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The Top 5 Reasons to Insure Your Wedding


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Hey, it could happen…

Health. Homes. Vehicles. We insure the most important things in our lives — the ones we truly can’t live without.  So why wouldn’t a bride and groom want to protect such an important day — their wedding day — from the unexpected? Wedding insurance may sound like a luxury you can do without, but that’s far from the truth. We teamed up with our friends at Markel Event Insurance  to share the top reasons to consider protecting your big day from the unthinkable.

Unreliable Vendors – Wedding vendors often require a hefty down payment when you book their services. This is predictable. What’s not predictable is when that vendor goes out of business or bails at the last minute. While 99% of wedding vendors are reputable and honest businesspeople, what happens when you book one who isn’t?

Illness – If you’re anything like me, you tend to get sick on holidays, birthdays and during other special events. Can you imagine falling ill on the day of your wedding? This goes for a parent or immediate family member of the bride or groom as well. A wedding insurance policy can cover the cost of rescheduling. Now that’s what I call a safety blanket!

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Damage to Venue – Natural disasters are difficult to predict. Allow me to throw out a few possible disasters that could disrupt your festivities: A tornado takes out the banquet hall where your reception will be held, a tractor trailer truck plows through into your church rendering it useless or an earthquake damages a water line going into your rehearsal dinner site. As unlikely as these events may seem, they could happen.

Deployment – If you’re one of countless Americans making the ultimate sacrifice for your country, there’s always the possibility that military deployment could affect your wedding plans. Wedding insurers like Markel Event Insurance make sure that any non-refundable deposits you’ve paid are covered in the event you have to postpone your nuptials.

Wedding Insurance Liability – No one likes to think about what disasters could happen on the big day – so let Markel Event Insurance  do it for you. Consider the following:

  • - Your college roommate’s plus-one falls and breaks her tailbone on the dance floor.
  • - Your best man has one too many and causes an accident on the way home.
  • - A candle center piece damages the reception hall’s antique banquet table.
  • - For the reasons above (and more) many venues now require wedding insurance

None of these occurrences will end up being cheap to fix, unless you’ve insured your wedding.

wedding venue floods with brown water

Just as you wouldn’t sign your mortgage without having homeowner’s insurance, you should consider buying wedding insurance as a safeguard against failing vendors, illness and accidents. Wedding insurance policies start at $75 (your actual premium is based on the coverages chosen and your total wedding budget), and could save you thousands if the unexpected occurs. For a compilation of the most common FAQs on wedding insurance policies, click here.

Are you considering insuring your wedding? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below.

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