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Grooms: Share Your Wedding Planning Story on 20/20

Grooms: will you be making a unique contribution to your wedding day? Have you taken the leadership role in planning? If you answered yes to either of these questions, 20/20 wants to talk to you.


The world deserves to know your crazy wedding planning stories!

We’re currently working with 20/20 producers to cast an upcoming special on weddings. The show will focus on personal stories from engaged couples and recent newlyweds. Specifically, one segment will showcase grooms and the more active role they’re taking in wedding planning. If you’re the kind of guy that would rather browse Etsy for wedding cake banners than watch football, let us know by shooting an email to info at with 20/20 Wedding Casting in the subject line.

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2 Responses to “Grooms: Share Your Wedding Planning Story on 20/20”

  1. DJ Eric Says:

    I cant wait to see the broadcast!

  2. David Says:

    Just a minor wedding planning story…nothing big. My fiance created a wedding website for us. It was very pink, but she gave me access to the account, so I played around a bit. * later learns it was bad idea*

    I changed a few things since this site actually had black and I figured she would be happy that I was getting involved. I came home yesterday to anger and tears, but silver lining? I am relieved of wedding planning tasks.

    I don’t want to share our site since it has now been reverted to very pink.

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