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What’s Better Than a Marriage Proposal Video?

Monday, June 28th, 2010

… A Failed Marriage Proposal Video!

Our buddies over at have compiled a great blog full of of hilarious marriage proposal video clips that don’t end happily for the groom. Is it insensitive to laugh at these poor guys? Probably. Do we care? No.

Check out Failed Proposal’s latest find below:

Poor guy, maybe he should have kept his shirt on.


Have any funny proposal fail stories? Tell us below in the comments.

The Truth About the “Marriage Proposal Fail” Video

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

If you were one of the 750,000 plus to watch ‘Marriage Proposal Fail‘ on YouTube, you probably were left thinking either:

a.) I just witnessed the stupidest act in the history of mankind

b.) That was obviously staged

For those of you in the “fake” camp, you got us! We created this video last fall in hopes of making some people laugh and raising awareness for The Man Registry. We never believed it would approach anywhere near 1 million views!

Here is a slightly alternate version of the video with a candid conversation between our friends at the end.

A few photos from the shoot:

Making sure the balloon will fly

Testing balloons.

We looked funny walking out of the party supply store with 20 heart shaped balloons

We looked funny walking out of the party supply store with 15 heart shaped balloons.

"Why did you put the ring on the balloooooooooooooooooon?!?!?"

“Why did you put the ring on the balloooooooooooooooon!?!?!”

Letting the last balloon fly

Letting the last balloon fly (tear).

Hanks soaking up the sun.

Hanks soaking up the sun (and getting ready to chase a balloon).

We hope you got a kick out of our video! Everyone that happened to be at the park that day actually thought it was real! Check out some more of our video content on our official Groom’s YouTube Channel.


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