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5 Hair Tips for Grooms

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015



Odds are when you envision your wedding day look, the James Bond theme music will play in your head as you see yourself decked out in your suit or tux, looking sharp—very sharp. One thing Bond never had to worry about was a bad hair day. He always looked debonair, no matter what. With these five easy grooming tips, your hair will look just as polished in no time.

1. Mind your diet. Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. It’s important to eat well balanced meals and drink plenty of water to flush toxins and keep your body and hair well hydrated and looking healthy. If you haven’t gotten on the healthy eating bandwagon yet, now’s the time to start.

barber shop

2. Schedule a haircut a few weeks out. Instead of assuming you’ll have no trouble getting a quick chop before the wedding, save yourself the last-minute scramble and book an appointment with your barber or stylist two to four weeks before the wedding day.

3. Avoid any major style changes. Right before the big day isn’t the time to try out a buzz cut if you’re hair is normally longer or experiment with a Mohawk. It’s best to go with what you know to look your best and get a nice trim instead. If you’re set on a major change, try it out six months in advance, so it can grow out if it isn’t everything you expected.

Regenepure DR

4. Address hair loss or thinning. Worried about your receding hairline or thin spots? You’re not alone. Check out the Regenepure line from Salonceuticals before the big day. Doctor-recommended for all hair types, the Regenepure DR hair and scalp treatment contains Ketoconazole, which blocks the production of the hormone DHT—the main cause of hair loss in men. The intensive and restorative formula combats dandruff and build-up, while Jojoba oil adds moisture, shine and volume to thin and lifeless hair.

5. Employ styling aids. Make sure to wash and condition your hair on the wedding day to start with a fresh and healthy foundation. Seeing flakes recently? Use a dandruff-busting formula for a few days beforehand. Then rely on a tried-and-true styling product designed for your hair type, whether it’s pomade, wax, gel or mousse to add light hold, control flyaways and frizz, and keep your ‘do locked in all day.

What wedding day hair style are you planning to rock on your wedding day? Let us know in the comment section below.

Grooms, Get To Know Your Lock and Mane

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Our new friends at Lock and Mane want all grooms to know that their hair care and style is just as important as the bride’s on the wedding day!


There isn’t a more perfect moment during a wedding than when the groom catches the first glimpse of his bride walking down the aisle. The face, the dress, the hair…everything is just picture perfect. Ok buddy you may be looking at the bride, but everyone else is lookin’ at you lookin’ at her. And it is your responsibility to look great, because you aren’t getting a team of pros to make you look pretty. The bridal party always gets their own personal grooming team of hair and makeup stylists. The groom and his boys are lucky just to get a place to wash their hair before the ceremony.

Don’t despair. Lock & Mane is here to help. Here are a few products you can have on hand for you and your menfolk to get picture perfect before the ceremony.

The key to great hair (and many of you don’t know this because, well, you aren’t chicks) is a great shampoo. So start the day with Jonathan Detox Dirt Clarifying Shampoo. It’s worth it because it strips the hair of the residue left over from years of over-using gels, mousse and getting your head dunked in the toilet during pledge-week.

Dudes don’t condition. We get that. But conditioning your hair makes it softer and more manageable and helps prevent nasty fly-aways that will most definitely ruin your wedding photos and piss off your mother-in-law. We recommend John Allen’s Mint Conditioner for the big day,  not only because it stimulates and refreshes your scalp, but also because it smells fantastic and will guarantee your groomsmen will bag some bridesmaids.

Top the hair off with product that doesn’t screw around like Billy Jealousy’s Lunatic Fringe Hair Pomade.

The cherry on top of your look is the perfect shave. While most guys don’t want to shell out the big bucks for John Allan’s 63R Series Razor, it is worth it to get his Slick Water Pre-Shave Solution. It lubricates the skin for increased glide and ensures you won’t end up with a nasty razor burn on your wedding day.

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