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2011 Popular Men’s Diamond Jewelry Trends

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

2011 popul men's diamond jewelry

Gone are the days when diamond jewelry was made specifically for women. These days, men are all about the bling prompting jewelry manufacturers and distributors to up their game in terms of the variety of men’s jewelry styles and designs they make available for men. The top most popular 2011 diamond jewelry designs for men include:

Men's stud earings

Men’s stud earings from Zoara

Diamond stud earrings

Men’s diamond studs set with diamonds and/or other precious gemstones are all the rage when it comes to this year’s men’s diamond jewelry market. The most popular type of diamond stud earrings is the solitaire stud, set with a single ½-1 carat round brilliant diamond center stone. These understated, yet elegant gemstone set earrings are favored by men who are looking for an understated yet sophisticated looking piece of jewelry.

men's diamond wedding ring

Men’s diamond wedding ring from Zoara

men's two tone wedding ring

Men’s two-tone wedding ring from Zoara

Men’s diamond wedding rings

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings were left plain and unadorned. However, in current years, jewelry retailers have marked a significant increase in demand for diamond set men’s wedding bands. It seems as though more and more men prefer embellished, flashier diamond and gemstone set wedding bands to the more classic, traditional simpler design. In addition to diamond encrusted wedding rings, an increasing amount of male customers are opting for diamond set wedding sets which include a diamond mounted engagement ring as well as a matching diamond wedding band.

men's hip hop diamond cross pendants

Men’s hip hop diamond cross pendant from Zoara

Men’s hip hop diamond pendants

Who wouldn’t want to look like a blinged out rap star? Perhaps the most popular type of men’s diamond jewelry, diamond encrusted hip hop pendants were made popular by their flashy appearance and their irrefutable trendiness. Pendants set with a multitude of diamonds and precious gemstones, designed in a huge array of shapes and sizes are perfect for those customers who are interested in diamond jewelry that really makes a statement.

Which 2011 men’s diamond jewelry trends fit you best? Are you planning on a wearing a diamond wedding band after you tie the knot? Tell us in the  comments section below.

Men: Find a Wedding Band That Matches Your Character

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. And you can’t judge a groom just by glancing at him. However, you can tell all about his style by looking at the wedding band he chooses to wear.

The days of plain ‘ol wedding bands are long gone. Now more than ever, men are expressing their unique personalities through the fashionable rings they choose to wear.  Moving away from plain bands, today’s grooms have a plethora of options that include various gems, precious metals and symbols.

We recently sat down with our friends at Gemvara to review some of the top tips for guys who are getting ready to go through that all-important ring shopping experience:

TIP – Consider your lifestyle

Unless you plan on not being married long, you’re going to be  wearing your wedding band all day, everyday. This makes it extremely important to find a ring that’s durable and will hold up to your daily activities. Whether you’re a gardener, a computer programmer or avid golfer, find a ring that’s going to be comfortable. This might mean trying on dozens of options, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Men's 'Two Roads' Sterling Silver Wedding Band

Men’s ‘Two Roads’ Sterling Silver Wedding Band

TIP – If you’re going with a gem, protect it

Guys are becoming very fashion forward with the gems that they choose to add to their wedding band. From diamonds to rubies to sapphires, they’re plenty of options for including some extra dazzle to the ring. If you do decide to go this route, be sure that the setting will protect the gem (especially important if you often work with your hands).

TIP – Know your metals

Gold, platinum, tungsten and titanium all make for great bands. Traditionally, wedding band metals have been 14k gold or 18k gold. Both of these materials are precious enough to symbolize your union and durable enough to take years of heavy wear. Platinum is an extremely popular choice for all jewelery, and especially wedding rings. One of the big things it has going for it is that it doesn’t scratch — making it extremely durable. Tungsten and titanium are not considered precious metals, however they can serve as a stylish alternative to gold and platinum. It’s worth noting that tungsten and titanium cannot be re-sized, so make sure you’ve got the correct size when you order!

Men's Sterling Silver 'Crosswalk Ring' with Black Onyx

Men’s Sterling Silver ‘Crosswalk Ring’ with Black Onyx

TIP – Don’t wait until the last minute

We know that wedding planning can completely take over your life. However, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to find your band. You and your fiancee should start looking about two months before the wedding. Keep in mind that even if you find your perfect ring on day one of looking, you’ll need time to get the ring sized correctly. So don’t push it!

TIP – Don’t get lazy

It’s easy to get lazy after you get married. Caring for your wedding band is one area where husbands to tend to slack off. However, it’s really not difficult to keep this piece of jewelery clean and in tip-top shape. To properly care for your ring, clean with mild dish soap. You should soak  the ring and gently brush to remove any dust and then finish up by rinsing and patting dry with a soft cloth.

Men’s ‘Mortise and Tenon Ring’ Sterling Silver Band with Black Diamond

If you’ve already picked out your wedding band, Gemvara can also help you with your wedding day gift to your bride. They offer some fantastic, innovative styles of rings, earrings, and necklaces designed by top talented designers. You can even personalize jewelry on their site to fit style and budget. You can connect further with Gemvara by following them on Twitter or liking them on Facebook.

