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Blow Her Away With a Proposal Planner

blow her away with a proposal planner

Thinking about popping the question, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Consider turning to a proposal planner for help. That’s right, proposal planners, such as Planning for Dudes — who are dedicated to helping you blow her away with your marriage proposal — can ensure that your special moment goes off without a hitch. Not sure if a proposal planner is right for you? Here are a few reasons to consider their services:

1. Creativity. Let’s face it; it can be difficult to come up with a unique proposal idea on your own. A proposal planner can tell you what they’ve seen, what’s been overdone, and help you come up with a creative and truly personal proposal that’s unique to you and your future fiancée.

2. Bling. Even if you have an idea of what type of ring she’d love, it can be a daunting job finding the perfect engagement ring. A proposal planner can help you find a ring that will wow her without wiping out your bank account.

3. Planning and coordination. Sounds simple enough, right? Instead of going it alone and forgetting an important detail that’s key to your proposal, a planner can map out every element and ensure that everything goes according to plan on the day of the proposal, including sourcing venues, transportation, vendors, custom elements, and even arranging how the two of you will celebrate afterward.

4. Logistics. Once you’ve determined your proposal plan, carrying it out (and keeping it a surprise) can be another logistical nightmare. A proposal planner can help you iron out all the details, such as pre-planning the timeline, getting her to your pre-arranged proposal location, keeping oblivious bystanders from interfering, and enlisting friends, family members, venue staff, etc. to keep up the ruse until you’re ready to pop the big question.

5. Capturing the moment. A proposal planner can help you capture this major life moment (as well as her amazing reaction) as it happens by arranging to have a professional photographer or videographer hidden in a nearby location to capture the action from afar.

Planning for Dudes was established after seeing a huge need for guys to have a little bit of help with the planning of their proposal. Kelly Simants, Owner of Sweet Pea Events, is the Founder and creative mind behind Planning for Dudes. She is located in Dallas and also has offices in Seattle and New York City.

Which of the five proposal planner resources listed above would help you the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Chris Sawyer Says:

    Hi. I surprised my fiance by having a professional photographer take photos of our proposal and immediately go into an engagement session right after. She was wondering what they were doing on site and was surprised when I told her they were there for me and her.

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