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Entertain Your Wedding Guests with Custom Lawn Games


Want to get in on the popular lawn game trend on your wedding day? Games like cornhole (which can be played indoors or outdoors) not only spice up your reception or rehearsal dinner and create a fun atmosphere for your guests, but also serve as a great ice breaker for those who don’t already know everyone or aren’t into dancing.

We recently discovered Custom Wedding Games (a division of Victory Tailgate), which creates custom cornhole games for weddings. The regulation-sized cornhole game, which measures 24×48 inches, is constructed with cabinet-grade ½-inch plywood tops and 2×4 framing with folding legs. The game’s boards feature attractive custom designs (with your choice of colors, fonts and text) and come with hand-sewn, custom-designed bags. Custom designs include monograms, photos, silhouettes, home states, licensed NCAA schools and more.

Additionally, Custom Wedding Games offers cornhole games in tailgate size (24×36 inches), Junior Size (12×24 inches) and desktop size (5×10 inches). To create a custom cornhole game for your wedding, visit their online store, reach them toll free at 888-577-4460 or email


What type of lawn game would you have at your wedding reception?

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3 Responses to “Entertain Your Wedding Guests with Custom Lawn Games”

  1. James Says:

    As a photographer I love it when guests play games – people are far less self conscious when they’ve got something to do :)

  2. Phil Says:

    Great ideas, just be careful with the bride, don’t want her dress to get messed up by the game.

  3. Lee Jr. Says:

    I don’t know why I’ve never considered these games before now. I’m going to have to see what my bride-to-be thinks about this all

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