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Groom’s Party T’s: The Perfect Shirts To Throw Down In

Wallets. Pocket knives. Watches. These items are some of the most popular groomsman gift options on the market. But why? The average guy already has several of them sitting on a shelf collecting dust… and the average groom knows this. So why do these products continue to top gift guides year in and year out? Problems arise when grooms go in search of unique options. There are simply not many affordable options that offer the “wow factor.”

Until now. that is.

We’re proud to introduce Groom’s Party T’s. They’re fresh, they’re fully customizable and they’re available exclusively on Etsy. The concept and process is simple. Find your favorite photos of your wedding party members or bachelor party guests. Once your shirts are purchased and photos are provided, the artist will get to work on bringing your shirts to life. When the work is done, you and your wolfpack will have the perfect attire to wear during the bachelor party and other pre-wedding events.

Check out a few examples along with color and personalization options (click any of the images to head over to Etsy and learn more):

custom groomsmen t-shirts

custom bridemsaid t-shirts

custom bachelor party stripper shirt

Still not convinced that Groom’s Party T’s are where it’s at? Check out this sweet video that shows just how much fun you and your crew will have in these shirts:

What types of characters are in your wedding party? Leave a comment below and let us how your Groom’s Party T’s would look and what kind of trouble you’d get into while wearing them.

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2 Responses to “Groom’s Party T’s: The Perfect Shirts To Throw Down In”

  1. Jackson Says:

    This intrigued me so much, I went to the website to do some further investigating. The pricing’s either crystal clear or not clear at all. Is it $40 per set of shirts? If so, what constitutes a shirt. If it’s $40 per shirt, as the ad seems to imply, that’s where I have to part company. Customizable or not, 40 damn dollars for a tee shirt that’ll wash out and wear out within years? Are there cheaper price points. Maybe a minimalist tee for $15? $15 is even pushing it, but way better than $40.

  2. Bruno Says:

    Hey Jackson, This might clear things up: The number of shirts ordered and number of groomsmen illustrated on the shirts must be the same. $40 per shirt – So, if you have 3 Groomsmen and you. You would receive 4 shirts, with all 4 faces, for $160. The quality for this product is all there and it’s definitely worth the price, if you can swing it… Mine came in the mail last week and my Groomsmen were beyond surprised!

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