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What’s the Best Holiday Wedding Entertainment?

santa at wedding

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but if you’re getting married at Christmas there are some people who would like to put a lump of coal in your stocking.

There’s nothing wrong with a holiday wedding, and if it’s what you want to do, you should do it, but not all of your guests will be happy. Holiday season is jam packed with shopping, cooking, baking, and yes, parties. Money is tight and shelling out the money to buy a wedding present and airline tickets while also trying to buy your regular holiday presents can make people a little grumpy. You know what else is tight? Pants. Squeezing in to a cocktail dress after you’ve spent three days on the couch eating Peppermint Bark, drinking Egg Nog and watching It’s a Wonderful Life is not so easy.

So, if you’re planning a holiday wedding you owe it to your guests to throw a little extra fun their way. What better way to do that than with entertainment!

Santa is the obvious choice, but he doesn’t have to be used in obvious ways. We know one Father of the Bride who hired a Santa to come to his daughter’s Christmas time wedding. The father sat on Santa’s lap and read a “wish list” for his daughter’s marriage. Silly set up? Sure, but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  If you’re having children at the wedding a visit from Santa can be a great diversion, and insurance that the little monsters will behave!

The exuberance of the holidays gives you a chance to go all out with entertainment. Consider hiring a magician, an acrobat, or even a fire eater to entertain during the cocktail hour. If you’re already planning on hiring a caricature artist, make sure to let him or her know to add some holiday details to their work. If you’d like to keep things more low key, but still festive, ask your band or DJ to add in a mini-set of your favorite holiday songs, or consider choosing something like a slowed down version of Winter Wonderland as your first dance.

Many couples have holiday weddings as a matter of necessity (it can be less expensive and all the family is in one place at one time) and not really of choice. If that’s you and you want to keep your wedding from feeling “too Christmasy” talk to your band or DJ about your concerns.

About the author: Marta Segal Block is the Editorial Director for, the largest online entertainment booking agency. Visit GigMasters’ wedding blog ( for great ideas on wedding entertainment.

Having a holiday wedding? Which of the entertainment options mentioned above appeals to you most? Tell us in the comments.

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