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How to Prioritize Your Budget for an Unforgettable Wedding

Monday, August 4th, 2014

unforgettable-weddingphoto – Phillip Wise Photography

Did you know American couples spent an average of $28,427 on their weddings in 2012, according to, and that figure is already on the rise? Undoubtedly, getting married isn’t an inexpensive proposition and every couple wants the magical memory of their wedding day to last a lifetime. So how can couples have their dream day without flying 1,000 guests to a European castle or remote island?

If you really to create a truly memorable event, managing your wedding budget is key. Allocate your spending in terms of longevity. Attach larger amounts to the wedding elements people will remember or keep after the big day, such as quality photography. Additionally, catering and venue pricing can vary greatly depending on the season, particular week, day of the week or even the time of day. Ask your caterer about all of your options. Floral is another area where you can save. For example, arrangements and bouquets made from local and in-season flowers will be less expensive than ones flown in. More modern simplified arrangements can also cut down on the number of flowers needed.

Just keep in mind that the memories of some of these elements will be fairly short-lived, so think about prioritizing your budget in terms of the elements that will inspire the fondest memories and last the longest. One perfect example is bridesmaids gifts. You’ll want to ensure that your bridesmaids wear similar and appropriate jewelry, so it makes sense to invest a bit more in gifts that will last forever. You may be surprised at what you can afford, such as natural-color champagne diamond jewelry.

Natural-color champagne diamond jewelry from the Argyle Mine in Australia is available at many jewelry stores with prices starting as low as $150. Not only are they affordable, but these pieces make great bridesmaids gifts because they perfectly symbolize the beauty, rarity and timelessness of a lifelong friendship. Diamonds grow over millions of years and like a true friendship, last forever.

These gorgeous champagne hues from The Argyle Mine are exceptionally rare. For every one natural-color diamond (like, there are 10,000 white diamonds? Just as you may have many friends, true lifetime friends are rare. Bridesmaids assume a lot of responsibility and financial obligation during a wedding and a gift of natural champagne diamond jewelry shows your appreciation. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that Argyle Diamonds are ethically mined and that the neutral-color hues will work with any color fashion dictates over the years. For more information about natural color diamonds from The Argyle Mine, visit

Argyle Diamond Cross Pendant

Champagne and white diamond cross pendant. Fred Meyer, $399

Which areas of your budget have you found it easiest to save money in? Leave a comment below and let us know.

The Top 10 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Really Want in 2014

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Resolve to properly thank your bridesmaids for their major role in your wedding this year? Well done. They deserve it. One thing to keep in mind is that one size rarely fits all. Finding a single gift that makes perfect sense for all of your girls is about as rare as unicorn tears. Considering each lady’s individual personality and interests when choosing your gifts can turn a simple “thank you” into a truly unique and memorable gift she’ll use well beyond the wedding day. Not sure where to start? Here are 10 unique bridesmaid gifts your bridesmaids really want this year.


1. Perfect for storing her delicate baubles or serving as a memory box to fill with keepsakes, this chic Custom Glass Shadow Jewelry Box ($34.95) features a durable, solid glass design with antiqued metal trim and velvet lining. Available in both square and rectangular sizes, these glass shadow jewelry boxes are also personalized with an engraved diamond monogram.


2. Bags are a dime a dozen, right? Not if they’re as fun and modern as these Personalized Color Dipped Canvas Totes ($34.95). These color-blocked totes from The Man Registry will not only come in handy for schlepping her necessities on the wedding day, but will quickly become her go-to for beach days, weekend getaways or the farmers market. Each tote, which is embroidered with her name, monogram or single initial in one of 20 thread colors, has a matte latex-dipped bottom available in six colors, two wide carrier handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, an interior pocket and snap closures.


3. If the makeup counter is her second home, she’ll adore this lovely fabric-dressed compact mirror ($32), which is perfect for quick touch-ups on the wedding day as well as to toss in her bag afterward for everyday use. Available in a range of fabric styles and colors, each Monogrammed Mirror Compact features a push-button open and lock system and is monogrammed with your bridesmaid’s initials.


4. This lovely, classic Personalized Trifle Dessert Bowl ($53.95) makes a great gift for bridesmaids who love trying out new recipes or entertaining guests. Perfect for desserts, salads, layered creations or even home décor, the large, 3-quart tapered bowl features a sturdy design with a weighted bottom. Her engraved initial appears on the front of the dishwasher-safe glass trifle bowl for an extra-personal touch. Get yours here.


5. If she loves jewelry, she’ll love this modern, yet classically designed Personalized Silver Bead Bracelet ($24.95). The sterling silver-plated bracelet features a lobster claw clasp, a personalized charm and silver beads, making it a great accessory that she’ll wear beyond the wedding day for both formal occasions and everyday. This bracelet is also perfect for stacking. It’s available here.


6. Wine connoisseurs will love this sleek Personalized White Wine Decanter ($31.95), which holds up to 33 ounces of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. Crafted of dishwasher-safe clear glass, this modern decanter’s birch wood stopper is also personalized with an engraved uppercase initial. Get it here.


7. Ideal for pottery and trinket lovers, this sweet Personalized Bridesmaid Keepsake Bowl ($10) is perfect for storing rings, earrings, hair ties or other small trinkets. This 3.5-inch round ceramic keepsake bowl is personalized with a chic floor-length gown with a sweetheart neckline and your bridesmaid’s name. The bowls are available in more than 30 glaze color options to match your bridesmaid dresses.


