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Why You Need These 5 Honeymoon Stress Busters

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By Andrew Marino, Honeymoon Pixie

Before you leave for your honeymoon, it’s a good idea to intentionally think of some stress busters to take with you. It can take some time to wind down from the stress you’ve experienced leading up to the wedding, but these five stress busters can make the process easier.

1. A Folder of Lists and Information

One of the most stressful things that can happen on any vacation or honeymoon is not being able to figure out what numbers you need to call, where to find a good restaurant, or how to get to your hotel. Take time to print off lists of important local phone numbers, directions to places you know you’ll be going, and addresses for the places you’ll be staying, which are particularly important if you’re using public transportation or catching a cab.

Another thing you might want to put in this folder is ideas of things you can do in the area you’re visiting. You probably already have some ideas, but you might find that certain activities don’t interest you like you thought they would, or they may simply not work out. Look around at local travel information to find out what there is to do where you’re traveling, and list out a few activities you can do in different types of weather.

2. Lighter Bags

Over-packing so that you have to carry heavy bags can add to your honeymoon stress. Think carefully about all the decisions you’re making as you decide what to pack for your honeymoon, and be cautious about over-packing. If you can each take one suitcase and one carry-on, things will be much easier for you.

honeymoon registry lingerie

Massages & lingerie. Think of the possibilities…

3. Massage Oil

What better way to bust stress on your honeymoon than to give each other sensual massages? Pack a little bottle of nicely scented massage oil, and prepare to give each other neck, back, and foot rubs every evening. You can, of course, schedule a couple’s massage, too, but there’s just nothing like being massaged by your new husband or wife as you relax together in your room.

4. Books and Music

Just because it’s your honeymoon doesn’t mean you need to be talking or snuggling the entire time. Sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy one another’s closeness on the beach or at a park as you read your own separate books or listen to music. It’s especially nice to have books and music on plane, bus, and train rides, when it’s harder to have a private conversation.

You can also include crossword puzzles, movies on your iPad, electronic games, or whatever else will keep you personally entertained for an hour or two. Having a little bit of alone time where you’re near one another, but not really interacting, can help you both relax.

bottled water honeymoon

Never underestimate the importance of hydrating.

5. Water

It might seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to get stressed on your honeymoon is to let yourselves get tired and dehydrated, which leads to headaches and bickering. Avoid this problem by purchasing some nice water bottles before your honeymoon. Reusable water bottles can be refilled with bottled water or tap water, depending on where you are, and you can keep water with you all the time. Even if you’re just planning to lie on the beach and enjoy a margarita, having bottled water nearby can help you stay hydrated, healthy, and happy. Remember, though, that you can’t take full water bottles with you through airport security. Leave them empty, and fill them up when you get through to the other side.

Your honeymoon should be a time to relax and enjoy your new spouse’s company. Just think ahead about things you can take with you to help you relax and unwind on your honeymoon. Also, give yourself one or two days of free time at the beginning of your honeymoon, since you may just want to relax in your room or on the beach instead of jumping straight into your agenda of activities.

About the Author:
Andrew Marino is the CEO of, an industry leader in providing honeymoon gift registries for engaged couples.  Couples create their free honeymoon registry website and receive honeymoon planning advice and travel tips.  Andrew also serves as a contributing Senior Travel Editor.

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What are your top ways to de-stress? Will they come in handy during your honeymoon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Unique Wedding Planning Ideas Says:

    Tip #5 is a great one. I will add something to it if I may. If you are honeymooning in Europe, water will cost you an arm and leg at cafés and restaurants. Between the high cost and exchange rate, you are looking to pay anywhere from $6-$12 for a 1 liter bottle. It’s crazy!! Bring water bottles with you wherever you go.

    Oh yeah, and stay hydrated!! Great tips!!

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