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Four Keys to Finding Your Wedding Photographer

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Kaylynne Kroshus Photography

Photo: Kaylynne Kroshus Photography

You’ve finally popped the question. You met the perfect woman and knew she was the one. Now that you’re engaged, your bride-to-be is knee-deep in the wedding planning process. There’s so much to do and she’ll always appreciate your help, especially when it comes to finding your wedding photographer.

Once the wedding day has come and gone, the best way to remember it all is through you wedding photography. You’ll want to look back at your wedding photos on your anniversaries for years to come and remember the way she looked when you first saw her walk down the aisle, the tears in both of your eyes as you said “I do,” and the fun you had on the dance floor with your groomsmen and bridesmaids. Those memories will fade, but if you have a photographer capture those special moments, you can look back on them forever.


So, how can you help your bride-to-be find the best photographer for your wedding? One great place to start is SnapKnot, where you can create a free account and be matched with photographers in your area and budget range. Once you find a few photographers that fit your needs, reach out and schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Here are four important details to cover when you meet with a wedding photographer.

1. Budget. Pricing is always important to ask about first and foremost. Make sure you know how much you’re able to spend and if the photographer’s services are within that budget. You’ll soon learn that there’s a wide range of wedding photography prices. For example, some photographers charge extra for mileage if they have to travel a certain distance, while others include that cost in their package fee. Some photographers also charge to have an assistant or a second shooter attend the wedding. (Read more on what makes one photographer cheaper than others.)

George Street Photo & Video

2. Photography Style. Do you and your fiancée want your photographs to tell the story of your wedding day or have a list of posed family photos you want to make sure to capture? Ask to see the photographer’s past albums and photographs to get a feel of their photographic style. You should like all (or at least most) of the photos you see from a photographer to get a sense of their style, which is the same style they’ll use to photograph your wedding day. (See more wedding photography advice about photo styles.)

3. Products and Services Offered. Does your bride-to-be really want to do a trash-the-dress session or have an amazing engagement shoot? Do you both want a really great custom wedding album or a beautifully framed engagement photo with a matted frame that guests can sign at your wedding? It’s important to make sure the photographer offers every single item you want in their wedding packages. Also ensure that the quality and types of albums he or she creates are in line with your expectations and preferences.

4. Photographer’s Personality. Because the person you end up choosing to photograph your big day is so important, it’s always best to meet face to face beforehand to make sure you enjoy his or her personality and demeanor. This person will be with you while you’re hanging out with your groomsmen before the wedding, as you’re nervously waiting for your bride to walk down the aisle and throughout the entire reception. If you and the photographer have clashing personalities or something just feels “off” between the two of you, keep looking until you find someone you truly feel comfortable with.

DK Photography

Helping your bride-to-be find your photographer should be more fun than stressful, but it’s important to start out by narrowing down a list of the best wedding photographers in your area and personally meeting with a few of them. Doing that initial research will certainly help you find the photographer you both trust and who will capture your special day exactly how you both imagined.

Grooms, have you learned any other helpful tips for booking your wedding photographer? Share them with us in the comments below.

The Best of the Web for Grooms – February 13, 2015

Friday, February 13th, 2015


Not sure your best man is quite up to the task before him? It may be time to bring in a professional. One Jacksonville, FL-based man, Jake Overman, is billing himself as a Professional Best Man for hire, offering to help your actual (potentially clueless) best man with planning the bachelor party, honeymoon, wedding day attire, etiquette and speech-writing. And don’t worry, there’s professional help available for the ladies, too. Jen Glantz, Bridesmaid for Hire, is available to consult, assist with planning, facilitate pre-wedding events as well as support the bride and bridesmaids on the big day.


Think the last bachelor party you went to was cool? Think again. This lucky groom’s friends planned an epic bachelor party that turned him into Rambo for a day. We dare you to top that — just make sure to tell us about it.


