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Mickey Rourke is Engaged. The Man Registry Beckons

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Everybody’s favorite Hollywood bad boy is settling down with… wait for it, wait for it… a gorgeous Russian model. Rourke will marry Elena Kuletskaya this spring. The two have only been dating for six months. She had been dating Russian pop star Dima Bilan previously. I guess when Randy the Ram comes calling, you’ll dump just about anybody.

Mickey Rourke & Elena Kuletskaya (photo - Fox News)

Mickey Rourke & Elena Kuletskaya (photo – Fox News)

Two questions come to mind: 1.) How do you introduce Mickey Rourke to you parents? 2.) Why hasn’t Rourke created a Man Wedding Registry yet?

Read the original story from Fox News: Mickey Rourke Engaged to Russian Model

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