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Wedding Day Traditions: Your Gift to Her

groom hugging bride after giving gifts

It’s the day before your wedding and all the groom’s duties have been attended to. The wedding bands are sized, the tuxedo fits perfectly and the best man is practiced and ready for his job tomorrow. But, guys! Remember there’s one last tradition that will show her, without a doubt, that you’re the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. You’re about to give her the brides wedding day gift.

Out of all of the traditions and all the gifts that a couple will receive for their wedding, none will be more cherished than the personal gifts that the bride and groom exchange the day before.  One of the most popular gift choices comes in the form of durable and beautiful pieces of diamond fashion jewelry that will be cherished and worn for a lifetime. For grooms, this is your chance to “hit it out of the park” and choose something as rare and memorable as your bride to be.

Two major trends today in diamond fashion jewelry are scintillating pave-set (coming from the French word meaning “paved”) styles with many smaller stones and, thanks to A-list celebrities and their love of exotic red-carpet jewelry, pieces with gorgeous natural color diamonds. But at this point in the wedding planning process it’s easy to feel a little “tapped-out” when it comes to expenses. So how do you give your bride something precious, rare and durable without breaking the bank?  Well, fashion pieces set with Argyle Diamonds may be the sparkling answer to your wedding gift dilemma.

The Argyle diamond mine, situated in the beautifully rugged landscape of the East Kimberley region of Australia yields a wide range of diamonds from the colorless white variety to more rare natural color shades. Some of the most popular natural color diamond shades today range from the luminous tones of silver through the champagne shades of pale-honey to rich cognac.  This gorgeous color range is a natural and rare phenomenon. For every 10,000 diamonds ever discovered, only one will be a natural color diamond. Additionally, these diamonds are ethically mined and recovered in cooperation with the traditional owners of the land, using sustainable and responsible practices. This means you’ll be giving her something with as rich a heritage as the lives you’ll both be building together.

Grooms, when it comes to her sense of style, or to your price sensitive budget, don’t worry! National retailers are offering Argyle diamonds in everyday wearable styles from as little as approximately $200.00 and up.   To ensure success make sure you take into account her personal style before choosing this special piece. Here are some ideas that might help you determine the perfect gift.

Is she classical?

classic argyle diamond cuff phyliss bergman

Classic Argyle Diamond Cuff by Phyllis Bergman

Is she romantic?

bird-pendant-earrings-shelly purdy

Bird Pendant + Earrings by Shelly Purdy

Is she modern?

Zoltan David Earrings

Zoltan David Earrings

Is she vintage?

kristin hanson ring

Vintage Inspired Wedding Ring by Kristin Hanson

Is she edgy?

kara ross unique ring

Unique Argyle Diamonds + Concrete by Kara Ross

Is she colorful?

joan park argyle earrings

Argyle Diamond and Enamel Earrings by Joan Park

Also, don’t forget, guys! She’s facing the same dilemma you are, trying to find you the perfect wedding gift. Since every guy will need a beautiful pair of cufflinks on his wedding day and for the other many special occasions you two will share, here’s a suggestion that might solve her search.

Casa Gi Cufflinks

Argyle Rough Diamond Cufflinks by Casa Gi

Aside from the gorgeous natural and neutral colors that work with every fashion outfit and skin tone, another benefit of Argyle diamonds is that many world-class jewelry designers are already working with these gems. This ensures that no matter what her taste, there will be numerous designs she will love at a variety of price points. This means that even if you’re feeling a little tapped out right about now, you’ll be able to give her the perfect wedding day gift, a piece of diamond fashion jewelry that she’ll be able to wear for a lifetime.

Remember that this gift should be a momentous “once-in-a-lifetime” piece to start your lives together. A coffeemaker just won’t cut it! To learn more about these rare diamonds and their unique stories, visit

Which of the pieces shown above would your bride like the most? Tell us why in the comment section below.

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3 Responses to “Wedding Day Traditions: Your Gift to Her”

  1. Alison Parsell Says:

    No brides in our family this year, but I still love to look!! The cuff is gorgeous, the Vintage ring is beautiful for those who like the demure or perhaps a good every day ring, the colorful drop earrings are fun and my pick of them all is the cufflinks. My husband wears cufflinks almost everyday and I think they are so sharp. Thank you, Michael, for the information on the diamonds from Australia-very interesting.

  2. William James Says:

    So beautiful! I love the accessories… where can i find those?

  3. Bridepower Says:

    Wow! Would love to receive any of those!

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