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Expert Forum: What are the Top Groom Trends for 2015?

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

what are 2015's top wedding trends for the groom?

photo: Annie McElwain Photography

Although it may still be frigid outside, spring (and wedding season) are thankfully right around the corner. With it, new ideas and movements will rise while last year’s fade away. To investigate what trends we can expect to see rising in popularity on the groom’s side over the coming months, we gathered some of our favorite wedding experts and asked them the following question:

With men’s voices increasingly become stronger in the world of weddings, what do you expect to see as the top groom trends in 2015?

Harmony Walton (Owner, The Bridal Bar)
Twitter: @bridalbar

With grooms taking even more of an active role in the wedding planning process, we get to see more of their personalities and likes expressed in the day’s events, which I love! From more bold fashion statements (think colored suits, mixing of prints on a shirt and tie and even creative boutonnieres reflecting their favorite things) to bands and entertainment that show off their love of a certain genre or era like 80s music or even a specific entertainer or style of dance, grooms’ styles are everywhere!  His inspiration can also be spotted in the event design. More masculine color palettes are more popular than ever, as well as darker tones, like Marsala — the Pantone 2015 color of the year — or pairings with greens, browns and even oranges.  In 2015, weddings are getting more colorful and gender neutral, which is a subtle nod to his influence on the big day.

Tracey Lyles (Social Media & PR, Robbins Brothers)
Twitter: @robbinsbrothers

Presentation is everything! From picking out the perfect ring that she’ll love, to planning a marriage proposal that is tailored to the couple’s specific interests and romantic milestones, we predict that hopeful grooms will become even more engaged and enamored with the proposal planning process! After all, the two questions women are asked right after they become engaged are: 1) Let me see the ring and 2) How did he propose? We’ll definitely see men spending more time, effort and interest in creating the perfect proposal.

Kara Horner (Editor, GroomsAdvice)
Twitter: TMR_Kara

In 2015, I expect to see more grooms incorporate vintage and family throwback elements into their weddings, whether it’s with a vintage or heirloom engagement ring, wedding day attire — such as suspenders and bowties for the guys, reception décor — like displaying wedding photos or keepsakes from the parents and grandparents, or transportation — such as leaving the wedding in a streetcar or an awesome vintage getaway car.

James Bennett (Owner, Firefly Group Events)
Twitter: @firefly_events

It’s a highly visible world now. Life events like weddings are seen by everyone. I think because of that visibility men are starting to cultivate the image that emerges. I’ve seen far more weddings where the groom’s input is visually obvious. Ten years ago, the only people who saw your wedding photos were the ones who visited your house for dinner. Now, everyone sees them. Men have begun to care. I think that visibility influences bachelor parties as well. We’re seeing more and more shot-by-shot recounts of parties, which can introduce caution, but can also lead to a greater sense of adventurism. We want people to see us go big with our friends on a crazy adventure — ones that seem to skew less toward epic debauchery, for the most part. Expect adventures, GoPros, and more video one-upmanship from bachelors in 2015.

Brian Watkins (President, Ritani)
Twitter: @ritani

The emerging trend this year is in the amount of detail and finish available in men’s wedding bands. The classic band is still very popular, but now you can find subtly brushed finishes or paneling, which lends rings a modern edge. Grooms now have a wider range of options to take a classic look and mold it to their own sense of style.

Chris Easter (Co-founder, The Man Registry)
Twitter: @chriseaster

I’m a big fan of creative groom’s cakes. I love seeing hobbies such as fishing, golf and video gaming turned into amazing works of edible art. In fact, as a huge baseball fan myself, my groom’s cake was modeled after the St. Louis Cardinals’ logo. Yet I sense a turn toward more formal groom’s cakes in 2015. Some recent favorites can be seen here and here.


You’ve heard what our experts think, now tell us what trend(s) you expect to see as big hits with the guys this year.

Expert Forum: 2014′s Top Groom Wedding Trends

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite bloggers for another expert forum. This time, we’re discussing the wedding trends that grooms will be most excited about in 2014.

a whiskey bar is set up for a wedding reception

Engagement season is over and wedding planning is beginning for countless newly engaged couples. What’s your favorite 2014 trend that grooms can get excited about?

Kara Horner (Editor, GroomsAdvice)
Twitter: @TMR_Kara

In 2014, I expect to see more grooms (and brides) bucking traditional, one-size-fits-all wedding ideas in favor of unique and personal details that make perfect sense for each individual couple. Grooms will continue to be more engaged in the planning process and make their mark on details beyond attire and transportation, incorporating more creative, guy-friendly aspects into their weddings and rehearsal dinners, such as cigar bars, whiskey tasting areas and specialty food stations.

