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Class It Up With a Custom Designed Suit for Your Wedding

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By John Lennon, Lennon Photo

When I got married, the men’s clothing options were straightforward and bland.  The process was defined as such; find out from my fiancé what color I was allowed to wear, insist to her that I would get to choose the vest (there were only two options), then tell my groomsmen to get to the store and order their tux.  No personalization, no creativity, no value, no bonding with my buddies and surely no fun – this was a chore!

But times are changing for the better.  I recently photographed a small wedding at the Fearrington Village Inn, just outside of Chapel Hill, NC.  The venue is simple and elegant, it has a timeless look and feel, and the grounds are stunningly beautiful.  Treating your guests to a wedding here is a very thoughtful gesture, to say the least.

Well I immediately noticed something a little different with the guys.  They arrived carrying their attire for the day in the most careful and delicate way.  What was going on here?  Guys will often take their tuxedos, throw them on the bed and then not put another thought into it until it’s time to fling on the coat and walk down the aisle.  Even the bags that protected the garment had a special and unique look – there was something different here!

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I asked the groom about the gentle handling of the garments, and he informed me that he and his groomsmen had decided to go with custom designed suits for the wedding.  I love it!  You see, for me, details are a very important part of capturing the moments and mood of the day.  Custom suits were about to take everything up a notch.  It’s not very often that I think about the fit of the garment or the cut and style, and although I always try my best to capture every detail and moment at a wedding, these custom suits were a bit more “front and center” than usual and I loved it!

After the wedding, I told the groom that I appreciated what he and the groomsmen had done regarding their wedding attire.  He told me how he wanted to lessen the burden on his wife to choose the men’s attire, and he really wanted to make his own decisions about what to wear.  He also sought after a process that was not laborious and boring for his groomsmen.  Basically, he wanted to get together with his buddies, watch some football, get pampered a little and, in the end, come out with a totally custom suit that he would have forever and so would his groomsmen.  Mission accomplished and well played my friend.

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In writing this article, I asked custom clothier expert, Jamal Johnson, a style consultant for J.Hilburn, to provide information that may help other grooms better understand this process.


Jamal informed me that luxury menswear does not have to break the bank.  He said that on average the cost of a custom tailored suit is between $700 and $1000.  Considering that renting a tuxedo can cost you $200, this option is reasonable and has the luxury of having a perfectly fitted and custom styled suit that becomes a permanent part of your wardrobe.

The Process

The process typically takes two consultations and can be done at a location of your choice.  Jamal says, “What could be more civilized than discussing the finer points of one’s look over a nice drink in a calm setting?”  For my client’s first visit, he had his groomsmen over to his house to relax, have a few beers, and watch the football game. During the first visit, you’ll decide on fabrics and cuts, and you will have your measurements taken. Following this visit, your garments will arrive in approximately four weeks.  The next visit is to present the outfit and make sure the clothes fit properly.

Jamal says, “The most important thing for me when fitting a client, besides taking accurate measurements, is to get an idea of how the client wants to look.  To that end, we gear the first step toward building a “wish list” while making it fun and easy to choose the fabrics that best fit the weather, color palette, and tone of the wedding event.  My clients always feel pleased with their uniquely designed and custom suit.”

About the Author:
John Lennon is the co-owner of Lennon Photo, a high-end wedding photography studio with locations in New York and Michigan.  Lennon Photo mentors wedding photographers and on all aspects of business and technical expertise.  John also serves his community through his charity work to the EJ Autism Foundation.  You can follow John on Twitter.

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What style of suit or tux will you be wearing on the wedding day? Share your style thoughts in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to “Class It Up With a Custom Designed Suit for Your Wedding”

  1. Tim Says:

    A custom suit for their wedding is actually not a bad idea. At least it’s useful for not just the wedding, but also for years to come. And the groomsmen essentially get a nice gift from the groom that lasts a long time. Plus the wedding photography, overall, just looks a lot better. Sharp, clean, and professional.

  2. John Lennon Says:

    Well said Tim. I know the guys loved taking about how they will have this amazing suit that will be part of their wordrobe for a long time. And you are right, it added to the event and the photos.

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