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Stupid Wedding Photos – Just Say No (early on)

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
OneWed recommends adding the "jumping groomsmen" to the do-not-take list

OneWed recommends adding the “jumping groomsmen” to the do-not-take list

Have you seen the photo? The one of all the groomsmen jumping up in the air? What about that other one, you know, the one where the beautiful bride holds a fake mustache up to her perfectly made-up faced? What about that one in front of the local landmark that you’ve never actually visited?

A lot of photographers have go-to photos that they like to take to help loosen up the bridal party. There are also photos that become popular in a certain area, or with a certain group of people, so photographers get in the habit of taking them. But remember, it’s your wedding. If you know that you don’t want photos in front of a big chicken, or with a fake mustache, then tell the photographer up front.  The same way that you have a “Do Not Play” list for your DJ or band, it’s perfectly ok to have a “do not take” list for your photographer. Just make sure you save time by sharing that list with the photographer before your wedding day.

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The Groomsmen Jumping Photo: Enough is Enough

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

We’ve all seen it: The groomsmen jumping picture.  Sure, it was a tradition created with good intentions, designed to show off how “real men” take pictures, full of spontaneity and excitement.  But face it guys, its been done a thousand times over, and every stuffy photographer out there is suggesting the pose. Honestly, the pictures rarely turn out that great anyway.  There is always the guy who either can’t get off the ground, has to stick his tongue out, or actually believes his jumping skills are going to impress the brides maids. Rule of thumb: If the photographer is suggesting the pose, it’s safe to assume it’s not that original.

The infamous groomsmen jumping photo

The infamous groomsmen jumping photo

In 2010, let’s create some new trends and leave the “jumping picture” behind.  If you’re really looking for something different that justifies spending a lot of money on a picture of your guy friends, try something like:

* All wear dead president Halloween masks
* Quickly switch to AC/DC khaki shorts, or
* Jump off the second story balcony into the bushes

Let’s push the envelope this year and make some memories worth paying for.

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