Have you thought about what style of wedding band you’ll be wearing? What will your ring say about you as a groom? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

disclosure: gemvara is a sponsor of the man registry’s groomsadvice blog

Ask the Wedding Babe: Taking Off Your Wedding Ring

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

hey look, it’s the wedding babe! today she’s back to answer another burning reader question. she’s chiming in on the heated debate of when it’s acceptable to remove your wedding ring.

take off wedding ring

Something you shouldn’t be doing at the bar.

Q – Is it ever OK to take off my wedding ring?


Just kidding. Here are a few rare occasions during which you may remove your wedding ring without facing the wrath of your wife (AKA, bride of Chucky):

1. Water sports activities, such as swimming, surfing, skiing, jet-skiing, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, etc. Removing it is better than losing it.
2. Rock climbing.
3. Boxing or wrestling.
4. Lifting weights (if it bothers you).
5. Landscaping or mowing the lawn.
6. Painting the house or staining the deck.
7. Sleeping (again, only if it really bothers you).
8. When it’s being cleaned or resized.
9. While you’re wrestling a rabid grizzly bear.
10. Sorry, that’s it.

Cases in which you absolutely cannot remove your wedding ring:

1. On your honeymoon (unless you’re engaging in water sports – see above).
2. At a bar or club, especially if your wife isn’t with you.
3. On a business trip.
4. Anywhere else.

Each week,  The Wedding Babe answers a popular reader question. If you’d like to submit one for consideration, click here.

In what scenarios do you think it’s acceptable to take off your wedding ring? We’d like to hear from both brides and grooms, so chime in below.

Hip, Unique Wedding Bands for 2011

Monday, March 28th, 2011
celtic wedding bands

Celtic wedding bands for the bride and groom

By Azure Nelson,

2011, the year of the dapper groom, wouldn’t be complete without awesome wedding bling. In the past, stylish guys had very few options when selecting their wedding bands. But today, jewelry designers known for walking on the stylish side have reinvented the once-blah wedding bands marketplace.

Some of the coolest unique wedding bands I’ve seen are from Little King Ltd..  When a jeweler with 40 years experience partners with a Graduate Gemologist, you’ve got to expect great things.  And Little King most definitely delivers.

Just check out these rings. Some are funky, some are edgy, others are traditional, and all of them are gorgeous!  Which wedding bands are just your style?

*Savvy Scoop says- If you still need the rock so you can pop the question, check out Little King’s engagement rings collection. Oh, and the cufflinks are pretty rad too.

Which style of wedding band fits you best? Do you see any rings in the image below that you like? Let us know in the comments section.

Stylish 2011 wedding bands

Stylish groom wedding bands for 2011

What’s “As Good As Gold”?

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

as good as gold

“As good as gold”, what’s better? Since childhood we’ve known that “as good as gold” indicated the highest level. But were we naïve? When we got older and wanted to show the highest level of financial responsibility, we didn’t want to settle for a mere “gold card”.  By then we learned there was something even better! There was something much more rare, something that showed a purity in our credit rating and showed our persistence and endurance as shoppers and diligent bill payers. We aspired, of course, to a “platinum card”.

This analogy isn’t entirely metaphoric, however, and actually becomes quite relevant as you search for the perfect engagement ring or wedding bands. Here’s why.

L – Platinum and diamond engagement ring by Hearts on Fire R – Platinum and diamond engagement ring and wedding band by Michael M.

Every metal has characteristics that make it “right” for usage in particular items. Titanium for eye-glasses, because it’s lightweight; aluminum for patio furniture, because it can brave the elements but be light enough to move around the pool; and surgical steel for operations, because it’s hypoallergenic. When it comes to jewelry, however, we primarily look to what’s known as “noble metals” (metals that are rare and resistant to corrosion) as being most suitable. Even within this “noble” category however, there are characteristics that make metals just “right”. Let’s take two of the most frequently used metals for engagement rings and wedding bands – platinum and gold. Both are noble, rare and precious, however when used for engagement rings and wedding bands, one metal shows superiority. The superiority has to do with what you need those pieces of jewelry to do.

Men’s platinum wedding band by Gelin Abaci

Men’s platinum wedding band by Gelin Abaci

Engagement rings and wedding bands are exchanged to signify the highest level of relationship – marriage. Therefore, they should be made from something that’s precious, rare and pure. In the hierarchy of metals platinum is more precious and thirty times more rare than gold. Platinum jewelry is usually made of 90-95% pure platinum, while gold at 18K is 75% pure gold and 14K is only 58.5% pure gold. Therefore, from a significance standpoint this makes platinum the more appropriate choice.

Further, engagement rings and wedding bands are given with the expectation that they will be worn every day for life. Therefore, they need to be made from something that will never fade or tarnish, something durable enough to stand up to a lifetime of daily wear, something that is hypoallergenic, and in most cases, something that can hold a precious diamonds or gemstones securely for life.  Again, platinum proves to be most appropriate. Platinum is naturally white and will remain white over time, unlike white gold which is originally yellow but mixed with other metals, then plated over the top to look white. Over time, the white plating on gold will wear, revealing a “less white” color underneath. Platinum will not only stand up better to daily wear but gems held in a platinum setting are more secure because it is virtually indestructible. Finally, because platinum is usually 90-95% pure it will always be hypoallergenic.

Now that we’ve looked at the differences isn’t it time we updated our language to reflect our new knowledge? Let’s replace that old saying with something better. “As good as gold” should really be “perfectly platinum”.

Have you begun your engagement ring search? Did this blog post change your thinking on gold vs. platinum? Tell us your story in the comments section below.

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