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[GIVEAWAY] Win Your Wedding Video From Storymix

Guys, let’s face it, there are going to be some things in your marriage that are less enjoyable than others. One of them is sitting through a two hour wedding video every year on your anniversary. Instead of being the bad guy who puts the kibosh on even getting a video, we’re giving you the opportunity to be the hero by winning a $400 WeddingMix package from Storymix Media!

WeddingMix is a fun (and cheap) way to capture video of all the cool stuff you’ll actually be OK with watching every year (here’s how it works). And since it’s you and your buddies who will be shooting video with the WeddingMix iPhone app and HD cameras, you’ll be able to capture all the fun, crazy, and memorable moments of which there will be many. From before the big day through the honeymoon, THESE are the moments you’ll want to remember in 20 years. Check out the video mash-up below to see what we’re talking about.

We think WeddingMix is a great idea and have been glad to see many of our readers take advantage of the service with great results. Today, we’re happy to partner with Storymix on a fun contest that’s easy to enter and runs through June 17th. Simply use the form below to enter and you’re guaranteed at least a 10% off coupon. One lucky winner will walk away with a video package worth $400.

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Entered? Awesome! But what we’re really looking for is to hear the number one thing you’ll miss about being a bachelor. If you use the WeddingMix app or post a video to the Storymix Facebook wall, it will get you 25 extra entries in the contest! And for those grooms who can’t imagine anything they’ll miss, tell us one thing you’re looking forward to about marriage. Don’t go all ‘true confessions’ on us, but the funnier the better. Good luck!

Contest runs through June 17th. Videos deemed inappropriate will not be counted toward your additional entry count.

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