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Annoyed Golfer Attacks Bachelor Party in Jacksonville

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

golf course bachelor party fight
Bachelor parties are a time to get rowdy and have fun. Said rowdiness is usually limited to the groom and his buddies. However, that wasn’t the case over the weekend when 61-year-old James Alonzo Hines took his frustration out on the bachelor party group that happened to be be playing ahead of him on Jacksonville’s Beach Municipal Golf Course. Hines claims that the partygoers were horsing around and taking too much time between shots. To teach them a lesson, he decided to drive his golf cart right into the group at full speed (seems logical). Various members of the bachelor party group suffered injuries ranging from small cuts to leg bruises. Read the original story from the Florida-Times Union.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever experienced at a bachelor(ette) party? Tell us in the comment box below.

5 Unusual Wedding Entertainment Choices

Monday, February 27th, 2012

We’re always in for a treat when Marta Segal Block from Gigmasters comes-a-callin’ with a guest blog. This time around, she’s focusing on some of the more bizarre options for wedding reception entertainment.

fire eating at wedding

When most people think “wedding entertainment” they think band or DJ. But, at GigMasters we see the possibilities as so much more! Because we connect brides and grooms to their ideal entertainment, we have a great view of what ideas are out there. Here are five unusual ideas we’ve seen.

- Caricaturists are becoming so much more common they’re almost a trend! Like silhouette artists, caricaturists are generally used to create on the spot personalized party favors or guest book entries.

- Most people hiring clowns for wedding receptions are hiring them to entertain children at the event. But, not everyone, we’ve had people hire balloon twisting clowns to make centerpieces at a carnival themed wedding, then come to the reception as well. We’ve also had people hire clowns and mimes to provide humor during band breaks.

- An enterprising Maid of Honor decided to hire Mickey Mouse for her bride’s wedding. Apparently, the bride always wanted to dance in a Disney World show. So, the MOH hired a Mickey Mouse costumed character to turn up during her MOH speech to deliver a special gift.

- Every December we get several Santa requests for weddings. One Father of the Bride wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and read a letter to his daughter. We can only hope that he cleared that idea with his daughter ahead of time and that there aren’t deeper issues that they need to work out.

- I suppose if you needed the services of a hypnotist before the wedding, that would spell trouble but many people find the idea of a hypnotist as after dinner entertainment fun. If you have a “no stripper” rule for your bachelor party, hypnotists and magicians can also make great alternative bachelor party entertainment.

For more great wedding entertainment ideas check out GigMasters wedding blog.

[Giveaway] 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress THE BOOK

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Back in February, we introduced you to Kevin Cotter and his hilariously awesome blog My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress. After going through a divorce, Kevin devised a list of 101 cynical creative uses for his ex’s wedding dress that she had left behind (like this, this and this). Since then, his story has gone national and even landed him a book deal. Today, we’re hooking up two of our readers with copies of said book. To enter, just leave a comment below with what your creative use for the dress would be.

ex wife wedding dress book

Kevin’s story begins (as most marriages do) in happier times. That happiness lasted until July 5th, 2009, when his wife of 12 years announced she was leaving. From the book cover – When she left, she had no interest in grabbing her wedding dress on the way out. “What am I going to do with it?” he asked. “Whatever the f**k you want,” she replied. After careful consideration, Kevin did what any newly divorced man would do with his ex-wife’s wedding dress: He made it into a cape, an oven mitt, a shower curtain and then decided to document his experience in a blog.

I’ve gotten to know Kevin over the last year, and believe his story to be truly unique. His book adds to the lore of his tale and actually brings his story full circle. If you haven’t visited his blog or seen any of the dress uses, I highly recommend picking up a copy on Amazon.

Dress use #50: snow camouflage

Dress use #50: snow camouflage

Dress use #49: MC Hammer Pants

Dress use #49: MC Hammer Pants

ex wife wedding dress darth vader

Dress use #52: scarecrow

Want a copy of Kevin’s book? Simply leave a comment below with what your use would be for the wedding dress. On Friday (10/28), we’ll randomly select two winners and send them each a copy of the book!

Groom Shares the Love with a Mario Brothers Themed Proposal

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Our friends at Robbins Brothers have just announced the five winners of its Share The Love video contest which asked grooms to share their videotaped marriage proposal for a chance to win $1,000 and possibly star in an upcoming Robbins Brothers commercial. The campaign showcased the exact moment someone gets engaged and the intense emotion associated with it, specifically the girlfriend’s reaction in which most cases she covers her face indicating overwhelming surprise and happiness.

For example, take a look at this Super Mario Brothers themed proposal that was among the five winners:

To read more about the contest and the winners, check out the official press release from RB.

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Which of the five winning proposals was your favorite? Do you have an extraordinary proposal planned? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Wedding Planking Photos

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Planking. It’s one of the strangest phenomena that I can remember and now it’s taking over the wedding world. I can’t say that I understand it. However, if it’s going to replace the groomsmen jumping photo… I could learn to live with it.

wedding party planking

Wedding Party Planking

bridesmaids planking alaska

Bridesmaids planking in Alaska (photo – Barbie Hull Photography)

bride groom planking

Bride and groom planking

And yes, there’s even this video feature two groomsmen getting ready for the wedding by doing, what else, planking.

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Have you planked? Would you consider planking at your wedding? Do tell in the comments section below.

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