invite and who not to invite – especially when it’s our friends, her parents’ friends, and my parents’ friends.  So making sure that everyone had fair representation of their friends was something we wanted to maintain, but also was difficult to do.

What are your words of advice for men just setting out on their wedding journey?

Enjoy it, because it’s a time that really flies by.  If you don’t want to be involved in the wedding planning (or your bride doesn’t want you to be), do small things like going out to run errands or making dinner that night so that it frees up an hour here and there for your bride to focus on your wedding.  Small sacrifice, and you get major bonus points for cooking a delicious dinner!

weddingmix is a sponsor of groomsadvice

Cake cutting? Groomsmen dance? Head to the comment section and tell us what the one wedding day moment that you can’t afford to miss is.

Weddingmix: Capture the Moments That Matter

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Congratulations to our reader, Javier, who won our recent WeddingMix wedding video giveaway.  Check out his heartfelt video describing what he is most looking forward to about getting married.

As we’ve said in the past, WeddingMix is an awesome way to capture all the moments from your wedding that you really want to remember. We’re talking about the fun, crazy and perhaps drunken memories that will make your big day special.

Another reader, Ryan, recently got married and used the Weddingmix service.  He and his bride Jeana knew that it would be a perfect fit for their wedding. Here’s what they had to say:

“After we found out about WeddingMix we knew it would be the best option for us. Not only were we going to save money, but we knew having our friends and family taking the videos themselves would capture the events, interactions, debauchery, and love in a way a videographer wouldn’t be able to. It also allowed us to have video memories of the events leading up to our wedding day as well as our honeymoon afterwards. WeddingMix was exactly what we needed to create a ridiculously fun wedding video capturing everything our wedding was truly about, and something we’ll want to watch year after year rather than something we’ll watch once and then store away for who knows how long.”

As you can see in their video, Ryan and Jeana’s wedding was not what you’d call a stuffy affair.  You know folks are having fun when grandma is in on the action!

Will Javier be able to top Ryan? Will you? Make sure to get your own WeddingMix to find out. With packages starting at $99, you can add one to your list without even putting a dent in your budget.  And if you act quickly, they’ll take 5% off your order. Just use code TMRQuick by July 23.

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