Darren Young (Owner, Well-Groomed)
Twitter: @wellgrmd

Of course, I’m looking at the new year from a style standpoint, and 2014 will be all about mixing casual and semi-formal duds. Grooms should feel free to swap a suit jacket for a leather jacket or wear boots with the suit to break up a traditional look. Another bonus? Along with injecting a little of the groom’s personality, the casual/semi-formal combo can also inject a little comfort into the all-day festivities.

Anne Chertoff (Wedding Media Expert,
Twitter: @AnneChertoff

For 2014, I think grooms can get excited about all the fun activities and entertainment we’re now seeing at weddings.  We’re well beyond the entertainment being the bride and groom’s surprise choreographed dance – and I’m sure a lot of guys will be relieved about that. Photo booths are now slow motion and video booths offer fun and animated props, such as confetti and mini-poppers.

The wedding no longer stops at the band’s last dance, but will continue well into the night and following morning with a wild after-party filled with new entertainment options, menus and party favors. Today’s couples are also getting nostalgic for their youth by hiring bands and dancers that sound, look and move like their favorite ‘90s bands, such as boy bands and hip-hop groups.

Lauren Grove (Owner, Every Last Detail)
Twitter: @ELD_Lauren

Grooms, start making that craft beer and tasting whiskey, because 2014 is all about personal, custom drink options! Say goodbye to girly signature drinks, and serve up your own home-brewed beer and/or wine, complete with a custom nuptial-inspired name and label. Or if you’re a whiskey or scotch fan, offer up a selection of your favorites for everyone to taste. It’s all about the experience and the personalization in 2014!

Marta Segal Block (Blogger, GigMasters Wedding Blog)
Twitter: @MartasAdvice

Whether you’re a guy who confuses hashtags and hashbrowns or a guy who can’t watch TV without tweeting about it, 2014 has a tech trend for you. Couples are moving both toward and away from social media and tech in equal numbers. Some couples are setting up charging stations and announcing hashtags on save the dates. Others are requesting that guests check their phones at the door and even refrain from taking photos during the reception. Choose the option that makes the most sense to you.

Now that our experts have weighed in, what are your favorite 2014 wedding trends for the guys?

Expert Forum: Married Couple Date Nights

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Think the pre-engagement courtship you shared with your soon-to-be wife would be the last serious effort you’d ever put into dating? Think again. Taking care of your relationship post-wedding is equally essential. It can mean the difference between a strong, healthy marriage and one that divides a couple. To break down the topic, we’ve brought in some of our favorite bloggers to provide their advice on dating after “I do”.

wedding bloggers share date night ideas for married couples

With life’s many distractions, spending quality time with your spouse can easily go by the wayside. How important is it for couples to maintain a regular date night? What are some fun date night ideas?

Emma Arendoski (Owner, EmmalineBride)
Twitter: @EmmalineBride

Life can have many distractions, but finding quality time with your spouse should be a priority.  I recently read a tweet from Busy Philipps (@Busyphilipps25) that said, “You never feel closer to your spouse than when you’re binge watching a TV show together.”  It’s funny because it’s true: Some overlooked activities (cooking together in the kitchen, running errands, and yes, ‘binge-watching’ TV shows) can keep you bonded during the week.  On the weekend, make time for a coffee date, dress up and go out to dinner, or plan to get away for the weekend.  Spend time in conversation and skip the chatter about work, errands and home projects.  Some of the best date ideas aren’t expensive either – a rented movie and popcorn date at home, a trip to the cider mill or a walk at a local park are just a few ideas. Date nights shouldn’t fly out the window when you’re married. Make time to keep the romance alive.

Kara Horner (Editor-in-Chief, GroomsAdvice)
Twitter: @TMR_Kara

Regularly scheduling quality time together is essential in any marriage. Otherwise, life (work commitments, hectic family schedules, home maintenance, financial stress, etc.) quickly tends to get in the way of what you’d rather be doing together — like relaxing on the beach of a remote island, cocktail in hand. So it’s important to schedule a regular date night on a weekly or monthly basis (whatever works for you) where just the two of you can hang out, like you did when you were dating. A date night can be as simple and inexpensive as dinner and a movie or TV marathon at home or out, or trying something new or fun together, such as touring a local vineyard or brewery, taking a cooking class, hitting a concert, or going to your favorite team’s next game.

Steve Cooper (Co-Founder, Hitched Media)
Twitter: @hitchedmedia

Regular date nights are extremely important because they keep couples connected. Research has shown that couples who participate in new and exciting activities together report significantly greater marital satisfaction. Part of this is because new experiences activate the brain’s reward system, flooding the body with the same chemicals that are released during the early romantic phase of a relationship. Just hanging out together, however, won’t have the same effect. You have to do new and exciting things, which is why regular dates are so important.

