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Wedding 101: What to Gift Your Bride

wedding 101 what to gift your bride

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Ladies always think that they do all the heavy lifting when it comes to their wedding, but the men have a lot to worry about too.  They just bear it in silence.  After all, there’s no room for two drama queens!  The men have a lot on their minds as well.  There are all the financial responsibilities, making sure their bride is being catered to, knowing just when to speak up, and when to shut-up; and that’s just the beginning.  On top of all this, you must bear gifts for your bride.  I am talking about one of the most valuable gifts you will ever buy her–the engagement ring, and with an overwhelming amount of options things can get messy.  Here are some pointers that will have you checking these items off your list faster than you can say “I do.”

First things first.  In order to get the show on the road there needs to be an engagement ring.  A diamond engagement ring is one option you can never go wrong with (to view some favorite examples, click here).  Elegant and timeless, a diamond ring makes a powerful statement.  If your sweetheart dreams of a “red carpet” ring, then an elaborate princess cut is the one.  Or, if she prefers a vintage charm, then look for a decadent, millgrain detailed ring.  Remember, this is the ring that she will be looking at for the rest of her life, so make sure it is one she will want to look at!

diamond tennis bracelet anjoleeIf you’re looking for a gift that will last her for years down the road, a diamond tennis bracelet is a sophisticated piece that any woman would be delighted to add to her wardrobe.  She can proudly wear this bracelet during the day when just running errands, or she can pair it with an elegant evening ensemble.  Whichever way she chooses, the row of exquisite diamonds will be sure to thrill!

Remember, happy wife, happy life.  Best of luck boys!

Will you be surprising your bride-to-be with a wedding day surprise? Are you keeping it secret or picking it out together? Tell us in the comment section below.

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