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Together Forever: Choosing Wedding Rings to Last a Lifetime

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

love holding hands

By Michael O’Connor, Jewelry & Style Expert

Congratulations! You’ve just made one of life’s most important decisions! You’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with somebody special. Their style complements you perfectly and you love the way they make you feel. You know that although life’s changes and challenges may leave nicks and dents, the strength and integrity of your relationship will weather what life can dish up. Now you’re set to make another of life’s most important decisions, your wedding band! As a symbol of your enduring love and commitment, your wedding bands should reflect those same virtues. So how do you marry today’s trends with forever values?

Choose the best metal. What you’re wedding bands are made of is almost as important as what your fiancé’s character is made of. Choosing platinum, one of the most precious and durable metals, will ensure that your wedding band will endure for a lifetime, despite the inevitable nicks and dents that may result from daily wear. Unlike other metals, where nicks and scratches can mean metal is lost, with platinum the metal is merely “displaced”, keeping the integrity and volume of your band for the long term. Platinum is also a naturally white metal that will not fade or tarnish over time, making it clearly symbolic of a relationship that will last for life. Select a style that suits your personality. Today, traditions have changed. It’s no longer necessary that both bride and groom have exactly the same band. While one may like classic and simple, the other may prefer edgy or ornate. Here are a few of the latest wedding ring styles:

• Textures that mix brushed and polished platinum bands.
• Patterns including floral motifs for women and tribal or geometric patterns for men.
• Colored gemstones or diamonds surrounding the band. Celebrities like Nick Cannon are showing us that guys like a little sparkle too, while Carrie Ann Inaba illustrates the romance of having hers and her fiancé’s birthstones included on their bands.

L - Diana Classsic Platinum Wedding Band. R - Gelin Abaci Platinum Wedding Band

L – Diana Classsic Platinum Wedding Band. R – Gelin Abaci Platinum Wedding Band

No matter what your choice of personal style is, remember that like your marital commitment, you and your bands will be together forever.  Choose bands that you’ll love forever and have for life. To view more wedding bands in a variety of prices, visit

Guertin Brothers Platinum Wedding Band

Guertin Brothers Platinum Wedding Band Platinum Wedding Band Platinum Wedding Band

Kirk Kara Platinum Engagement Ring

Kirk Kara Platinum Engagement Ring

Lieberfarb Platinum Wedding Band

Lieberfarb Platinum Wedding Band

Michael O’Connor is one of America’s leading voices on jewelry, style and accessories and has become the “go-to” resource for editors and producers seeking information on current trends and celebrity information. O’Connor as been involved in the luxury, jewelry and fashion industries in a career that spans over 25 years. Connect with Michael on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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What Do You Know About Wedding Bands?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Dilek-Sezen Wedding Band Set

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this you’re most likely a guy who is heading down the aisle within the foreseeable future.  And as a guy who is heading down the aisle shortly I can assume that you have probably been through the process of purchasing an engagement ring. Therefore, you have recently received what you may feel is a significant jewelry education or perhaps more jewelry information that any one guy really needs to know.

But what did you really learn about jewelry that can help you make educated jewelry purchases in future, and you know there will be more! For that matter, what did you learn that will help you make the perfect choice right now, as you begin your search for wedding bands? The diamond education that you received while buying the engagement ring won’t help you now. You’ll need some good solid jewelry basics to help you make this choice, plus of course, a few options to suit your own sense of style and personality.

Men's diamond wedding band from Frederick Goldman

Men’s diamond wedding band from Frederick Goldman

So let’s test your mettle (metal knowledge, that is). Do you know the differences between platinum and white gold? Do you know that 18 karat gold is better than 14 karat gold? Do you know why? Well 14 karat gold (based upon 24 karat being pure gold) is approximately 58.5% pure gold, making the balance of 41.5% a mix of other metals. These metals in the jewelry industry are called “alloys”. Alloys can range in composition from 1 specific metal to a combination depending upon the color of gold that the designer wishes. You should know right of the bat that all gold, when mined from the earth is yellow and there is no such thing as white gold, rose gold, or any other color gold that is found in nature other than yellow. Therefore the color is created by disguising the natural yellowness of gold by mixing a variety of other metals with it. Rose gold, for example gets its pinkish color by mixing alloys that are primarily copper. So like the bottom of a pot or saucepan, the piece takes on a pinkish hue. White gold is created in the same way, camouflaging the color of the naturally yellow gold with other “whitening” alloys. Additionally, with white gold, since it is never truly pure white in color due to the higher concentration of yellow gold to alloys, manufacturers usually apply a “plating” of rhodium, a naturally white metal, over the top to give the appearance of extreme whiteness (the rhodium will eventually wear off exposing a less white underneath). The same rule applies to other karats of gold. So when people say that 18 karat gold is “better”, what they really mean is that it has more pure gold and less alloy, being approximately 75% pure gold and 25% alloy mix.

When purchasing anything you wear it is important to keep in mind two things: where you will be wearing the item and how you will be wearing the item. Male wedding bands are no different.  You need to remember that you will be wearing it: 1. As a sign of your important commitment. 2. With everything that you choose from the time you put it on. 3. Every day, for life. Therefore it’s important to choose wisely from both a style perspective and a materials perspective. My advice on the matter is this:

Groom Wedding Band from Frederick-Goldman

Groom Wedding Band from Frederick Goldman

Male wedding band from Kirk Kara

Male wedding band from Kirk Kara

A wedding band is the outward symbol of one of the most important commitments you will make during your lifetime.  As such, it deserves the distinction of being made from a precious and more rare metal. Just like you wouldn’t celebrate a major job promotion with a bottle of water and a bag of potato chips, celebrating your lifetime commitment to another needs to be marked by a something truly precious and special – not the same metal that your kitchen sink is made of.  Choose a precious metal such as platinum or gold to mark the importance of your commitment. Today even the best designers are offering a wide variety of weights and widths of wedding bands in order to appeal to any budget you may have so don’t feel you have to trade down to a non-precious metal in order to save money. Additionally, since you will be wearing the ring for life, you’ll want it made from a metal that can be refinished, restored or re-sized over your lifetime (I know that my fingers are not the same size they were 10 years ago).  You will also want your ring made from a metal that is durable enough to stand up to daily wear.  While platinum and gold are both precious metals each will wear over the long term in different ways with platinum being the more durable of the two. The reason is that platinum is more “dense” than gold and will loose little metal to everyday wear. That’s why the most important diamonds in the world are set into platinum, to ensure their security. However, if you like the yellow hue of gold, platinum is a naturally white metal and is not alloyed in the same way as gold. This means that it is purer, usually at 90% – 95% pure platinum, and the color, unlike gold because of the alloys, will always be true white.

When choosing a suitable style of a wedding band, remember again that you will be wearing this ring for many years. Think about how your personal style has evolved over the past number of years and choose a ring that you’ll be happy with for a long time.  If shiny is not your thing, many designers are showing beautiful matte or brushed finished bands with a rugged more masculine feel. If plain polished or brushed is just “too plain” some of the hottest designers today are adding beautiful carvings and patterns to men’s wedding bands to create interest. Also, don’t be afraid of think about a band with diamonds or colored gemstones if you like them. There are plenty to choose from and some gemstones may have special meaning to you, such as yours or your fiance’s birthstone, creating even deeper meaning behind your bands. And finally, although both of you may have different styles, and therefore want different rings, which if fine, one thing that should signify the pairing of those rings is the choice of the precious metal being used.

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