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Weddingmix: Capture the Moments That Matter

Congratulations to our reader, Javier, who won our recent WeddingMix wedding video giveaway.  Check out his heartfelt video describing what he is most looking forward to about getting married.

As we’ve said in the past, WeddingMix is an awesome way to capture all the moments from your wedding that you really want to remember. We’re talking about the fun, crazy and perhaps drunken memories that will make your big day special.

Another reader, Ryan, recently got married and used the Weddingmix service.  He and his bride Jeana knew that it would be a perfect fit for their wedding. Here’s what they had to say:

“After we found out about WeddingMix we knew it would be the best option for us. Not only were we going to save money, but we knew having our friends and family taking the videos themselves would capture the events, interactions, debauchery, and love in a way a videographer wouldn’t be able to. It also allowed us to have video memories of the events leading up to our wedding day as well as our honeymoon afterwards. WeddingMix was exactly what we needed to create a ridiculously fun wedding video capturing everything our wedding was truly about, and something we’ll want to watch year after year rather than something we’ll watch once and then store away for who knows how long.”

As you can see in their video, Ryan and Jeana’s wedding was not what you’d call a stuffy affair.  You know folks are having fun when grandma is in on the action!

Will Javier be able to top Ryan? Will you? Make sure to get your own WeddingMix to find out. With packages starting at $99, you can add one to your list without even putting a dent in your budget.  And if you act quickly, they’ll take 5% off your order. Just use code TMRQuick by July 23.

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