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Dance Moves Every Groom Should Know

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Going to a wedding this summer? In a wedding this summer? Maybe even it’s your wedding this summer? Well, you’re going to have to learn to dance! From grooms breaking out the Thriller dance to the classic bride and groom first dance, dancing is popular and you need to know how to join in the fun.

The popularity of some of these dances will vary depending on the crowd you hang with, but you can’t go wrong if you learn them.

Couple Dance steps/moves

The Waltz – Simple, 4 beat step, fancier than the sway in place slow dance, but not so fancy that a dancing challenged guy can’t do it. One note of warning, if you’re the groom, make sure that your first dance song is in fact a waltz (not a foxtrot or other tempo) before you try to waltz to it. It’s worth taking a few private dance lessons with your fiancée and letting the instructor teach you how to dance to your song.

The Fast Step- The refuge of bad dancers everywhere for generations – repeat after me – step touch, step touch. That’s all you need to do. Shake your hips a little bit and throw in some arms and you’re good to go for almost any faster tempo song. If you really can’t dance, throw in some stupid faces and make fun of yourself.

Cha Cha – The great thing about the Cha Cha is that it’s simpler than the tango, rumba, or salsa. If you can do two slow steps followed by three fast ones you can dance to almost any Latin-influenced beat.

Two Step – The Two Step is a good dance to learn because it works for both Country-Western dances and a lot of Ethnic dance forms such as the Polka. It can also be used for the unexplainably popular “Cotton Eye Joe” dance.

Group Dances

The Wobble The modern day version of The Electric Slide, although, the Electric Slide is still pretty darn popular.

The Dougie – If Michelle Obama can do it, so can you!

Cupid Shuffle – Some DJs and bands say this is losing popularity, but others report it being frequently requested.

The Chair Dance – No, not a lap dance. Raising the bride and groom up on a chair used to only be part of the Jewish dance, the Hora. But today, all sorts of couples are doing it. If you’re the groom, your only job is to not fall off and look like you’re having fun. If you’re a guest your job is to make sure the bride and groom do not fall.

About the author: Marta Segal Block is the Editorial Director for, the largest online entertainment booking agency. Visit GigMasters’ wedding blog for great ideas on wedding entertainment.

What are your go-to dance moves for wedding receptions? Do you go with proven classics or improvise as you go? Leave a comment below.

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