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Wedding Blogger Battle Royale: Round 6

Today brings the final installment in our wedding blogger battle royale series. Our competitors are locked in a tight battle with one last chance to debate. Today’s topic: whether it’s worth the time to pen your own vows.

writing wedding vows

Writing your own vows: should you or shouldn’t you?

Ian: Of course you should! There’s no better way to express your love in front of your friends and family than to cry and snort your way through a paragraph that culminates in “you are my best friend” (which nobody actually believes anyway).  And snot-stains on the sleeve of a black tuxedo!?! Don’t get me started! HIGH ROMANCE!!!

Anne: I think writing your own vows can be very romantic but you have to be comfortable saying how you feel for each other in front of a room of people — even if they are your closest family and friends.

I like saying the traditional vows and then writing a private note to each other with your personal thoughts and feelings that you can exchange before or after the ceremony.  It’s a special keepsake you’ll have forever.

If you do decide to write your own vows they don’t have to be mushy.  You can make them funny, turn it into a poem or even break out in song.  The last option may turn you into a YouTube sensation and even land you on a morning talk show! Now that would be the icing on the cake.

Anne Chertoff has worked at Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, iVillage Weddings, and was the Editor in Chief of and AOL’s Royal Wedding web site. She currently writes wedding planning and style columns for several wedding sites including EquallyWed and WeddingWire. Follow Anne on Twitter.

Ian is the author of “A Groom’s Diary”, his journal chronicling the hilarity of the wedding-planning process…from the groom’s point of view.  Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Paul Says:

    I’m not really for penning our own vows to tell each other what we already tell each other everyday…but in front of 150 people…we agreed to just have a make out clinic when I’m allowed to kiss the bride.

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