Looking for the perfect gift for your sports-loving groomsmen? Check out the amazing selection of officially-licensed and authenticated sports memorabilia and pro team man cave gear from Steiner Sports. Two great picks: the MLB team man cave signs and team subway sign wall art, both of which include game-used dirt. Of course, make sure to get yourself a little something while you’re at it.


On the lookout for a tasty wedding favor that will leave your guests speechless (because their mouths will be full)? Chunky Pig might be just the ticket. Chunky Pig combines rare mushroom popcorn, dark chocolate and maple syrup to create the perfect blend of candied bacon caramel corn. The best part is that it’s free of gluten, dairy and hormones so everyone can enjoy it. You can shop the store here, but just don’t do it on an empty stomach.


Tired of feeling like a jailor and lugging around that massive jumble of keys that barely fits in your pants pocket anymore? Definitely not a good look on the wedding day. Check out KeySmart, a universal and expandable Swiss army-style key holder that deftly consolidates up to 100 keys into a compact, minimalist package.

See any other groom-centric content or links this week? Share them with us in the comment section below.

8 Creative Football-Themed Groom’s Cakes

Thursday, January 29th, 2015


With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, all we can think about is football and food! If you’re thinking about incorporating your love of football in your wedding, the groom’s cake is a perfect solution. Check out these amazing football-themed groom’s cakes for inspiration before creating your own tasty masterpiece.


1. For the love of the game: If he’s a fan of all types of football, whether it’s pro, college or playing the game himself, he’ll love this incredibly realistic football cake.


2. Candy-coated perfection: A football groom’s cake on a bed of his favorite candy…what could be better?


3. Hometown pride: Can’t decide between two sports? Choose both! This groom’s cake shows off the groom’s love of both of his favorite pro football and baseball teams.


4. Alma mater love: This groom’s cake highlights the groom’s loyalty to his college football team.


5. Classy confection: This sleekly designed football logo groom’s cake looks right at home next to the traditional wedding cake.


6. Multi-player standout: This groom’s cake is great for grooms who have both a favorite college and pro team or want to incorporate the bride’s favorite team as well.


7. A super fan’s dream: If his motto is “go big or go home,” this is his groom’s cake. The amazing detail on this massive football stadium replica cake is perfect for any die-hard football fan.


8. Groom’s cake alternative: Perfect for guys who prefer something a little outside the (cake) box, this football cake-pop display is a great choice.

Guys, which of these groom’s cakes is perfect for your wedding? Tell us in the comment section below.


Expert Forum: What are the Top Groom Trends for 2015?

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

what are 2015's top wedding trends for the groom?

photo: Annie McElwain Photography

Although it may still be frigid outside, spring (and wedding season) are thankfully right around the corner. With it, new ideas and movements will rise while last year’s fade away. To investigate what trends we can expect to see rising in popularity on the groom’s side over the coming months, we gathered some of our favorite wedding experts and asked them the following question:

With men’s voices increasingly become stronger in the world of weddings, what do you expect to see as the top groom trends in 2015?

Harmony Walton (Owner, The Bridal Bar)
Twitter: @bridalbar

With grooms taking even more of an active role in the wedding planning process, we get to see more of their personalities and likes expressed in the day’s events, which I love! From more bold fashion statements (think colored suits, mixing of prints on a shirt and tie and even creative boutonnieres reflecting their favorite things) to bands and entertainment that show off their love of a certain genre or era like 80s music or even a specific entertainer or style of dance, grooms’ styles are everywhere!  His inspiration can also be spotted in the event design. More masculine color palettes are more popular than ever, as well as darker tones, like Marsala — the Pantone 2015 color of the year — or pairings with greens, browns and even oranges.  In 2015, weddings are getting more colorful and gender neutral, which is a subtle nod to his influence on the big day.

