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What to Bring Back from the Honeymoon


When you’re planning a wedding, your mind is going a mile-a-minute. So, when the honeymoon finally rolls around, you’re more interested in relaxing and doing “other things” besides planning, budgeting and, well, thinking.  While this is the time to soak in the rays and your new wife, you should make sure that you don’t leave your little slice of paradise completely empty-handed. Below are four things that, upon returning home, you’ll be glad you snagged during your romantic getaway.

1). Photographs – during the honeymoon, you’ll undoubtedly be swept up in the moment. However, as vivid as meaningful these experiences may be at the current time, they’ll soon fade to a memory that gets buried beneath the passing of time. Do your older self a favor and snap plenty of pictures that will remind you of those precious little details. Besides photographing each other and the famous monuments, capture the exotic foods, beautiful sunrises, quirky boutique shops, off-the-beaten gems and the other specifics that embody your special time together. One day, you’re children and grandchildren may curiously leaf through these photographs, so don’t forget about this important takeaway.

2). Remember how Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton wore each other’s blood in vile around their necks? Well, now you can do the same, just without the blood. If you’re going somewhere tropical, collect a little bit of sand while you’re there that you can later place into your own decorative vessel. Perhaps the two of you will elect to house it in a cylinder on the mantle or, for her, why not gift her a family heirloom or engraved locket from Blue Nile? If sand sounds a bit messy, seashells or polished rocks are great alternatives.

3). Many marriages grow and strengthen with time, just like a fine bottle of wine. To honor the next chapter of your life together, buy a bottle of wine during your honeymoon that is made from local grapes; during your ten-year-anniversary, the two of you can pop the cork and share a glass while reminiscing about the good times and, specifically, your starry-eyed honeymoon.

4). Your wedding and honeymoon is about two people coming together to share a life together. However, it is also about friends uniting to celebrate each other’s joys and the merging of two families.  Undoubtedly, a lot of people probably helped out with the wedding, and a small souvenir from your honeymoon will let them know that they were on your mind and that you appreciate their assistance. Sound expensive and time consuming?  There’s nothing wrong with cheating a little, especially if you won’t be venturing far from the special area that is regarded as a “tourist trap”. The Internet allows you to have exotic goods shipped overseas and, if you want to further fudge prices, you can have goods like T-shirts, poker chips, water bottles and more designed with the locale’s name by companies like Pinnacle Promotions.

When things are fresh and exciting, regardless of whether it is with a job or new house, it is called “the honeymoon phase”. Undoubtedly, you and your wife will, together, experience sublime joy, days of cold shoulders and bickering, and stretches in which the other person is not the center of your universe.  Your love and appreciation for each other will flourish, but the two of you may want to one day reminisce about that head-in-the-clouds “honeymoon phase”.  Do the legwork now so you have the right props to keep the memories alive and dear to your heart.

What activities are you most looking forward to on your honeymoon? Keep it clean and leave a comment below.

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  1. La Jolla Wedding Says:

    Agreed. Can’t take enough pictures!

  2. Nathan Petty Says:

    you can never take too many pictures.

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