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All About Titanium Wedding Rings

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
Visit for titanium wedding bands & diamond engagement rings

Visit for titanium wedding bands & diamond engagement rings

Titanium has become a standard of choice in today’s jewelry industry. Along side platinum and gold shoppers are faced with a multitude of options when it comes to metal. Traditionally gold and platinum have taken center stage in popularity but silently titanium has established itself as a formidable rival. As with any major jewelry style, there are many question that emerge when considering whether or not to buy titanium:

Is it indestructible?

Is it more expensive?

Does it scratch easily?

What are other alternatives (like tungsten which is heavier and feels “better quality” whereas titanium is very light – used in engineering projects?

Can it be resized?

What type of maintenance?

And now some answers…

Titanium is a light, grayish color metal that holds up like steel, but feels like aluminum. Titanium hold up to wear and tear, while being lightweight. What more could one ask for? As a material is very light and extremely durable although it is not indestructible. In particular, titanium is used in a number of industries including the military, aerospace and sporting goods. As a result, titanium jewelry is highly resistant to corrosion and scratching.

Another alternative is a metal called Tungsten. Tungsten is a very heavy and hard metal for its size (4x harder than titanium) but can scratch easily. Tungsten will hold its shine and shape longer than any other jewelry available on the market.

A downfall of both of these metals is that they can NOT be re-sized so make sure that you get your finger size before ordering! In comparison to gold and platinum, titanium and tungsten are more cost effective and can give you the same look. You can purchase several titanium or tungsten rings for the price of one gold or platinum ring. Both tungsten and titanium are strong metals, but how would each react if you slam your finger in a door? The titanium would bend and the tungsten could possibly crack. A tungsten ring would be safer for your finger.

Both metals have their own pros and cons but it is ultimately a decision made by you.

Engagement Ring for the Groom? Don’t Believe the Sales Pitch

Monday, January 19th, 2009
We're all for changing wedding traditions. Just not this one.

We’re all for changing wedding traditions…just not this one.

With the economy in the dumps, companies in every industry are inventing ways to squeeze every penny they can out of their customers. The jewelry business is no different. It seems the latest popular sales pitch is trying to convince guys that the new fad is dudes wearing diamond engagement rings. Word to the wise: don’t fall for this guys!

Now, this isn’t a “promise ring” we’re talking about. Promise rings are a traditional way to state your intentions to marry before the engagement. You’ll often see these worn by high schoolers who are in love (or think they are) and are too young to be officially engaged. The rings in question in this blog are actual diamond engagement rings for men. Give me a break.

About two years ago when I was personally going through the ring-buying process, my fiance and I walked into a jewelry store (that will remain un-named) to check out some of the various ring styles and learn about the 4 c’s. The fast-talking salesman immediately took us for amateurs and proceeded to go on his rant about how men’s engagement rings were the new hot trend in weddings and yada yada yada. Luckily, we had done our homework and were aware of this deceptive tactic before we ever walked in the store. One of the key things to remember is that jewelry salespeople prey on young couples that are obviously shopping for engagement rings. The younger you look, the more ideal of a target you are. For my wife and I, we probably looked like we had just stepped out of middle school band practice…(laugh it up, when I’m 60, I’ll look 40).

For you future grooms out there that may be heading to the jewelry store soon – remember to always have  a plan and never let a slick salesperson control the situation. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I’m just looking.”


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