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Why Today’s Bride is Looking for the “Wow” Factor

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There was a time when guys had it easy when it came to getting engaged and married. Once he’d made the decision on the right girl, it was simply a question of buying a beautiful white diamond in a round, “brilliant-cut” shape in a classic solitaire setting and then summoning up the courage to actually pop the question. Today’s millennial brides (ages 18 – 34), however, are looking for something that sets them apart from their friends and says more about their personal sense of style than a simple solitaire set with a white round diamond. They’re looking for color!

While the traditional white diamond engagement ring still represents the majority, there’s a growing trend underway for today’s brides to choose natural color diamonds. This trend, has been seen unfolding on our favorite celebrities who we’ve seen get engaged with diamonds in a variety of gorgeous colors. Additionally, the red carpet of most awards shows is filled with celebrities sporting natural color diamonds. The result is that today’s women are aware and educated about these diamonds and inspired by their favorite stars. Many hope to one day own the beauty and rarity of a natural color diamond for themselves.

Other significant influences for today’s women are fashion runways, magazines and textiles where they are seeing browns and beiges highlighted (It’s being said that “brown is the new black”) along with a rainbow of brighter colors. The luxuriously rich neutral colors of champagne and cognac diamonds provide her with versatility, as they will compliment all the other neutrals and colors in her wardrobe today, and in future – no matter what her style.

engagement rings by phyliss bergman

Engagement Rings by Phyllis Bergman for Mercury Ring/Interjewel

For those of you guys who are now loosing color in your face thinking about how much these beautiful stones may cost – relax! The affordability of natural color diamonds, especially in the color ranges of champagne to cognac means that these diamonds, and jewelry set with these diamonds, has never been more accessible to a larger group of people.  Additionally, this is a diamond purchase that you can feel good about. These beautiful stones come from The Argyle diamond mine in Australia, whose diamonds are ethically mined and recovered in cooperation with the traditional owners of the land, using sustainable and responsible practices.

And finally guys, think about it this way. You’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of success. After the engagement ring and wedding band you’ll have many years of anniversaries, holidays and special moments that will need that perfect gift. Give her the ultimate gift of a diamond, combined with the exclusive rarity that a natural color diamond provides. It’s the “Wow” factor she’s looking for. At the same time reward yourself for being a smart and ethical shopper. Some of the most important designers in the world are working with these beautiful gems, and, in fact, some national retail chains are offering Argyle diamond jewelry starting at $200.00 and up. Learn more about these rare diamonds, their unique stories by visiting

Has your bride-to-be shown interest in natural color diamonds? Leave your comment below.

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    Not that I know much about diamonds but I didn’t appreciate that they came in different colors. I just looked it up and apparently red diamonds are the rarest.

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