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Spotted: Camo Wedding Bands for the Groom

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014


Finding the right wedding band can often be a daunting prospect for many guys who aren’t used to wearing jewelry. Not loving some of the traditional wedding rings you’ve seen out there, grooms? Worried they all look the same or won’t stand up to everyday wear and tear? Relax; today’s post is just for you.


We recently discovered this cool line of camo wedding bands (that’s right, camo!) from Tungsten World. Perfect for members of the military, hunters, outdoorsmen, or anyone looking for a truly unique wedding band, these rings not only look tough, but are made of extra-durable tungsten carbide or cobalt chrome.


The exclusive camouflage patterns of these rugged tungsten rings for men are laser engraved directly onto the rings, which remain smooth and comfortable to wear. Available in 6mm or 8mm widths, the camo wedding bands come in a choice of ring styles including domed, pipe-cut or beveled tungsten and cobalt chrome, to fit your individual taste.

Which one of these wedding bands would you wear on the big day? Tell us in the comment section below.

Trend Watch: Men’s Wedding Bands and Accessories

Sunday, October 12th, 2014


As brides everywhere (and of course, ZZ Top) will attest, there’s nothing better than seeing a sharp-dressed man waiting at the end of the aisle. Grooms, to ensure you look your best on the big day, it’s essential to plan your wedding look ahead of time and pay attention to details, and your accessories are no exception. Start with your most important accessory — your wedding band — and build from there.

Still searching for the right wedding band? If you want a ring that not only looks good, but makes you feel good, check out award-winning designer Danhov. Its collections include eco-friendly, handcrafted engagement rings constructed from a single wire without using molds or harsh chemicals, as well as bold and modern men’s wedding bands (pictured above). See Danhov’s range of wedding band designs here.


If you’re looking for a classic or vintage-inspired design with a bit of flash, check out the Natalie K Beau collection (pictured above). The fine jewelry designer’s diamond-studded men’s options feature precious metals and quality craftsmanship.


Once you’ve chosen your ring, adding a coordinating watch can really top off your look — and keep you on time for the big day’s events. Luxury Swiss Made Watches offers a wide selection of fine timepieces, from solid gold watches with diamond accents to stainless steel diving watches, from major brands like Breitling, Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, MonteBlanc, Omega, Rolex, TAG Heuer and more.

Guys, what style of wedding band or watch are you considering sporting on your wedding day? Tell us in the comment section below.

Why Today’s Bride is Looking for the “Wow” Factor

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

marry me? etched in wood

There was a time when guys had it easy when it came to getting engaged and married. Once he’d made the decision on the right girl, it was simply a question of buying a beautiful white diamond in a round, “brilliant-cut” shape in a classic solitaire setting and then summoning up the courage to actually pop the question. Today’s millennial brides (ages 18 – 34), however, are looking for something that sets them apart from their friends and says more about their personal sense of style than a simple solitaire set with a white round diamond. They’re looking for color!

While the traditional white diamond engagement ring still represents the majority, there’s a growing trend underway for today’s brides to choose natural color diamonds. This trend, has been seen unfolding on our favorite celebrities who we’ve seen get engaged with diamonds in a variety of gorgeous colors. Additionally, the red carpet of most awards shows is filled with celebrities sporting natural color diamonds. The result is that today’s women are aware and educated about these diamonds and inspired by their favorite stars. Many hope to one day own the beauty and rarity of a natural color diamond for themselves.

Other significant influences for today’s women are fashion runways, magazines and textiles where they are seeing browns and beiges highlighted (It’s being said that “brown is the new black”) along with a rainbow of brighter colors. The luxuriously rich neutral colors of champagne and cognac diamonds provide her with versatility, as they will compliment all the other neutrals and colors in her wardrobe today, and in future – no matter what her style.

engagement rings by phyliss bergman

Engagement Rings by Phyllis Bergman for Mercury Ring/Interjewel

For those of you guys who are now loosing color in your face thinking about how much these beautiful stones may cost – relax! The affordability of natural color diamonds, especially in the color ranges of champagne to cognac means that these diamonds, and jewelry set with these diamonds, has never been more accessible to a larger group of people.  Additionally, this is a diamond purchase that you can feel good about. These beautiful stones come from The Argyle diamond mine in Australia, whose diamonds are ethically mined and recovered in cooperation with the traditional owners of the land, using sustainable and responsible practices.

And finally guys, think about it this way. You’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of success. After the engagement ring and wedding band you’ll have many years of anniversaries, holidays and special moments that will need that perfect gift. Give her the ultimate gift of a diamond, combined with the exclusive rarity that a natural color diamond provides. It’s the “Wow” factor she’s looking for. At the same time reward yourself for being a smart and ethical shopper. Some of the most important designers in the world are working with these beautiful gems, and, in fact, some national retail chains are offering Argyle diamond jewelry starting at $200.00 and up. Learn more about these rare diamonds, their unique stories by visiting

Has your bride-to-be shown interest in natural color diamonds? Leave your comment below.

