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The Best of the Web for Grooms – July 25, 2014

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


Just in case you were wondering if you should invite wedding guests via text, the answer is usually no. However, for this bride, it made for the one of the best wedding photos ever. Kristen sent a group text inviting friends to her wedding photo shoot and barbeque in England, but managed to accidentally invite a stranger as well. When she realized what she had done, she explained the invite was a mistake. The stranger’s response? “We still coming.” Priceless. Just like the resulting photo.

Looking for a wedding band, grooms? We recently discovered Infinity Tungsten, which offers a wide selection of comfortable, manly wedding bands. These surprisingly affordable, hypo-allergenic rings are made of tungsten carbide, which is known for its strength — you can even drive over them. Trust us; it’s happened. Check out Infinity Tungsten’s designs here.

Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

photo credit – Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

The look on the groom’s face as the bride first walks down the aisle at their wedding is one she’ll never forget. And thanks to these amazing photographers, neither will you. Check out these grooms’ wonderfully candid reactions as their brides approach them.


photo credit – Etsy

Want to surprise your significant other with an amazing wedding? Whether your dream wedding is an intimate beach affair, a rooftop fete, a Vegas spectacle, or a ballroom fairytale, Doron Ofir Casting is casting for a new TV show that will provide a surprise wedding for a couple who has been unable to set the date. Entrants must be at least 18 years old and have been in a committed relationship with their significant other long enough to know they’re ready to tie the knot. Good luck!

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[Watch] Brother of the Groom Melts Down on the Big Day

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Weddings can sometimes be a tough scene for singles (minus plus ones) to navigate. You’ll have to deal with myriad supposedly “well-meaning” family and friends asking extremely personal questions, such as: Are you next? Are you dating anyone? When are you getting married? What do you think about your younger brother getting married before you? Well-meaning, my….

If you find yourself in this tricky situation, try to sit back and relax, enjoy the free food and open bar, and let those thinly-veiled insults roll right off your bullet-proof back. Otherwise, you could end up like this poor brother of the groom, and find yourself having a meltdown in the men’s room:

Thanks to sketch comedy group Local Empire for sharing this gem.

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See What Happened on the Day the Bachelor Died

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Did you know that one of the earliest recorded bachelor party traditions is the groom-to-be being forced to dig his own “bachelor grave?” His friends and family would gather around to mourn his passing and copious amounts of alcohol would be consumed. Morbidness aside, that’s pretty damn cool. This rite of passage has unfortunately faded over time, but it could be heading for a revival. Case in point: Bobby from Kansas City recently sent us this video of his younger brother Collin’s bachelor party. In addition to the mock funeral, the weekend party also included guns, trampolines and a mechanical bull. The best part? Everything was captured on GoPro for your entertainment.

Thanks to Bobby for submitting this gem.

5 Funny White Elephant Gifts to Give this Christmas

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

If your family is anything like mine, one of the most anticipated events of the holiday season is the annual white elephant gift exchange (we’re still talking about the camouflage Snuggie that I “won” two years ago). Because it’s important to always top the gift you contributed the previous year, we’ve handpicked five options that have the potential to become the stuff of legend amongst your friends and family.

speakeasy briefs underwear flask

Is that a flask in your briefs or are you just happy to see me? Speakeasy Briefs were designed for the man with security on his mind. Whether he’s attending a concert, sporting event or traveling abroad, there’s no safer place to store valuables. And of course by valuables, I’m referring to booze. Get your pair here.

llama sweatshirt on etsy

I’m always finding myself wishing I had a llama sweatshirt to wear during the holiday season. Don’t you?  This tremendous offering from the BelovedShirts shop on Etsy is unisex and available in sizes S-3XL. Get yours here.

Cell Phone Flask

This is one phone call you don’t want to send straight to voicemail. The Cell Phone Flask holds 6oz. of your favorite libation and comes with a carrying case. To make the gift extra memorable, add personalization at no extra cost. Get yours at The Man Registry.

butt face towel

Is further explanation necessary? Get the Butt-Face Towel at Amazon.

sex position of the day playbook

Playing White Elephant with a college-age crowd? The Sex Position of the Day Playbook will be one of the most sought-after gifts of the game. Editor’s note: check out page 78. Get your copy at Barnes & Noble for only $1.99.

What’s the most creative white elephant gift you’ve ever given or received? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Speakeasy Briefs: a Hilariously Clever Gift Idea for Groomsmen

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Speakeasy Briefs for groomsmen

Looking for a truly unique groomsmen gift idea? Meet Speakeasy Briefs. These clever boxer briefs have a built-in secret pocket that conceals…wait for it — a flask (or anything else you may need to discreetly stash). But would your groomsmen really use these special undergarments? You betcha. Here are five important occasions when going commando just won’t do.

1. The bachelor party. Will you be wearing your Tuesday morning underwear for the biggest party weekend of your life? Didn’t think so. Speakeasy Briefs let you and your crew party in style, with a secret pocket designed to stash a hip flask.

2. Pictures. Why be the millionth guy who matches ties and handkerchiefs with his groomsmen when you can be the legend who matches his groomsmen head to toe? The photo of you and your boys rocking Speakeasy Briefs will put all other groomsmen photos to shame.

3. The ceremony. Come wedding day, you and your groomsmen should be as comfortable and confident as possible. Made in the USA with a luxe blend of cotton, modal, and spandex, Speakeasy Briefs are super comfortable. And in case there are any last-minute nerves, everyone’s packing liquid courage.

4.  The reception. Sure you found the love of your life, but what about your groomsmen? With a bevy of single ladies around, having a discreet location to carry protection may come in handy later on.

5. Life after the big day. Even after the wedding day, you and your groomsmen will enjoy Speakeasys at events such as concerts, sports games or traveling abroad.

speakeasy briefs different colors and designs

Speakeasy Briefs are available for purchase online. Briefs are mailed worldwide, with free domestic shipping available for purchases of $50 or more.  Bulk order discounts are also available for orders of seven or more. Email for more details.

When would you wear your Speakeasy Briefs? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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