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5 Steps to Designing Your Own Custom Wedding Rings

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

joseph jewelry custom ringsLet’s face it, guys. Shopping for jewelry probably isn’t too high on the list of wedding planning activities you’re most looking forward to. This is probably due to jewelry shopping horror stories you’ve heard from friends and families. It’s a fair point, but one that doesn’t have to hold true. One of the most intimate ways you can get involved in wedding planning is actually designing your own custom wedding jewelery.


We recently had the opportunity to talk with Seattle’s Joseph Jewelry about just how simple it can be to design your own engagement ring or wedding bands. Joseph Jewelry specializes in creating custom jewelry that fits your style and budget. Instead of going to the obligatory chain store and browsing hundreds of rings that were designed with the mass consumer in mind, YOU get to work directly with Joseph’s professional designers to truly craft the ring(s) of your dreams. The process may sound complex but it’s anything but. Here’s the quick five-step guide on how it works:

Step 1: Design Your experience begins with an initial (free) consultation where you’ll meet with one of Joseph’s skilled jewelry artisans to discuss style ideas and view finished examples. If you’re a tech guy, you’ll enjoy viewing computer generated images that will show what your end product will look like. This consultation is all about forming a personal bond with the artisan who will be creating a piece of jewelry that you’ll wear for the rest of your life.

If you’re on a solo custom engagement ring shopping trip, don’t forget to go have a solid idea of what her preferences are BEFORE heading to the consultation.

custom filigree diamond engagement ring

Custom Filigree Diamond Engagement Ring

Step 2: Quote Joseph Jewelry prides themselves on crafting beautiful, custom jewelry that stays within your budget. Once your design and choice of gemstone and metal quality are decided on, an estimate will be provided.

Step 3: 3D Modeling Now the fun can begin. Using your custom design, a 3D model of your ring will be created. Changes can still be made to the piece throughout this process — without a price change, in most cases. Once the 3D model is completed, it’s sent to you for edits and approval.

Custom Men's Mokume Wedding Band

Custom Men’s Mokume Wedding Band

Step 4: Wax Molds The next step is using  stereo lithography technology to create a wax version of your custom design. This version is to scale, so you’ll be able to get the look and feel of the real thing (only in wax). For your convenience, this model can be viewed at Joseph Jewelry or mailed worldwide.

Step 5: Production Your creation comes to life! Production times vary, but plan on the processing taking 3-4 weeks. After you receive your jewelry, your relationship with Joseph Jewelry doesn’t have to end. They offer an array of additional services including appraisals, certifications, repair work, engraving and more.

Learn more and being the ring building experience by connecting with Joseph Jewelry on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.

Have you considered going with custom rings?  How would your perfect engagement ring or wedding band look? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Phillip Press: Tips on Buying Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Many couples are overwhelmed by the choices of engagement and wedding rings. With a little effort, you can become a knowledgeable buyer, and more confident in choosing the right rings for you. Educate yourself not only about diamonds, but also about metals and jewelry workmanship. From personally guiding thousands of couples in choosing or custom-designing their rings, I learned to focus individuals on what’s most important: 1) the quality of the materials used; 2) the craftsmanship; and 3) designs that match tastes, lifestyles and budgets.

Primo halo heart ring

Primo Halo Heart Ring by Phillip Press

Superior quality is important in both the gemstones as well as the precious metal chosen. When choosing a precious metal, know that platinum is the highest standard. PLAT 950, meaning that 95% of the alloy is platinum, is a higher grade than PLAT 900. Platinum is hypoallergenic and its natural white color makes diamonds look incredibly white. Platinum is 60 percent denser than 14k gold and more substantial. White gold is never truly white and must be plated to become similar in color to platinum. However, this plating wears-off over time, requiring additional upkeep and expense. We strongly recommend 950 PLAT for anyone seeking heirloom-quality bridal rings.

When it comes to diamonds, we recommend gemstones that are ideally cut, certified by a recognized diamond-grading organization, and of at least I color and SI-2 quality, or better if your budget permits. The quality of any smaller diamonds in your ring is equally important. If you want diamonds that are sustainably mined or recycled from an estate collection, ask for it.

Fine craftsmanship in your bridal rings is also essential. You will wear them every day so they must be well made and durable, as well as stylish. There are several questions about craftsmanship to explore:

1) Is the ring wholly made by hand, partially handcrafted or caste and mass produced?

2) Where are the rings made and what is the skill and experience of the artisans creating the ring?

