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10 Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


From classic round to cutting-edge cushion, rate your sparkler with our savvy diamond guide.


The look: This century-old shape, symbolizing love and devotion, should be well proportioned for optimum sparkle. Kid Rock proposed to Pamela Anderson with a yellow heart-shaped diamond.

This choice says you’re: sentimental and dreamy.

Pear cut diamond

Pear cut diamond


The look: Resembling a teardrop, a pear-shaped diamond has the fire and beauty of a round shape, but with a less conventional look. This shape can also make a wide finger look slimmer.

This choice says you’re: even-tempered and adaptable.

Oval diamond

Oval cut diamond


The look: If you love the gorgeous sparkle of a round, brilliant-cut diamond but still want something unique, consider an oval. A fresh take on a timeless style, this new shape came about in the early 1960s. Actor Jerry O’Connell recently gave his betrothed fashionista, Rebecca Romijn, an oval-shaped sparkler.

This choice says you’re: risk-taking and creative.

Asscher cut diamonds represent feminism

Asscher cut diamond


The look: Square with angular corners, this shape dates back to the late 1800s. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s step-cut, meaning the facets are rectangular and seem to descend into the stone.

This choice says you’re: feminine and meticulous.


The look: Also known as brilliant-cut, this tried-and-true shape reflects more light than any other, and is the most popular. Avril Lavigne showed her traditional side by wearing a round diamond engagement ring.

This choice says you’re: trustworthy and easygoing.


Emerald cut diamond


The look: Inspired by the Asscher, this glamorous choice is also a rectangular step-cut shape. It has fewer facets than some of the other shapes, so look for an emerald-cut that offers maximum brilliance.

This choice says you’re: efficient and straightforward.


Cushion cut diamond


The look: Rectangular with curved sides, the cushion-cut first hit big in the 18th century. A recent resurgence in popularity has given it a modern-meets-vintage feel. Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Garner a cushion-cut rock.

This choice says you’re: organized and daring.

Princess diamond

Princess cut diamond


The look: This relatively new square shape, with a modern, understated feel, combines a sparkly, brilliant effect with a geometric step-cut. You can attribute its spectacular glitter to extra faceting around the rim.

This choice says you’re: decisive and fun-loving.


The look: The diamond’s shape has the outer lines and cut corners of the emerald’s crown while enjoying triangular faceting like the round on the pavilion. It was designed to have the best qualities of both round brilliant and emerald cut diamonds.

This choice says you’re: trend settings and fashionable

Marquis diamond

Marquise cut diamond


The look: The marquis shape is an oval with tips. It not only helps to make the hand appear longer and slimmer, but it also makes the diamond appear larger than it actually is.

The choice says you’re: unique and adventurous

The Million Dollar Ring: Does Engagement Ring Cost Matter?

Friday, December 12th, 2008

J Lo’s 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck was worth $1.2 million dollars. It made headlines, but didn’t make her his wife. Soon thereafter, she weds Marc Anthony whom doesn’t even give her a ring. Apparently, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” A year later, he does get her a 14.5 carat, brilliant cut diamond ring on a platinum band, valued at more than $5 million dollars. So, I guess love does cost a little… bit… more.

Pink ring?? Good call Ben.

Pink diamond? Good call Ben. How’d that work out for ya?

Don’t fret though fellas…even if you can’t drop down that million or two on a ring, here are a few tips on how to shop for the perfect engagement ring.

Set a budget
According to, the average amount spent on an engagement ring is $4,322. So, throw that “three-month’s-salary-common-rule-of-thumb” out the window! Accept your limitations. Let quality and value be the basis for your decision making, not the dollar amount.

Consider the four C’s: clarity, color, carat, and cut.
The 4 C’s are either a man’s best or worst friend. The best value in clarity is a diamond with no inclusions, other minerals stuck inside the stone visible to the naked eye. A colorless or near colorless diamond also adds value to your ring, unless of course you’re going for another gemstone (like a sapphire) or a colored diamond. The third “C” is for carat weight. Although a larger stone is nice, bigger doesn’t necessarily make it better. An inclusion-free, colorless, large carat stone loses its brilliance and sparkle depending on the cut. There are several cuts to choose from: princess, emerald, round, and pear to name a few. Every woman will have their preference.

Know your diamonds.

Know your diamonds (or at least your cubic zirconia)

Once you’ve chosen a rock, you’ll have to do a bit of research.
Study the current jewelry style she wears; classic, fancy, antique, modern? Does she prefer white or yellow gold or maybe platinum? She may need a cathedral or contour setting (which means the diamond is set into the band) if she’s more active with her hands. A raised setting, works well for women that don’t have to worry about snagging their clothing, etc. Ask her friends if she’s pointed out anything specific and make them promise not to spill the beans!

Or, you can also simply ask her. Today, many couples are looking for rings together, which is an enjoyable and error proof route for you! In any case, stay within your budget, use the four C’s, consider her personal style, and you will have a fabulous ring to propose with!

Let me just say, that with the candlelight low, a bottle of bubbly, gazing into each other’s eyes, as you get down on one knee – she’ll probably say “Yes” before you bring out that little box. And whether it’s a 1 carat or a 14.5-carat ring, I guarantee, she’ll wear it like it’s worth a million bucks.

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