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Gifting Grooms: Our Guide to 2013′s Best Groomsmen Gifts

2013 best groomsmen gifts

Our favorite groomsmen gifts for the 2013 wedding season

Best man, groomsmen and ushers: no matter what the role, each guy in your wedding party deserves something special for taking part in the big day. To keep your busy wedding planning life as simple as possible, we’ve compiled this list of 2013′s hottest gifts.

mustache beer glass set

1. Embrace the ‘stache with the epic Gentleman’s Pilsner Set. Bonus points if you can get each of your groomsmen to model a different mustache style on the wedding day. [$49.95]

classic 3 initial steak branding iron

2. You can use this Custom Steak Branding Iron to sear your initials into grilled meet OR to burn your initials onto the cheek of an unsuspecting friend. The choice is yours. [$34.95]

brewsees sunglasses

3. It’s magic: anyone wearing these Brewsees Bottle Opener Sunglasses will suddenly become the most popular guy in the room. [$29.95]

Personalized Secret Agent Cufflinks

4. A great gift for the guys or for the bride to give to the groom. The tips of these Secret Agent Cufflinks screw open to reveal a secret compartment where a note can be left. We just hope that note doesn’t read “I’m sorry, I cant.” [$44.95]

2 liter bluegrass bourbon barrel

5. Craft beers are so last year. 2013 is the year where craft bourbon goes mainstream. With the Engraved Bluegrass Bourbon Barrel, you and your groomsmen can blend and age your own bourbon varieties right at home. The only rule is you’ve got to save some for us. [$69.95]


6. One of these items is NOT included in the Groomsmen Wedding Day Emergency Kit (although it probably should be): lint-roller, deodorant, razor, hair comb or mini bottle of vodka. Can you guess which one? [$27.95]

black embroidered golf shoe bag

7. Technically, this is a golf shoe bag. But I’m sure you could find some room in it for some other golf course necessities. Y’know, like beers and stogies… [$26.95]

half yard of ale

8. Warning: the contents of your Half Yard Ale Glass should not be consumed before the wedding ceremony. That is, unless you want a really fun wedding [$34.00].

poker room sign

9. Custom, wood-crafted wall signs always make for a unique groomsman gift. has hundreds of creative pub sign designs. From poker to sports to beach bars, there’s sure to be a theme that fits each member of your wedding party. [prices vary]


10. How insanely cool is this Beer Flight Sampler Paddle? It’s perfect for the beer enthusiasts in your wedding party. [$47.95]

What’s your favorite gift ideas from this list? Tell us which one and why in the comment section below.


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