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5 Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Groom

how to be an eco-friendly groom

By Sandy Moore,

Your wedding day will be the best day of your entire life. It’ll also be one of the most lavish days of your life. From food and travel to décor and drinks, your wedding is sure to be a massively consumptive affair.

You deserve it though! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you shouldn’t have to sweat over the reception facility’s decision to use two-ply toilet paper instead of one-ply. But if you’re looking to make a few personal eco-friendly adjustments to your day on the altar, here’s what you can do to be an earth friendly groom:

1. Dress smart. Your wedding day will be the most memorable of your life, so you probably want everything to be just about perfect. But you don’t necessarily need everything to be completely new. Try looking around for used tuxedos that are still in good condition. They’re available in most men’s stores, and they won’t cost you a fortune like a brand new tux.

2. Dress organically. They may not be the easiest items to find, but there are a few viable options for eco-friendly haberdashery. Maybe you avoid the head-to-toe hemp suit, but instead elect to go with a vest or tie made of organic cotton. You can also be sure to research different types of dress shoes and pick a pair that’s made from products which haven’t been manufactured at the expense of animal life.

3. Think about the future. When you’re purchasing clothing, decoration and other wedding accompaniment, remember that you’re about to enter a lifelong bond. Buy things you could envision yourself making use of in the future. The easiest way for anyone to go green is through reuse.

4. Monitor yourself. Your marriage is something worth celebrating – have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest. That said, you can always be sure to moderate how much you consume, personally. If you’re not going to eat an extra piece of cake at the reception, don’t take it from the tray. You’d be astounded at how much food and drink goes to waste after the big celebration – there’s no need to contribute to it any more than you should.

5. Be specific about the gifts. If you’ve still got some time before the date, make a point to avoid registering for items you’ll have no need for. Doubling up on toasters or TVs can be wasteful; you’re better off requesting a donation in the name of you and your bride-to-be. is a sponsor of groomsadvice

What steps are you taking to ensure an eco-friendly wedding? Tell us in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to “5 Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Groom”

  1. Lexi Says:

    Eat organically too :) it helps to serve organic food for the reception. Might be a bit costly but in the end, your guest will enjoy really healthy food.

  2. Ken Tan Says:

    I photographed a lot of grooms. A lot go to Banana Republic to buy their suits. They are fitted and they look amazing. Better yet, the groom can wear them again in the future for future occasions. Don’t rent any suits though. Anything rental is usually baggy and ugly. Hope this advise helps out future grooms!

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