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Conan Ambushes Reluctant Producer with Hysterical Office Bachelor Party

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Late night host Conan O’Brien recently threw an office bachelor party — complete with Jägermeister shots, a DJ and strippers — for his producer Jordan Schlansky. Despite O’Brien’s best efforts, Schlansky could not have been a more reluctant participant. Check out the hilarity that ensued.

Thanks to Team Coco for sharing this gem.

Would you ever consider a bachelor party at work? Let us know in the comments below.

You Won’t Believe What These Guys Did to Embarrass Their Friend for His Bachelor Party

Monday, August 17th, 2015

We’ve heard of making the groom wear a funny t-shirt or giving him embarrassing challenges to complete during his bachelor party, but this story takes the cake. A group of friends pooled together (a lot of?) cash to rent a billboard on the Las Veags strip — a billboard that prominently featured the groom-to-be peddling a genital wart remover called Uncle Steve’s Rub-It-Out.

A Las Vegas billboard was rented out for a bachelor party that featured the groom promoting genital wart remover

But wait! There’s more. They even set up a website to shame the guy worldwide. This, people, is what friends are really for.

Check out #UnkieSteve's famous genital wart remover AKA the greatest bachelor party prank ever

The good news is that it looks like the groom took it like a true champ. Head over to Imgur for more photos and reaction shots.

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Giveaway: Win Deluxe Bachelor Party Recovery Kits for Your Groomsmen

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

These UrgentRx recovery kits are generously stocked with everything you and your groomsmen will need to feel better and get your day back on track after a night of partying.

You know the feeling. The pounding headache, bad taste in your mouth, gurgling stomach, overall achiness and complete exhaustion. That’s right — you’ve been overserved.

Want to save yourself and your groomsmen from that all-too-familiar misery the morning after the bachelor party? We recently discovered a great way to feel better when that inevitable hangover rears its ugly head. Presenting: the bachelor party recovery kit.

These deluxe bachelor party recovery kits from UrgentRx, makers of Fast Powders — pocket-sized, fast-acting medications that treat a variety of symptoms without water — make great groomsmen gifts.

Starting today, you can enter to win nine deluxe bachelor party recovery kits from UrgentRx, makers of Fast Powders — pocket-sized, fast-acting medications that treat a variety of symptoms without water — for your wedding party. Of course, these kits also make great groomsmen gifts and come equally in handy for the morning after the wedding reception.

These killer recovery kits are generously stocked with everything you and your wolfpack will need to feel better and get your day back on track in no time (especially if the wedding’s only a few hours away), including:

- Instant coffee for your caffeine fix and to help ease that screaming headache.

- Visine to cover up those tell-tale bloodshot peepers.

- Band-Aids for those mystery cuts and scrapes. Seriously, did you fall down a well?

- Mini Gatorade to start replenishing those lost electrolytes.

- UrgentRx fast-acting, pocket-sized powder remedies for headaches, aches and pains and upset stomach. Nuff said.

- A wallet, because yours is missing — again, and it’s a perfect place to stash extra UrgentRx powders for later in the day.

- Gum, breath mints and mouthwash to help tame that nasty snake breath.

- Sunglasses for when you’re finally ready to open those black-out shades and re-enter the world of the living.

Perfect for on-the-go use, these UrgentRx Fast Powders are pocket-sized, fast-acting medications that treat a variety of symptoms without water.

How to enter the giveaway

Step 1. Head over to our Instagram account and check out today’s giveaway.

Step 2. Like the giveaway photo and tag a friend to enter to win nine deluxe bachelor party recovery kits from UrgentRx.

On 8/6/15, we’ll choose a random winner and tag them via Instagram.

Giveaway details

- Prize: Nine (9) bachelor party recovery kits from UrgentRx as detailed above
- Enter between 7/29/15 and 8/5/15 until 11:59pm CST via Instagram
- Winner will be randomly selected and notified on 8/6/15 via Instagram
- Winner has one week to respond or a new winner will be selected
- Giveaway open only to U.S. residents of at least 18 years of age
- Free shipping included to U.S. addresses only
- Winner has 30 days from notification to claim prize
- Past giveaway winners within 30 days are ineligible to win
- No purchase necessary

Good luck!

How would you stock your own custom recovery kits for your bachelor party or wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

25 Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas

Monday, March 26th, 2012

alternative bachelor party ideas

Regardless of what the best man may think, it’s the groom who gets final say on what style of bachelor party he’ll have. If the man of the hour isn’t feeling the bar or strip club scene, don’t fret. There are countless other opportunities for fun and debauchery. Here are 25 of our favorite:

1. Shooting range
2. Camping/fishing trip
3. Action movie marathon
4. Skydiving
5. Ultimate Frisbee/Disc Golf
6. Scavenger hunt
7. Flag football tournament
8. Wine/beer/whiskey tasting
9. White water rafting trip
10. Concert of a favorite band
11. ATV rental
12. Sporting event
13. Golf outing or Top Golf party
14. Video game marathon
15. NASCAR experience
16. Grilling or culinary class
17. Group trip to the barbershop, classic shaves for everyone
18. Paintball
19. Man vs. Food tour of your city or state
20. Ski/snowboarding trip
21. Wiffle ball!
22. Casino night
23. Learn how to play Rugby
24. Rodeo School
25. Spontaneous road trip: rent a classic convertible and hit the road with no specific destination in mind

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The Ultimate Bachelor Party Challenge

Thursday, February 12th, 2009
jumbo flask bachelor party

Drink up!

A good bachelor party doesn’t let the groom-to-be get through the night easily. Creating several “challenges” for the groom to attempt throughout the night isa great way to add to the overall fun of the evening. Because, honestly, what bachelor party guest doesn’t want to watch the groom try to get random girls to sign his t-shirt?

We were recently informed that one of our top selling products has spawned a bachelor party game all of its own. The Maxam 64oz. Jumbo Flask is certainly an eye-catcher. However, in this instance, the flask is for the groom. The challenge (or death sentence) is for the groom to start the night with a full jumbo flask and finish it by the end of then night. He has to drink the entire flask himself UNLESS he can get phone numbers from girls. If he is successful in doing that, he is allowed to pour her a shot. **NOTE This girl is not chosen by the groom, but rather the groomsmen which makes for a nice little twist.

We didn’t believe this when we heard it, but we did some research and actually found some bachelor parties where this game has taken place. Now, that’s what we call bachelor party entrepreneurship.

What’s the best bachelor party you’ve ever been to? Tell us about it in the comments

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