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Bride Diapers: Scaring Grooms & Rendering Bridesmaids Useless

Monday, June 21st, 2010


Our friends over at The Frisky recently posted about a scary, scary development in bridal wear: diapers.

Yes, diapers…. like what babies wear.

Bridal diapers. You’re kidding me, right? This is genuinely disturbing. Apparently bridal shops have been telling brides about this “trend” for years. I wonder how my wife and I missed out on this during our wedding planning months. Oh yea, I remember, we are grown-ups and don’t wear diapers. Whatever happened to the good ‘ol days of the Maid of Honor holding up the bride’s dress while she pees? I mean, if that’s off the table, what is the point of even having bridesmaids?

Look brides, I get it. It’s tough to pee while you’re in a giant puffy dress. But, trust me, you’re going to creep the hell out of the groom if he knows you’re wearing a diaper (possibly full of you know what) while saying your vows. And we’re pretty sure it’s going to creep you out when you get back to the hotel room after the reception and need to hose yourself down!

That’s all. Thanks for reading.


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If you’re a bride that wore a diaper on her wedding day, comment below and tell us about it. We welcome all thoughts on why this isn’t as sick as it sounds.

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