3) Does the designer have its own workshop? Are they a jeweler themselves and are they directly involved in the process of making the ring?

4) Is the manufacturer a master at working in platinum, which requires additional talents and different tools than goldsmithing?

5) What is the reputation of the manufacturer for quality, consistency and originality?

Review online information and ask many questions. Understand the level of craftsmanship and assess value based on the quality of the materials, workmanship, and price, not just a designer brand name.

Finally, the style of the rings you choose should suit your everyday lives and exude your personal signature. Narrow down your ring choices with the following questions:

1) Do you love modern or vintage, or a combination of the two?
2) Do you prefer glamorous and unique or simple and traditional?
3) Describe your dream ring.
4) What price range is most comfortable for your budget?
5) What diamond shape is your favorite?

With a little homework, you will be poised and ready to choose the perfect rings that you will love today and for many years to come.

To view more tips on buying engagement and wedding rings, visit

phillip press

Phillip Press

To learn more about Philip Press and his latest ring collection, visit

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Wedding Bands: Your Ultimate Accessory, Long After the Wedding From Tacori

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

In this month’s guest feature from Platinum Guild, we take a look at Tacori platinum and diamond wedding bands for the bride and groom. If you’re on the fence on what type of band you and your bride will be wearing — we highly suggest taking a look. Cheers!

Tacori His and Hers Bands

TACORI designers create platinum and diamond wedding bands for the Bride and Groom that are uniquely united through matching crescent silhouette design elements.

Have you made your most important wedding purchase?  Long after your wedding, when the flowers are gone, the cake has been eaten, and the dress safely stored…your wedding rings will be the ultimate visible and lasting symbol of your commitment.

From the wedding day onward, wedding bands are an enduring symbol of eternal passion.  While many brides and grooms plan key wedding items months in advance – it’s importance to place the same amount of serious thought and planning into the purchase of wedding bands.

Paul Tacorian Tacori Designer

Tacori Designer Paul Tacorian

TACORI designer Paul Tacorian knows a thing or two about timeless designs.  His family business, TACORI, has been designing engagement rings and wedding bands for three generations.

“Wedding rings are a symbol of your marriage that’s with you always,” says Paul Tacorian. “Wedding bands may indeed be THE ultimate accessory of your lifetime.  It’s the mark of a lifelong connection, and your wedding ring will reflect your passion and commitment every day of your life.”

Continues Tacorian, “TACORI prefers to use platinum in any design that is being set with diamonds – from engagement rings and wedding bands to earrings, pendants and bracelets – because the pure white metal reflects the quality of our colorless diamonds best.”

“Also, and this is important – we’ve found that the majority of TACORI brides request platinum for their engagement and wedding rings; and something to think about when purchasing the wedding band is to choose the same metal for your engagement and wedding rings, because these two rings will be sitting together and should have the same metallurgical properties in order to avoid scratches or nicks between the two rings.”

When selecting your wedding band, also consider its long lasting quality. When you say “I Do,” you want your bridal jewelry to last as long as you’re enduring commitment. Because a key property of a platinum wedding band is its durability — it doesn’t ever wear away; making it ideal for rings that will be worn every day or handed down as family heirlooms.

Like your relationship, platinum endures over time, so your rings will look just as breathtaking 10 years from now as they did on your wedding day.

Looking for your Perfect Match?  Simply answering these six questions to find perfect wedding bands that reflect your unique style:

To view more wedding band styles from Tacori, please visit


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How much thought have you put into the type of metal that your wedding band will be made of? Has your research focused on platinum? Why or why not? Let us know in the comment section below.

World’s Strongest and Most Durable Wedding Band: Tungsten Wedding Bands

Monday, September 12th, 2011

By guest blogger: TungstenWorld

All the things you can do with a tungsten ring on you wouldn’t do with your gold band.

Not all wedding bands are created equal

Not all wedding bands are created equal!

Your wedding ring is meant to be a symbol of the union you entered into on your big day, and you’re going to want it to look just as good years down the line as it did the day you slipped it on. And while you may not be use to having a ring on day in and day out, it’s best you know now that only tungsten wedding bands can hold up to the everyday wear and tear a man’s wedding band goes through.