8. Does she love a good Cosmo or martini? This set of four Personalized Cosmopolitan Cocktail Glasses ($42.95) from The Man Registry makes a perfect gift for the girl who always has her signature cocktail in hand. Crafted from clear, hand-blown glass, these modern glasses will be right at home on ladies’ night, at the bachelorette party or in her home bar. Each dishwasher-safe glass holds up to 10 ounces, and is engraved with a single block initial.


9. Your bridesmaids will love using these colorful Personalized Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bags ($152 for a set of four) from Allisa Jacobs on the wedding day and afterward. Large enough to carry all the essentials, the 5- by 7-inch, hand-stitched bags offer double stitching, a structured interior, strong snaps and lining. Available in various exterior colors and interior prints, each bag is also embroidered with her initial in a range of colors.


10. Great for entertaining at home or on the road, this roomy Personalized Laguna Beach Tub Cooler ($36.95) is large enough to tote a few six-packs or bottles of her favorite beverages to the BBQ, tailgate or beach. The waterproof, soft-sided party cooler tub has large handles, a handy attached bottle opener and is personalized with your bridesmaid’s monogram. Get it here.

Which of these unique gifts would be perfect for your bridesmaids? Let us know below. 


5 Questions with DorothyJames

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

While the content on this blog may focus on grooms, we certainly haven’t forgotten about the bride’s side of the equation. Our shopping site, The Man Registry, recently partnered with Los Angeles jewelry designer DorothyJames to offer a line of vintage skeleton key necklaces for bridesmaids. The versatile pieces retail for $34.95 each and can be purchased here.

Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace by DorothyJames

Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace by DorothyJames

We caught up with DorothyJames to pick her brain on weddings, her jewelry and grooms.

What makes your vintage necklaces so unique?
For starters, there are a lot of fake “antique looking” skeleton keys out there. But behind every real antique piece (whether it be a skeleton key or a locket) is a story, which is why I’m so drawn to true vintage pieces and only use real vintage skeleton keys. I adore the hunt of finding romantic, interesting antique skeleton keys and always use sterling silver materials, never brass. My pieces are versatile, elegant, chic and always romantic.

We think it’s great you’ve partnered with a groom-centric site to offer your line. What words of wedding wisdom do you have for all the men out there?
Don’t be afraid to put your personal touch and style into the wedding. Often times I see weddings where the bride did the majority of the decision making and quite frankly, it shows. The wedding’s that are the most fun to attend and be a part of are the ones where you see the style and personal touches from both the bride and groom. And in the end, just have fun. It’s an amazing time to celebrate love and commitment, so enjoy the party.

What’s style of wedding does a DorothyJames bride have?
One of the top wedding trends right now is a “boho chic” wedding and these necklaces absolutely fall under that category. The vintage skeleton keys are each unique and each bring a history with them, which is especially fun to pair with an outdoor free spirited wedding. But ultimately these vintage skeleton key necklaces are also very elegant and will compliment almost any type of wedding. The wonderful thing about these necklaces is that the bridesmaids will continue to enjoy wearing them long after the wedding day, so the necklaces will continue to serve as both a sentimental and chic reminder of the wedding day for years to come.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding?
One of the most interesting, fun choices I’ve seen at a wedding was a video that the bride and groom had created of the bride getting ready (doing her makeup, hair, etc.) for walking down the aisle that was shown at the beginning of the ceremony. Once the video ended the bride then walked down the aisle. It was such a lovely, unique touch that was representative of the couple (the groom is a director).

Do you have any plans to create men’s pieces in the future?
Although some of my vintage necklaces are gender neutral, I have yet to design a piece of jewelry specifically with men’s fashion in mind. I design my jewelry based on antique pieces that move me, so who knows what I’ll come across in an antique store tomorrow that inspires me in a new way. Never say never.

Based in LA, DorothyJames Jewelry is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind, chic pieces. To see more of her designs, follow her shop on Etsy.

Grooms: what’s your bride’s jewelry style? Brides: do you think your groom has any clue as to what your jewelry style is? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Groom’s Party T’s: The Perfect Shirts To Throw Down In

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Wallets. Pocket knives. Watches. These items are some of the most popular groomsman gift options on the market. But why? The average guy already has several of them sitting on a shelf collecting dust… and the average groom knows this. So why do these products continue to top gift guides year in and year out? Problems arise when grooms go in search of unique options. There are simply not many affordable options that offer the “wow factor.”

Until now. that is.

We’re proud to introduce Groom’s Party T’s. They’re fresh, they’re fully customizable and they’re available exclusively on Etsy. The concept and process is simple. Find your favorite photos of your wedding party members or bachelor party guests. Once your shirts are purchased and photos are provided, the artist will get to work on bringing your shirts to life. When the work is done, you and your wolfpack will have the perfect attire to wear during the bachelor party and other pre-wedding events.

Check out a few examples along with color and personalization options (click any of the images to head over to Etsy and learn more):

custom groomsmen t-shirts

custom bridemsaid t-shirts

custom bachelor party stripper shirt

Still not convinced that Groom’s Party T’s are where it’s at? Check out this sweet video that shows just how much fun you and your crew will have in these shirts:

What types of characters are in your wedding party? Leave a comment below and let us how your Groom’s Party T’s would look and what kind of trouble you’d get into while wearing them.

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