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NYC Grooms: Check Out The Men’s Event on July 17th.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Need help planning that perfect New York City proposal? Our friend Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning is co-hosting an event for guys in NYC where they’ll get the scoop on all things proposal-related. Attendees will get insider info on style from Alton Lane and engagement rings from Greenwich Jewelers. Proposal advice will be given by Sarah herself as well as  James Ambler from Paparazzi Proposal Photography. For more information and to sign up, please click the flier below.

Brilliant Event Planning Men's Event

5 Reasons To Hire a Proposal Planner for a One-Of-A-Kind Proposal

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
the yes girls proposal planning

Check out the top 5 reasons to hire a proposal planner.

Would you cook a gourmet five-course meal and serve it on a paper plate? Of course not! Hiring a proposal planner to help with your romantic proposal execution is the same concept. Your special someone deserves better than a “paper plate” idea, or chances are, you wouldn’t be popping the question. Your proposal story will be told again and again and again. You can easily make it a story your future fiancée is excited to share. According to research, 80 percent of women were disappointed with how they were proposed to by their fiancés/husbands. An experienced and creative proposal planner can take a proposal from thoughtless to thoughtful, and it’s worth every penny! We’ll prove it!

1. Proposal Planners Personalize Your Proposal

It is vital to find a proposal planner with quality resources and a proven track record. A creative and experienced proposal planner can help brainstorm personalized proposal ideas so your marriage proposal is unlike any others. We cannot stress enough…personalizing your proposal is key. Our team, The Yes Girls, specialize in customized, remarkably detailed marriage proposals because that’s the only way we believe it should be done. Are you wondering how The Yes Girls can personalize a proposal if we don’t know you or your girlfriend? We ask our clients to fill out our relationship questionnaire, which gathers enough information and memories to customize your proposal ideas to your personalities and budget. Whether it’s a small intimate setting or an elaborate affair, proposals should exuberate originality and be catered to your relationship. No relationship is identical to another, so why shouldn’t your proposal be one-of-a-kind as well?

2. Proposal Planners Can Help Avoid Proposal Day Pitfalls

Hate the thought of an argument on your proposal day? It’s more common than you think. Some may wonder, why is this? Typically, the guy is so focused on everything going smoothly and in a timely manner, that any delay or curveball thrown by his soon-to-be fiancée means high anxiety. When you have a proposal planner taking care of the proposal décor, set-up, and timeline, you aren’t worried about your plans unraveling at the seams. If your girlfriend is a little delayed, it’s no big deal; it’s definitely not worth the argument because your proposal planner and vendors can adjust.  With a simple text message to your coordinator, your problems are solved.

3. Proposal Planners Provide a Female’s Perspective

If you don’t have a sister or trust any of the females in her life to not spill the beans, a proposal planner will be your best friend. A proposal planner is separate from your circle of friends, so your secret is kept safe. With a proposal planner, you will find reassurance by confirming your proposal idea is romantic, thoughtful and “female friendly.” The Yes Girls is a team of ladies who believe that having a female’s perspective isn’t just a good idea, but a must.

4. Proposal Planners Plan Well

It’s really that simple. If you don’t have the time or the resources, such as relationships with quality and affordable photographers in your area, your proposal planner will.  Although it would be nice to have an unlimited budget, creating a thoughtful proposal is not based on that, but on connecting the right vendors with the right personalized plan. A proposal planner has resources and/or does the intensive research to make sure that your proposal will be flawlessly executed; plus, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. The small, thoughtful details such as her favorite photo, flower, or painting take a proposal from good to “WOW!” Your proposal planner can also arrange a post-engagement party to celebrate with all your family and friends. You’ll be too occupied to worry about all the elements coming together, but your proposal planner is not. From our own experience, we know with an amazing group of vendors and a proposal planner contracting, negotiating with, and confirming vendors/set-up, your proposal agenda will be orchestrated effectively all behind the scenes, so you can enjoy the proposal day with your girlfriend. You just bring the ring!

5. Proposal Planners Help Avoid Common Mistakes

Proposal planners know the most common proposal blunders, so you can sail by them entirely. These are a few mistakes to avoid right off the bat:

  • - A guy makes it all about his likes and excludes her interests and loves
  • - Lack of planning leads to a poorly executed and flustered proposal.
  • - A guy proposes with a cliché idea such as over a jumbotron, a “nice” dinner, fortune cookie…Yawn…

Furthermore, besides just the common mistakes, female proposal planners can tune into the smallest details from what type of outfit your gal wants to be wearing. For example, she’s too cold to get out of the car but you’re prepared and brought a jacket. The Yes Girls have simple ways to think ahead for you, and avoid even the smallest mistakes, which makes her day a dream come true.
Still not convinced? Here are some thoughts from past clients.

