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Quadcopter Nails Groom in Head as he Poses for Wedding Photo

Groom’s wedding day checklist:

1. Smile for photos.

2. Remember your vows.

3. Watch out for drones.

Confused? I’ll explain. A wedding photographer in Piedmont North Carolina was attempting to use a DJI Phantom quadcopter (remote control drone) to get an overhead shot of the happy couple. The photographer equipped the drone with a GoPro but apparently didn’t take the time to read the takeoff instructions portion of the manual. The story doesn’t end as awful as you may think. While the groom did walk away with a few cuts on his face, he and his bride were able to laugh it off.

What’s the biggest wedding photo fail you’ve seen? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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One Response to “Quadcopter Nails Groom in Head as he Poses for Wedding Photo”

  1. I'm Engaged Now What? Says:

    In most states flying one of these copters without a license is illegal. I am guessing this photographer didn’t have the proper training or licensing to fly this for commercial purposes.

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