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Wedding Blogger Battle Royale: Round 1

The biggest thing to happen to wedding blogging since Pinterest kicks off today with the launch of our wedding blogger battle royale series. Once per week for the next six weeks, we’ll be pitting two of our favorite wedding personalities against each other in a wedding debate for the ages. In one corner, we’ve got Ian from A Groom’s Diary. His biggest advantages are his snark and ill regard for basic human decency. In the other corner is wedding guru Anne Chertoff. Needless to say, the results should be entertaining.

kids at wedding yay or nay

Round 1 – Kids at weddings: yay or nay?

Anne says: Well it depends.  If they’re your nieces and nephews then yay. Their parents and grandparents will probably insist.  You’ll take a few cute photos and won’t even notice they’re there.

If they are not a relative I would say nay. You may want to offer parents help in finding a sitter for the wedding — either at the venue if a hotel or nearby. Just explain that you want them (the adults) to have a great time and thought it would be better to leave the kids at home.

Ian says: Clearly, you’ve spent too long in wedding-blogger world and forgotten one simple fact: Kids are awesome at weddings.

What bride would want to walk down the aisle without a 3-year-old girl in a dress that the bride purchased screaming bloody-murder in protest of having to toss flowers?

And who says $200/plate is too much for chicken-fingers?

And really–what kind of cold-hearted soul doesn’t find the charm behind a 6-year-old boy catching a garter-belt and wearing it like a headband?

Really, Anne.  Lighten up.

Who do you side with in this debate? Let us know if you’re with Ian or Anne by leaving a comment below.

Anne Chertoff has worked at Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, iVillage Weddings, and was the Editor in Chief of and AOL’s Royal Wedding web site. She currently writes wedding planning and style columns for several wedding sites including EquallyWed and WeddingWire. Follow Anne on Twitter.

Ian is the author of “A Groom’s Diary”, his journal chronicling the hilarity of the wedding-planning process…from the groom’s point of view.  Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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5 Responses to “Wedding Blogger Battle Royale: Round 1”

  1. Maggie @ Best Wedding Destinations Says:

    This is hilarious! What a great idea to put these two in a virtual boxing ring. My humble opinion is that having children at a wedding doesn’t matter as long as it makes the couple happy.

  2. Sara @ Top Southern Weddings Says:

    Children are wonderful at weddings! Price doesn’t matter. Knowing that they were including in such an important event makes them feel loved and part of the family.

  3. Shannon Y. Says:

    I agree with Anne. And sticking to our “no kids” policy was the biggest fight with my parents in the whole wedding planning process.

  4. Kitty Says:

    Ugh. No kids. My fiance and I had a HUGE blow up over whether or not to include little kids – they are all from his side of the family and his friend’s kids. I’m still annoyed that people are bring TODDLERs to our formal wedding. We are hiring child care for the ceremony and making it clear that children are not welcome in the ceremoney unless they can be SILENT.

  5. Christina Says:

    I think it depends on the type of kids and the number. We have very few family members and friends with kids, but all of them are sweet, adorable, and well-behaved, and we adore them all so naturally we told parents, “YES please bring your children!” Just in case someone had a meltdown I paid my sister in law’s best friend to set up a back room with some activities, but we never needed it. My husband’s cousins (ring bearer and banner boy) weren’t in the BEST mood ever, but once they loosened up they had a blast and were so incredibly happy to be included.
    I think many parents know their children and know whether they’d be too fussy for a wedding, but again I think it comes down to the type of kids they are and how many. If they’re going to be IN the wedding, you need to make sure to talk to them and help them be comfortable with their role, too… and maybe have an emergency plan!
    As to Ian’s comment about food, most caterers we talked to had options for kids that were a third or a quarter the adult meal cost.

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