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Wedding Blogger Battle Royale: Round 2

Last week, part one of our blogger debate took on the hot button issue of whether or not to include children at weddings. This week, competitors Anne and Ian banter about the usefulness of engagement photos. Check out their opinions and then leave a comment with your take.

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Round 2 – Engagement photos: should we or shouldn’t we?

Ian says: First you should understand why Engagement Photos even exist.  The evil, powerful Photography Lobby in Washington DC got legislation passed in the mid-90s allowing a second set of pictures to be taken of a married couple, prior to the event, bumping the average photo package from $800 to roughly $800,000.  It’s rough, but I absolutely think you should do it.

You have roughly 900 sf in your condo.  If you have less than 200 pictures of the two of you as a couple on the walls, people are going to think you don’t love each other.  In fact–they’re going to know you don’t love each other and likely hate each other.  You absolutely need that picture where you’re sitting on a rustic bench, gazing at each other, one serious and one smiling.  (My God…you’re so artistic. How did you come up with that idea?)

Anne says: I think engagement photos are a fun way to get to know your wedding photographer and get more comfortable in front of a camera.  Besides, when in your life are you ever going to star in your own photo shoot!

I remember when engagement photos were a free add-on that photog’s used to thrown into the wedding package, but since couples are now “competing” for spots on popular blogs and turning what used to be two people in a studio to a blown out shoot with costume changes, props and multiple backdrops it makes sense why a photographer would charge his day rate.

And as for the use of these photos, frame a few, put one on your save the date and even your next Christmas card.  You’re engaged and in love…enjoy (and even exploit) every moment of it!

Be sure to leave a comment below letting us know where you stand in this debate.

Anne Chertoff has worked at Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, iVillage Weddings, and was the Editor in Chief of and AOL’s Royal Wedding web site. She currently writes wedding planning and style columns for several wedding sites including EquallyWed and WeddingWire. Follow Anne on Twitter.

Ian is the author of “A Groom’s Diary”, his journal chronicling the hilarity of the wedding-planning process…from the groom’s point of view.  Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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6 Responses to “Wedding Blogger Battle Royale: Round 2”

  1. Casey Fatchett Says:

    I am in favor, and not just because my picture was used in the post. I believe beyond the photos you are getting a chance to work with your wedding photographer (who is most likely taking the pictures) and develop your rapport/comfort level with them before the big day. Even if your wedding day photographer is not the one taking the pictures, it gives you the opportunity to get yourself comfortable in front of the camera for an extended period of time. You are going to be the center of attention on your wedding day and you need to get accustomed to it!

  2. Sara @ Top Southern Weddings Says:

    Engagement photos are wonderful! I go back to my engagement photos whenever I get into a disagreement with my husband. They remind me of our love.

  3. Lisa V Says:

    I say why not? Any chance you get to mug in front of a camera is a good time. Go for it!!

  4. Marquina Says:

    I love my engagement photos. It gave my husband (who hates having his picture taken) and I the chance to get to know our photographer. Having a good rapport with our photographer gave us one less thing to worry about on the wedding day.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    I think engagement photos are a great way to show off your playful side. They’re a great way to get really personalized save-the-dates as well!

  6. Tanya Says:

    Such a scam and a complete waste. By year five they’ll be gathering dust in the attic. Have a talented friend take a few shots and be done with it.

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