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The Best of the Web for Grooms – June 20, 2014

Thursday, June 19th, 2014


To capture her amazing, candid reaction to the big question, our friends at bridal jewelry retailer Robbins Brothers and photography company Paparazzi Proposals have teamed to offer special pricing on proposal planning and engagement photos. Through the partnership, Robbins Brothers is offering its engagement ring customers exclusive pricing on any Paparazzi Proposals Package. Several future grooms have already taken advantage of the packages.


Want to take your wedding day look to the next level? Enter the Wonderbund, a reversible tuxedo cummerbund that’s “business” in the front and “party” in the back (just like the infamous mullet ‘do), for the groom and groomsmen. Perfect for the ceremony, one side of the Wonderbund is traditional black satin. When it’s time to cut a rug at the reception, it flips over to reveal a variety of fun patterns, such as a gold-encrusted “Champ” wrestling belt, American flags, mustaches, lobsters, sharks and more. Go ahead now, show off your wild side.


Ever wonder about the origins of the blessed game of beer pong? And what exactly are the official rules anyway? We’re a little foggy on that, too, for some reason. Depending on where you live in the United States, the answers can often vary. Our friends at the Thrillist break it down for you, once and for all.

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The Best of the Web for Grooms – January 17, 2014

Friday, January 17th, 2014

san francisco bike route proposal

Strava: It’s not just for tracking your running and biking routes anymore — at least not for one user who used the app to propose to his girlfriend in San Francisco. Years from now, he’ll tell his children and grandchildren about how the rain was pouring down on him as he rode through 40 mph winds to complete the route. Of course, a quick Google search will tell them that weather conditions were ideal: 75 and sunny.

 save the date wedding giveaway from

Our friends at GigSalad have just launched their Save the Date Giveaway series and it’s coming to a city near you! Recently engaged couples can enter by sharing their proposal story here and be entered to win an amazing wedding package. The contest is now open to brides and grooms in Nashville, with other cities, such as New York, Austin and Chicago, coming during the next three months.


Thinking about popping the question, but not quite sure if you and your significant other are truly ready for the big leap? Don’t sweat it. Just consult this handy “Are You Ready to Propose?” flowchart from Robbins Brothers to see if you’re fully prepared to take your relationship to the next level. Hint: A man with a plan is always a good thing. We couldn’t agree more.

Last year we helped give away a dream proposal, including a custom-designed proposal plan, a diamond engagement ring, and an on-site videographer, to a couple who met on Check out the amazing results in the video above.

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The Best of the Web for Grooms – November 8, 2013

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Photo courtesy of Schultheiss Productions/Corbis.

Ever wonder how certain strange wedding traditions — such as freezing the top tier of  your wedding cake, wearing something borrowed or carrying the bride across the threshold — first came about? So do we. HowStuffWorks explains some of these bizarre traditions (seriously, what’s up with trashing the dress after the big day anyway?) and breaks down their origins.

Who needs frivolous sporting equipment like water skis when you can rip it up with your own two feet? We’ve all heard about the hard-core bad-asses who can “barefoot” on water, but in this case, seeing is truly believing. Check out these epic barefoot skiing tricks caught on video courtesy of USA Today, and shamefully consider yourself a lesser man.


Met the love of your life on and thinking about popping the question soon? Enter to win an all-inclusive engagement package, including a custom-designed proposal plan from Brilliant Event Planning, a diamond engagement ring from Robbins Brothers, and an on-site videographer ready to capture your proposal. Men and women may apply. Check out the official contest rules here.


Guys: Afraid this year’s Halloween ensemble veered dangerously into d-bag territory? Happens to the best of us at least once in our lives. Just don’t make the same mistake next year or at the next costume party you attend. Let StyleGirlfriend carefully steer you in the right direction with these clever costumes.

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The Best of the Web for Grooms – March 1, 2013

Friday, March 1st, 2013

bridetide top 100 the man registry

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been named to Bridetide’s Top 100 Blog List for the fourth consecutive year. It’s an honor to be included and we highly recommend checking out the other 99 great blogs here.

If you haven’t been over to our Facebook page lately, check out our brand new cover photo.  Eugenio from The Wedding Traveler was kind enough to grant us permission to use this awesome dirtbike shot. If you’re not familiar with Eugenio, you should be. He’s shot weddings in over ten countries and in 25 US cities.  If you’re in the market for destination wedding photography or a photojournalist wedding shoot, contact The Wedding Traveler here.

c5 beer pong tables

If you’ve followed this blog in the past, you know our affinity for beer pong. Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty bad ass new products. However, we’ve never seen anything like the new table designs from C5. Chicago-based C5 is the new kid on the pong block and we think they’re here to stay.  Their uniquely designed tables are constructed of seamless Poplar wood that’s given a natural finish to enhance tone and grain. LED lighting illuminates opposing triangle formations for a perfect rack, every time. Professionally powder coated table legs bring a full of color palette to room’s aesthetic. Finally, the rear hidden compartments unhinge revealing a perfect storage space for all your beer pong cups & balls! From their founder, “The C5 Custom Beer Pong Table is designed to transcend dark closets and pull beer pong out from under the bed and into the center of conversation. The new stylistic element introduces the “skeet-shot” and is changing how, when, and where beer pong is being played.

This week’s suggested groom-friendly Pinterest board comes from our own Kara Horner. Here “Game Day Gear” board contains all sorts of goodies that will get you ready for March Madness or the NBA/NHL playoffs. Follow it here.

accounts grooms follow on pinterest

Speaking of Pinterest: if you’re using it at all to help plan the wedding, it would be worth your while to check out this list of the top 10 Pinterest accounts for grooms to follow from The Huffington Post.


The Best of the Web for Grooms – May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

podium reality web series

A New York based production company is looking for charismatic toastmasters to feature in its new series, PODIUM. The series celebrates the art of oration in all its myriad forms. One category we are excited to feature is wedding toasts, with several episodes exploring what makes a toast truly unforgettable. If you know someone who will be giving a wedding toast in the coming months — be it best man, maid of honor, or parent of the bride/groom — and you think it has the potential to be great, nominate them now.

One of our favorite non-wedding blogs to follow is Uni-Watch on While they normally cover news & trends in the world of sports uniforms, today they featured an NFL themed wedding that gives new meaning to the term “mixed marriage.”

Pinterest boards of the week: Wedding WTF, Proposal Ideas & Man Cave.

Planning a couples shower? These type of events can be difficult to cater to both sexes. A new post on OneWed takes a look at several shower themes that are sure to pique the groom’s interest.

In search of some budget grooming before the wedding? AskMen has tracked down 8 grooming products that you can buy for cheap at your local drugstore.

Our friends over at Hitched are experts on everything marriage. So when they publish a post called “The 10 Qualities of Great Marriage” we stop everything and read it immediately. You should too.

Video of the week: a guy attached a camera to his dog and it loose at his brother’s wedding:

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