Tracey Lyles (Social Media & PR, Robbins Brothers)
Twitter: @robbinsbrothers

Presentation is everything! From picking out the perfect ring that she’ll love, to planning a marriage proposal that is tailored to the couple’s specific interests and romantic milestones, we predict that hopeful grooms will become even more engaged and enamored with the proposal planning process! After all, the two questions women are asked right after they become engaged are: 1) Let me see the ring and 2) How did he propose? We’ll definitely see men spending more time, effort and interest in creating the perfect proposal.

Kara Horner (Editor, GroomsAdvice)
Twitter: TMR_Kara

In 2015, I expect to see more grooms incorporate vintage and family throwback elements into their weddings, whether it’s with a vintage or heirloom engagement ring, wedding day attire — such as suspenders and bowties for the guys, reception décor — like displaying wedding photos or keepsakes from the parents and grandparents, or transportation — such as leaving the wedding in a streetcar or an awesome vintage getaway car.

James Bennett (Owner, Firefly Group Events)
Twitter: @firefly_events

It’s a highly visible world now. Life events like weddings are seen by everyone. I think because of that visibility men are starting to cultivate the image that emerges. I’ve seen far more weddings where the groom’s input is visually obvious. Ten years ago, the only people who saw your wedding photos were the ones who visited your house for dinner. Now, everyone sees them. Men have begun to care. I think that visibility influences bachelor parties as well. We’re seeing more and more shot-by-shot recounts of parties, which can introduce caution, but can also lead to a greater sense of adventurism. We want people to see us go big with our friends on a crazy adventure — ones that seem to skew less toward epic debauchery, for the most part. Expect adventures, GoPros, and more video one-upmanship from bachelors in 2015.

Brian Watkins (President, Ritani)
Twitter: @ritani

The emerging trend this year is in the amount of detail and finish available in men’s wedding bands. The classic band is still very popular, but now you can find subtly brushed finishes or paneling, which lends rings a modern edge. Grooms now have a wider range of options to take a classic look and mold it to their own sense of style.

Chris Easter (Co-founder, The Man Registry)
Twitter: @chriseaster

I’m a big fan of creative groom’s cakes. I love seeing hobbies such as fishing, golf and video gaming turned into amazing works of edible art. In fact, as a huge baseball fan myself, my groom’s cake was modeled after the St. Louis Cardinals’ logo. Yet I sense a turn toward more formal groom’s cakes in 2015. Some recent favorites can be seen here and here.


You’ve heard what our experts think, now tell us what trend(s) you expect to see as big hits with the guys this year.

The Best of the Web for Grooms – September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Who needs another choreographed wedding party dance when you can invite this little boy wonder to dance at your wedding reception? This young man clearly marches to the beat of his own drum, and it’s awesome. Check out his killer dancing skills here, first spied on TIME.


Photo: Tina Fineberg, The New York Times

One wedding trend we firmly stand behind is injecting the groom’s personal style into the big day. Penguin suits are no longer de rigueur for the groom and his groomsmen. This groom, for example, wore an off-white dinner jacket to his wedding, which coordinated nicely with the bride’s ivory gown. We love the idea of grooms breaking the traditional mold and wearing something a little less expected that matches his personality on the wedding day, whether it’s a different colored suit that helps him stand out from the groomsmen, a short-sleeved button-down and suspenders, or fun accessories, such as colorful socks and Converse Chucks.


This groom gave his bride the moon – literally. At this Burning Man wedding, the groom presented his beloved with a custom, 3D-printed ring boasting a piece of a moon rock. While this kind of celestial ring may not appeal to every bride, this grooms scores major points for originality and personality. Top that, gents.


You’ve heard of a cash bar, but believe it or not, pay-to-eat weddings also exist. Apparently, in some areas, such as Quebec City, Canada, this is considered normal. There’s no word on this becoming a trend in the U.S. anytime soon, and “let’s hope not,” said every wedding guest ever. There are certainly plenty of other ways to cut wedding costs, without putting the onus on your guests.

See any other interesting groom-centric content or links this week? Share them with us in the comment section below.


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