“You pulled it off, the experience and memories have left my friends in awe. I could have never done this without you. The little touches made the day! With my busy schedule, I was able to count on you for all the details. You did a tremendous job and I can’t say thanks enough for all your help.” – Scott, Napa Valley, CA

“Trust me, if I know anyone wanting to propose or need help setting up an event for loved ones, I would not hesitate sending them your way. I have nothing but good things to say about you. Everything from planning, getting things in place and even upgrading packages for us (that even surprised me). Money can’t pay for the experience we got.” – Kalvin, Las Vegas, NV

Let “The Yes Girls” package your proposal perfectly. It’s time to take the dread out of the “romance stuff” and leave the details to us!

The Lowdown on Proposal Planning from Sarah Pease

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

You (hopefully) only get one shot at a marriage proposal. And if you ask Sarah Pease, you should take the proper steps to nail it. Sarah is a professional event planner who specializes in marriage proposals. Her company, Brilliant Event Planning, helps guys plan proposals that will leave their future wives speechless. Their website even has a proposal generator that provides ideas on what type of proposal she’ll want based on her interests. [editor's note - why didn't I think of that?]

I recently sat down with Sarah to ask her a few burning questions about the proposal planning business and how it benefits the future grooms that are looking to leave a lasting impression with an innovative proposal.

Q – What is proposal planning what is your service all about? Do you simply come up with the idea, or execute the entire event?

I offer two levels of proposal planning services.  First is concept only where we host a Question & Answer session with the future groom to learn about him, his future fiance and their relationship together.  Based on what we discover in that Q&A session, and in conjunction with his overall budget, we develop the perfect proposal concept.  At our second meeting, we present this concept and together make any final tweaks (maybe he wants red roses instead of pink or a guitar player instead of a string trio) and then email him his proposal “blueprint.”  This document describes exactly how the proposal will unfold and provides him with a list of “To Do” items.  From there, it’s up to him to recruit all the vendors and produce the proposal!

With full planning, it includes the entire Concept Only package, but also includes all vendor matches, full planning of the day – down to the smallest detail, and my team on site behind-the-scenes on the day-of so everything runs according to plan.

Q – What’s the most common question or concern that grooms have about their proposal?

Most guys just want to know what they can do to make it amazing.  I give my clients a lot of credit – they recognize that a proposal at the end of a generic restaurant dinner won’t cut it and they come to me to create something memorable, a story to tell their future grandkids.

Q – Obviously, the element of surprise is always in play when planning a marriage proposal. Have you ever had any close calls where the secret was almost blown?

YES.  The worst was where the future bride worked around the corner and had a habit of coming home for lunch every day – the client insisted on doing the proposal in his apartment and we needed all day to set up.  With the help of the building super, we concocted a scheme of the exterminator coming on that day.  It involved multiple notices in their mailbox (she always got the mail) and even one posted on their front door on the morning-of.  Despite all of our efforts, she came home at lunch.  I happened to be in the lobby talking to a vendor and see her walking in, headed for her apartment.  Short of tackling her, there was nothing I could do to stop her and there was no way of explaining away what she would find in her apartment.  Luckily, at the last second, the super caught her and said she couldn’t go up yet because the extermination wasn’t done.  Boy did he earn his Christmas bonus that year!

Q – What’s the most elaborate proposal you’ve ever planned?

Sarah Pease

Sarah Pease

One of the most elaborate was for a girl who loved nothing more than reality TV and fashion so the decoy we created was that her sister entered her on a new tv show called “Fashion Scavenger Hunt.”  We hired an entire professional camera crew, an actor to be the fake host and shut down a boutique in SoHo.  If she answered enough questions right, she got a designer dress, shoes & earrings.  The end of the day culminated in a makeover with one of NYC’s top hairstylists and makeup artists and a photo shoot on a yacht.  As the yacht sailed around the bottom of Manhattan she was vogueing for the camera and the video crew was still rolling.  She passed under Brooklyn Bridge and on shore saw a giant sign that said “Will You Marry Me?”  My client sped out on another boat towards the yacht in a tuxedo and with a bouquet of red roses, boarded the boat and proposed.  She said yes!

Q – What’s your take on sports stadium proposals? Have you ever planed one?

Please do not propose on a jumbo tron.  Ever.  Any guy can be more creative than that and she deserves something much more personal and thoughtful.

Q – What happens if she says no?

Luckily I can’t tell you from experience because it hasn’t happened (knock on wood).  I imagine that it would mostly be very upsetting for both of them and it would be my job to cancel any remaining plans so they can have some time to themselves to talk things through.  Hopefully it never does happen!

Sarah Pease is founder of Brilliant Event Planning. Based in NYC, BEP specializes in creating wedding experiences that delight all five senses. As masters of both the creative right brain and the organized left brain, Sarah has planned proposals and weddings for everyone from our next door neighbor to celebrities and professional athletes.

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