Before embarking on your adventure, remember that dates should be fun! When coming up with a great date night idea, the simplest source of inspiration can be found in the season and your surroundings. The summer months have county fairs, fall brings about Octoberfest, and when winter arrives, the Christmas lights go up. Build the date around these activities. If you’re going to check out holiday lights, for example, pack a thermos of something hot and maybe find a romantic high-point overlooking the entire area after you’ve seen everything at street level. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make things perfect; just do something you’ll both enjoy.

Anne Chertoff (Wedding Media Expert,
Twitter: @annechertoff

It’s extremely important for couples to keep the spark alive well after the honeymoon, especially once the kids arrive!  While we’ve tried a weekly date night, our schedules don’t always allow for it, so we try to plan weekends away without the kids a few times a year. If you’re not parents, some fun date night ideas might be a  fancy dinner and a show (once or twice a year it’s fun to get dressed up), a movie night, an ice cream sundae night (one of my favorites at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor), comedy shows, taking in a game, or some random trivia night at a bar. Whatever you do for date night, make it something you don’t always do so it’s something exciting to try and look forward to.

Chris Easter (Co-Founder, The Man Registry)
Twitter: @chriseaster

There’s no doubt you’ll spend more time with your spouse after you’re married. However, I personally don’t consider evenings spent cleaning the house, organizing budgets and grocery shopping as much fun as a night out on the town. This is why maintaining regular date nights is one thing that my wife and I have made a priority in our marriage. We’ve made it a goal to try at least one new restaurant every month. The same concept would easily work for museums, parks or movies. It’s also always refreshing to power off for these date nights and commit to not using your phone, tablet or apps for the evening. It sounds tough, but I know you can do it!

Connect with post author Chris Easter on Google+, Pinterest and Facebook.

Whats your favorite way to share a date night with your significant other? Low key or out on the town? Share your response below!

Expert Forum: Sex on the Wedding Night

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Under the impression that your wedding night will be the summit of your sexual life? Hold that thought. Whether due to fatigue, hunger, inebriation, or a combination of all three, sex may not even happen on the big night. Is this acceptable? There’s no right or wrong answer, but everyone has an opinion. We pulled together some of our favorite bloggers to debate just how important it is to seal the marital deal on the wedding night.


Some stats say as high as 50% of newlyweds don’t consummate the marriage until the honeymoon. Just how important is doing the deed on the wedding night?

Kara Horner (Blogger & Media Director,
Twitter: @TMR_Kara

Let’s face it; weddings are often emotional, stressful and exhausting. So it’s no surprise that nearly half of couples are too spent (or over-served) to have sex on the wedding night and end up crashing instead. If it works out, mazel tov! But if it doesn’t happen, don’t sweat it. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourselves to do the deed when neither of you is really into it. That will only lead to disappointment. Instead, rest up, recharge and postpone the wedding night sex until your honeymoon instead. Once you’ve both had a minute to relax, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to enjoy being newlyweds.

Darren Younge (Founder, Well-Groomed)
Twitter: @wellgrmd

Not even a little important. There’s no point in forcing it if you’re not feeling it. After months of dealing with in-law drama, wedding details, and budget dilemmas, it’s understandable. If the reception leaves you too tired or boozy to hit the sheets, then by all means, wait until you’re relaxing oceanside with the Mrs.

Brian Leahy (Founder, The Groom Says)
Twitter: @thedaddysays

There’s one thing I know for certain: if you carry your stunning bride down that Hampton Inn hallway and across the threshold and announce upon entry that you’re ready to “do the deed,” then I guarantee that’s gonna be the only entry you see that night. I’m not at all surprised that over half of newlyweds can’t pull it together on their wedding night. You’re both drenched in sweat, sore in the legs from dancing, sore in the mouth from smiling, and that hangover is only moments away. On any other “ordinary” night, sex would be the farthest thing from your mind. So don’t put too much stress on it — cause you kids have got plenty of time to do the dirty. And cause it’s much more likely that you’ll be hitting up Taco Bell at 2AM in your full wedding get-up, hoping the dude working late-night throws some free chalupas your way.

Holly Steen (Owner, Cakes & Kisses Photography)
Twitter: @cakesandkisses

My husband says the importance of sex on the wedding night is very important if the couple hasn’t had sex for religious or biblical reasons. But if a couple has been living together or had premarital relations it doesn’t seem that important. Because weddings are such an extravagant day, not just a 20 minute ceremony. Couples are spending thousands for a 6 hour party to celebrate. By the wedding night they are too exhausted from the first dance, toasts, last dance, etc. So everyone understands why they don’t consummate. I say, it is vital to have the connection after such a beautiful celebration of your wedding with friends and family. It completes the translation from fiancé/fiancée to husband/wife. Isn’t the divorce rate the same as the couples who wait to consummate till the honeymoon?

