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5 Keys to the Groom’s Wedding Day Look


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Contrary to popular belief, the bride isn’t the only one who has big decisions to make about her wedding day attire. Today’s grooms are also finding unique and creative ways to showcase their personal style for the big day. Whether it means incorporating superhero socks or putting your groomsmen in bowties while you rock a skinny tie, the options for creating your personal style are limitless and deserve some serious attention. Here’s a simple, five-step guide to putting your look together.

To tux or not to tux. That’s right, fellas. Being a groom doesn’t mean you have to don a tux or even a suit anymore. The key is to follow the overall style and theme of your wedding. Having a rustic, outdoor barn wedding? Consider wearing suit pants with suspenders and a tie or bowtie, but ditch the jacket. If you and your bride are planning a formal church wedding, a tux or nice suit may be the most appropriate choice. Discuss the overall essence of the wedding with your bride and come to a decision together.

Determine the color scheme. By now you and your bride have probably chosen the main colors for your wedding. Use those color choices as a jumping off point to determine the colors of your own attire. Are the bridesmaids wearing green? If so, consider finding a matching green accessory such as a tie, bowtie or pocket square. Your bride may already have a strong opinion on what colors you wear, so plan to make this decision together. Is your bride wearing a white gown or a different color?. The key is to make sure that the colors in your attire nicely complement the bride’s and bridesmaids’ attire.

Find a key accessory. Once you’ve determined the major part of your wedding day look, it’s time to have some fun making it your own. Find a signature accessory that’s specific to you and your personal style. Your wedding day is the perfect time to showcase a bit of your personality and style, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Some grooms choose to wear brand new, trendy sneakers with their suit, while others wear their favorite bowtie. We’ve seen comic-fanatic grooms wear superhero socks and hipster grooms wear vintage-inspired, floral skinny ties. Are you a “Mad Men” fan? Add a pocket square to your suit jacket. The options are limitless and range from black suspenders with silver studs for the rock ‘n roll groom to suspenders and a cowboy hat for the country groom. The key is to get creative and enjoy expressing your style. And as always, discuss your ideas with your bride.

Think outside the boutonniere. We love boutonnieres, but they can be tricky. Traditionally, boutonnieres are included as part of the floral arrangements for the wedding. If your bride has her heart set on a traditional floral boutonniere, this may not be the place for you to get creative. But if your bride is open to less traditional boutonnieres, this is a unique and fun way to express your style as a couple. Think of a hobby you and your bride enjoy doing together or something you’re passionate about and try to integrate that into your boutonniere. Do you play golf together on the weekends? Why not incorporate a golf tee into your boutonniere? Are you a musician? There are actually many awesome, yet classy guitar pick boutonnieres. Etsy and Pinterest have a lot of unique boutonniere ideas and are great sources of inspiration. The key is embrace thinking outside the traditional boutonniere concept.

Differentiate yourself from your groomsmen. Let’s be honest, you and your bride should be the cream of the crop on your wedding day. Just as the bridesmaids typically wear a different ensemble from the bride, the looks your groomsmen wear should differ from yours as well. The key is to find one specific element that helps differentiate you from your groomsmen. Perhaps you wear a tie with your suit and your groomsmen don’t. Love vintage? Why not wear old fashioned black and white Oxfords, while your groomsmen sport standard black dress shoes. Some grooms wear a vest and jacket, while their groomsmen simply don a vest. The choice is yours and there’s no right or wrong decision. Check out Pinterest to get some ideas of what your choices might look like together. And as always, discuss your ideas with your bride as well.

What will be unique about your wedding day look?

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