Lies My Jeweler Told Me

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

shady jewelery business

By early adulthood everyone should realize the realities of retail. According to Wikipedia: “Retail consists of the sale of goods or merchandise from a fixed location,…for direct consumption by the purchaser.” Retail stores are “for-profit” businesses that purchase products at one price, then, sell them to the consumer at a higher price that yields them a profit. This involves adding a markup amount (or percentage) to the retailer’s cost.”  By the nature of retail, each store carries an inventory of products that is in their best interest to sell to consumers in order to make profit and remain in business. This became resoundingly clear to me on a recent shopping trip when I attempted to buy jewelry as a gift for my sister.

Left – Simon G: Platinum and diamond band by Simon G. Jewelry, $1,870, Right – Whiteflash: Platinum and diamond heart pendant by, $710

When marking a special occasion with jewelry, it’s only natural to want to buy “the best”. Nobody approaches this quest wishing to buy “what’s adequate”. I wanted a quality piece to reflect the importance of our relationship, something that could be worn for a lifetime and something precious that provided long-term value.  I did homework on sites like and decided on platinum and diamond stud earrings. It was only when I went to my local jewelry store to purchase them that I learned when shopping for platinum there are many myths and misconceptions.

First, I found that if the jewelry store didn’t carry platinum in his inventory he was very anxious that I didn’t go elsewhere to get it. The sales associate made a number of claims to justify platinum’s absence, such as, “Platinum is too expensive” and “it’s too soft”.  Having done research, I was able to reply that I had already seen platinum pieces from approximately $1,000. I asked the sales associate why most of the world’s most important gems were set into platinum. Gems like that wouldn’t be put into soft settings that didn’t hold them securely forever. The associate told me that because white gold was plated with rhodium that the diamond would sparkle just the same as platinum. Again, I knew that white gold was in fact, yellow gold, made to look white my mixing the natural yellow metal with whiter ones to disguise the color. It is then plated with rhodium in order to make it look whiter. So he was partially right, except for the fact that he wasn’t telling me that over time and regular wear, the rhodium would wear off, exposing the less white color underneath. I told him that I knew that platinum was a naturally white metal that didn’t need to be plated – ever- in order to enhance its whiteness. It was then that the associate tried to reason with me. He asked, “Why get platinum when you can get the same look with gold?” My answer was simple and direct. “Because I want this gift to be worn and cherished for a lifetime, something she can wear everyday and only the best is good enough.” The question really is, why wouldn’t I want platinum?

Stuller: Platinum and diamond stud earrings by Stuller, $810

Stuller: Platinum and diamond stud earrings by Stuller, $810

Have you been given any words of warning about dealing with jewelers? If so, share some in the comment section below.

2011 Engagement Ring Trends

Saturday, February 5th, 2011
2011 engagement ring trends

Which engagement rings will be hot in 2011?

In pushing the fashion envelope forward, clothing designers sometimes help us look back and remember fun times and gentler eras.  Such is the case with this season fashion runways, which provided us with a retro revisiting of the classic elegance of the 50’s and early 60’s as well as the swinging spirited side of the late 60’s and 70’s.  And while fashion designers have set the directional frame, bridal jewelry designers are also taking notice, and creating fresh interpretations of these trends. Here’s a look at the top 3 engagement ring trends for this coming year:

1- Inspired by the hit television show Mad Men, classic dressing and classic engagement ring styles are back! Remember the timelessness of celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. Think the sophisticated elegance of a polished platinum setting with a solitaire diamond, or a vintage-inspired style with filigree.

Investing in classic styles is not only a wise choice from a wear-ability standpoint, since they will never go out of fashion, but the investment in a platinum engagement ring means that the ring you purchase today will last for a lifetime and ready to hand down to future generations.

engagement rings 2011

L – Platinum engagement ring from Kirk Kara showcasing the floral motif R – Platinum engagement ring from CliQ Jewelry showcasing a classic diamond solitaire

2- Additionally, we’re seeing more colorful fabrics with exaggerated movement and ruffle detailing. This will translate into engagement ring designs by incorporating colored gemstones such as citrine, sapphire, and ruby, set into platinum. Since platinum is a naturally white metal, it will maximize the brilliance of all colored gemstones.

3- This year we’ll also see engagement rings with a variety of floral motifs inspired by the 70’s. Whether this design surrounds the center diamond, or it’s part of the band, much of this intricate detailing can only be accomplished in platinum.

When it comes to today’s consumer, value is one of the most motivating factors in deciding to purchase fine jewelry according to a recent study by W magazine. Today’s platinum jewelry designers are providing the versatility of design in pieces that are classic, colorful, and design oriented to work with any era, while platinum itself is providing the long term value that allows you to enjoy your favored pieces daily and still hand them down to future generations.

engagement rings 2011 styling

L – Platinum engagement ring from Art Carved showcasing a vintage inspired design R – Platinum and blue sapphire engagement ring from

What are your thoughts on 2011′s hot engagement ring styles? Tell us what you like (and don’t like) in the comments section below.

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