Ian (Founder, A Groom’s Diary)
Twitter: @agroomsdiary

If you’re having a Dances With Wolves themed wedding it is part of the deal that everyone follows you to your teepee and stands outside while it happens. But I’ve read that only 47% of weddings in the US are Dances With Wolves themed…so that may not be for everyone. I say it’s important. Our wedding night the skies parted and the continents moved. Literally. Clouds cleared and there was an earthquake while we were consummating. You need to do it, just to try to top our earth and skies wedding night.


Married couples: if you feel comfortable sharing, leave a comment below and tell us if you and your husband got it done on the wedding night. If you didn’t, why?

Expert Forum: Joint Bachelor(ette) Parties?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are known as rites of passage for grooms and brides. These “last nights out” offer a great opportunity to have one last bash with close friends before walking down the aisle. While typically thought of as guys’ and girls’ nights only, a growing trend has couples bucking the norm and planning joint parties

We pulled together some of our favorite wedding experts to see if this concept passes the sniff test.

joint bachelor(ette) beach party

More and more couples are choosing to do a coed bachelor(ette) party. How do you feel about this trend? Should the groom and bride have separate “last nights out” or are you on board with the idea of joint parties?

Chris Easter (Co-Founder,
Twitter: @chriseaster
Google Plus: +Chris

With couples getting married at old ages, it doesn’t surprise me to see this trend growing. I think it’s all about personal preference and lifestyle. If the couple has put their hard partying days behind them, I don’t see anything wrong with a night or weekend outing with their closest friends to celebrate the end of single life. Remember, there’s no official rule book for these types of parties. To each their own.

Ian (Author, A Groom’s Diary)
Twitter: @agroomsdiary

Grooms: If your wife-to-be demands this idea, run. Now.
Brides: If your husband-to-be accepts this idea, run. Now.

She’s a psycho or he’s a pushover. No exceptions.

This idea might be the only wedding trend worse than the unity candle.

(I’d write more but I’ve got to get ready for my buddy’s bachelor party tonight.  We’re going to make him drink three pints of generic brand vodka, force him to gamble his nest-egg and then take pictures of strippers dancing over his lifeless corpse, just like he always dreamed we would.)  (And his marriage will be better for it.)

Kara Horner (Blogger & Media Director,
Twitter: @TMR_Kara

While it may be tempting to for a tight-knit group of friends to have a co-ed bachelor(ette) party, I think it’s important for both the bride and groom to schedule some quality girls-only and guys-only time before the big day arrives. It can be a great opportunity to bond with your bridesmaids and groomsmen before the wedding, especially if you don’t often have the chance to get the whole group together due to busy schedules or family life or being spread out across the country. Once you’re a married couple, you’ll likely go out with friends together the majority of the time, so it’s nice to maintain a few separate interests and hang out individually with the guys or girls every now and then.

James Bennett (Founder, Firefly Bachelor Party Planning)
Twitter: @firefly_events

As Bachelor and Bachelorette party planners we don’t think that joint parties are a matter of ‘should’. The Co-ed party isn’t going to be a great idea for every couple. But it can be every bit as fun as the individually celebrated parties. However, our recommendation is to always take elements from both scenarios. Plan an activity for the boys and girls separately the meet up and do something as a large group. You’re still celebrating your friendship and placing focus on the bride or groom individually. But allowing for large group antics. The ultimate goal of a bachelor/ette party is to celebrate the huge step your friend is taking in the manner that fits your friend.

Darren Younge (Founder, Well-Groomed)
Twitter: @wellgrmd

I don’t have a problem with co-ed bachelor(ette) parties, especially if the couple genuinely gets along with each others friends. You’ll have to mix and mingle for the rest of your lives, might as well start now. Besides, who doesn’t love one big party? If you do decide to go your separate ways for your party, skip the stripper/bar/casino scene, which will only lead to trouble. Just ask A. C. Slater and that Doritos girl. Instead, take a road trip to do some outdoorsy, sporty guy thing or have a golf weekend. It really doesn’t matter what you and the guys do, as long as you don’t find yourself with some strange girl’s panties on your head at the end of the night.

Shulie Lo (Social Maven, Robbins Brothers)
Twitter: @RobbinsBrothers

No. No. No. Nope. Not going to happen. The bachelor(ette) party is the last time that you can bond with your friends. The last hurrah. You have the rest of your married life with your husband to look forward to, so why not go out with a bang with your best friends? Your entourage. It’s not about not trusting your significant other with strippers (which should be a red flag), but more about bonding with the girls (or guys) that have been with you every step of the way. Even if you have a lot of mutual friends that would love to celebrate together, you may have some friends that want to participate in some sisterly bonding. If you feel that you must have a joined party and celebrate together, you could always throw a third event. Perhaps a low-key “We’re Getting Married!” party.

Connect with post author Chris Easter on Google+, Pinterest and Facebook.

What’s your take on joint bachelor(ette) parties? Post a comment below with your thoughts.

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