The reality is softer metals like gold and silver bend, scratch and tarnish during everyday activities, leaving you with an unsightly wedding band. Tungsten wedding bands, on the other hand (no pun intended!), are extremely durable, and their hardness of the tungsten keeps your ring pristine no matter what you’re doing with your ring on. But just in case you weren’t convinced, here’s a list of things you can still do wearing tungsten wedding bands, that you couldn’t without damaging a gold ring:

1. Sports: Pick-up ball after work, your weekly softball game or even lifting weights at the gym, if you’re wearing a gold band you better put it in a safe place ‘cause it’s gonna get scratched. Just remember where you put it in your gym bag because if you come home without it, you’re in trouble! But with men’s tungsten wedding bands, it’s never a worry. You can keep your ring on and play right through. The toughness of tungsten rings will hold up no matter how hard you play.

2. Yard Work: What guy doesn’t take pride in a perfectly landscaped yard? While getting your hands dirty might be good for your grass, it’s more than likely your gold band wouldn’t enjoy it. Tungsten carbide wedding bands don’t tarnish and won’t be bothered by a little dirt underneath them, allowing you to keep your front and backyards at their very best.

3. Home Improvements and Construction: The strength of men’s tungsten wedding bands make them a favorite of guys in construction (not to mention the Army!), and because they don’t bend can even save a finger from injury in an accident. Even if you are doing just little jobs around the house, your gold band is going to get gouged, scratched and scraped, so why risk it?

4. Car Maintenance: Not much is more manly than changing a tire, but there’s always that lug nut that needs a bit more elbow grease. Not to worry, tungsten wedding bands don’t bend, so as you put a little extra leverage into that tire iron your wedding band is right there with you staying strong. Not only can gold and softer metals get bent out of shape, but they can even be gouged. What good is a ring that’s not a perfect circle?

5. Not Worry: In the end, it’s the best thing you can do wearing men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands instead of a gold band. With the world’s strongest and most durable wedding band on you’ll be able to wear your ring and go about your day without worrying what might damage it. That’s priceless peace of mind!

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Have you bought your wedding band yet? What are your thoughts on tungsten rings? Share your story in the comment section below.

Together Forever: Choosing Wedding Rings to Last a Lifetime

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

love holding hands

By Michael O’Connor, Jewelry & Style Expert

Congratulations! You’ve just made one of life’s most important decisions! You’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with somebody special. Their style complements you perfectly and you love the way they make you feel. You know that although life’s changes and challenges may leave nicks and dents, the strength and integrity of your relationship will weather what life can dish up. Now you’re set to make another of life’s most important decisions, your wedding band! As a symbol of your enduring love and commitment, your wedding bands should reflect those same virtues. So how do you marry today’s trends with forever values?

Choose the best metal. What you’re wedding bands are made of is almost as important as what your fiancé’s character is made of. Choosing platinum, one of the most precious and durable metals, will ensure that your wedding band will endure for a lifetime, despite the inevitable nicks and dents that may result from daily wear. Unlike other metals, where nicks and scratches can mean metal is lost, with platinum the metal is merely “displaced”, keeping the integrity and volume of your band for the long term. Platinum is also a naturally white metal that will not fade or tarnish over time, making it clearly symbolic of a relationship that will last for life. Select a style that suits your personality. Today, traditions have changed. It’s no longer necessary that both bride and groom have exactly the same band. While one may like classic and simple, the other may prefer edgy or ornate. Here are a few of the latest wedding ring styles:

• Textures that mix brushed and polished platinum bands.
• Patterns including floral motifs for women and tribal or geometric patterns for men.
• Colored gemstones or diamonds surrounding the band. Celebrities like Nick Cannon are showing us that guys like a little sparkle too, while Carrie Ann Inaba illustrates the romance of having hers and her fiancé’s birthstones included on their bands.

L - Diana Classsic Platinum Wedding Band. R - Gelin Abaci Platinum Wedding Band

L – Diana Classsic Platinum Wedding Band. R – Gelin Abaci Platinum Wedding Band

No matter what your choice of personal style is, remember that like your marital commitment, you and your bands will be together forever.  Choose bands that you’ll love forever and have for life. To view more wedding bands in a variety of prices, visit

Guertin Brothers Platinum Wedding Band

Guertin Brothers Platinum Wedding Band Platinum Wedding Band Platinum Wedding Band

Kirk Kara Platinum Engagement Ring

Kirk Kara Platinum Engagement Ring

Lieberfarb Platinum Wedding Band

Lieberfarb Platinum Wedding Band

Michael O’Connor is one of America’s leading voices on jewelry, style and accessories and has become the “go-to” resource for editors and producers seeking information on current trends and celebrity information. O’Connor as been involved in the luxury, jewelry and fashion industries in a career that spans over 25 years. Connect with Michael on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Which of the wedding bands featured above is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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