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6 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

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If you just got engaged, congrats! Make sure to spend some time enjoying it before you start worrying about wedding details, despite the barrage of questions you’ll be getting from friends and family – Have you set a date yet? Will it be a summer wedding? Have you chosen your wedding colors? Jumping into wedding planning right away can quickly feel overwhelming. So once you’re ready to dive in, where should you start? Here are six things to cross off your list first.

1. Spread the news. Part of the fun of getting engaged is sharing the fantastic news with your friends and family. Whether you decide to have an engagement party, arrange a more casual get-together or pick up the phone, make sure to spend some time enjoying this life moment with your nearest and dearest before tackling the wedding plans.

2. Set a budget. If this is one of the first things you do, you’ll be more likely to stick to it. Even if you have to ballpark a number at the beginning, it will give you a guideline to use. Also determine the top two or three parts of the wedding you want to spend the majority of your budget on, so you don’t end up overspending elsewhere.

3. Estimate the size of your guest list. Determine the number (or approximate number) of guests you’ll have on each side to start creating your guest list. This will help determine the size of ceremony and reception sites that will work best for your wedding and will also help you budget for food and drinks.

4. Book your ceremony and reception venues. These will likely be the most important wedding details to nail down because they set the stage for the entire wedding. Popular wedding sites often book a year or more in advance, so it’s important to reserve your date as soon as possible. Once you’ve chosen these important locations, you’ll have a wedding date to work from and can start working on everything else.

5. Select a photographer and/or videographer. You’ll want to ensure you have a professional on hand during your wedding day to capture all of the amazing memories as they happen, so you can reminisce and enjoy it all over again for years to come.

6. Choose your wedding party. Selecting your bridesmaids and groomsmen (as well as maid of honor and best man, if applicable) is another great first step because you’ll want to make sure they’ll be available on your wedding day, especially if they live out of town. They’ll also be there to help you with some of the planning details, as well as for moral support and advice along the way.

What was the first planning detail you nailed down after getting engaged?

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